Top Ten Reasons Why America's Funniest Home Videos Has Gone Downhill

I used to love watching AFV from the 2000s to the early 2010s. However, it just dosen't feel as special as it used to be. I made this list to find out what happened

The Top Ten Reasons Why America's Funniest Home Videos Has Gone Downhill

1 People usually use YouTube for funny videos nowadays.

Yep - MrCoolC

Most AFV clips are on YouTube

Afv: an hour-long Show that shows certain videos
Youtube: A Video website that is available whenever the WiFi is - SpectralOwl

2 The narration of the videos isn't as creative anymore

They used to make clever jokes, but now, they usually spoil what's gonna happen - SpectralOwl

3 It seems to be rigged

Staged videos

4 The videos are not creative anymore
5 The removal of the versus segment
6 The removal of segments with funny signs
7 They reuse videos more often
8 The Face swap video segments
9 The "Assignment America"s are now pretty dumb

They once even used an Assignment america using Yes, the same cringe generator that got Jacob Satorious Famous - SpectralOwl

10 No more Tom Bergeron

Tom bergeron was the host I grew up with, it not the same without him as host

I grew up watching afv with tom bergeron, not as the same with a different host

The Contenders

11 The videos aren't funny
12 They show cat videos much less often
13 The new clips don't give you the same vibe as the older clips
14 They removed the game segments

It's a bit depressing for a nostalgia AFV junkie like me. Rest in spaghetti never forgetty

15 The videos are repetitive

They show people falling, hitting others, vomiting, animal videos, children, etc...

16 It's gone too family friendly
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