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1 They had the segregation of blacks

The inconvenient truth is that most other countries were and are far worse regarding segregation than the US. Besides the well-known issues in Germany, strong segregation existed into modern times in Canada, China, Norway, and numerous other nations. Not to mention the deadly segregation that exists right this very minute in almost every Muslim nation, and results in death for anyone found where they should not be.

Had? America is still one of the most racist countries in the world. And the more they talk about how they are accepting of everyone no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. is just making the problem even worse. There are so many examples of racism in America EVERY DAY. I am not saying every single Americans is racist, obviously that is NOT the case but just look at how many african-americans get killed by the police. Point made. - Teodora93

Exactly. The key word here is HAD. Do we have it now? Shouldn't this list be about current problems? - Songsta41

Not a thing any more. Plus some blacks are annoying and deserve it like that little black kid who died with a gun - Lucretia

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2 Some Americans are racist

Racism is a huge problem everywhere. But is a big problem in America. About time it gets addressed. - keycha1n

People pull out the race card at any opportunity. - wolphert

They just cannot stand people of a different race for some superficial reason.

Not most... but anyways its not that bad, some of the racists are annoying black people leaching of welfare - Lucretia

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3 Women didn't even get to vote until the 1920s

It was kinda like this all over the world. - PetSounds

Rather asinine point. Women, globally, were excluded the vote with many female anti-Suffragette activists in Suffragette countries. - IndoRaya

That still makes the USA better than most of the world for women voting, including the UK-1928, France-1944, Greece-1952, and Switzerland-1971,
Even the European countries that were ahead of the USA like Poland-1917, Austria-1918, Belgium-1919 did not beat the USA by much, and Sweden-1921 tied.

Well it's better then some middle eastern countries today - Lucretia

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4 The Japanese-American internment camps

Years of supreme shame when US decided the Bill of Rights did not apply to some, and interned some of their finest and most upstanding citizens. One of the US Army's most highly decorated troops was comprised of mainly Americans of Japanese descent. The 442nd Regiment. Singularly the most decorated unit in US warfare, with the 4,000 men who initially made up the unit in April 1943 had to be replaced nearly 2.5 times, 14,000 men served, 9,486 Purple Hearts, 8 Presidential Unit Citations, 21 Medals of Honour. - IndoRaya

During the same World War Two time period, Japan did not exactly handle it in a better way, they rounded up all the people of Chinese heritage living in Japan, and shot them.

It took 40 years just for America to say sorry to them. - Pony

We were atoning for what the people before us did, who aren't in power anymore, and those new people know that was bad. - Songsta41

Just because of race, they move people into internment camps. Many (not all) Americans thought that the Japanese were being too fairly. Untrue. Conditions got worse. Of course, I'm not Japanese (or American, for that matter) myself, but...I think this was cruel. Very cruel, and they didn't deserve this. Sure, it /was/ World War ||, but it was too harsh. They were being almost as cruel as the Germans, but the Americans had a purpose for causing this. Even so, it was too unfair. - LuanTheHetalianRavenclaw

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5 A small minority of Americans are close-minded

Though the rest of the world agree the Earth is Helo-centric- revolving around the Sun- the Americans firmly believe the universe revolves around the USA. Less than 12% US citizens have a passport and have travelled externally from the Land of the Morbidly Obese. - IndoRaya

A small minority of Americans are close-minded? Sorry, but that statement is incorrect. A MAJORITY of Americans are close-minded.

Of course minorities of other countries are closed minded, and the majority in many countries, but it's the "in" thing to be mean to America.

Small Minority. A small minority in ever country are close minded - SoldierOfFortune

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6 Americans are dumb

Americans are not dumb. I really cannot believe people would vote for something this idiotic, as they are the idiots for not voting for more serious stuff such as our xenophobic lifestyle and our racism. You can call us uneducated, hell, you can call us silly. But we are a smart people, with one of the world's most powerful military and economic system. So please reconsider voting for this if you plan to. - SwagFlicks

Not to mention they only have a life expectancy of 78 years while canada's life expectancy is 81 years and japan 83 years pretty sure. Either than that america has the lowest life expectancy if you compare Canada USA and Japan.

Americans are not educated enough. This is my honest opinion. Their education system is terrible. I think they really need to work on it. And for the people saying that americans invented cars, airplanes etc., great job, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't expand your knowledge about various topics not just cars and planes. - Teodora93

Smart people with all their science accomplishments? - Lucretia

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7 Only a few Americans recognize the Armenian Genocide

This is false, the Armenian genocide story has been taught in many US high-school history courses for over 50 years.
Besides, this item should be be a criticism of Turkey and the rest of the Muslim world that perpetrated the mass killing.

Commonly taught in college class in general history, and some American colleges even have an entire full semester class about it.

Disagree. This is a political issue which has little to do with intelligence. - IndoRaya

I have never learned about it, does that made me a burden on the country - Lucretia

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8 Americans are stereotyped the most

If Americans are the ones being stereotyped often, this indicates that the problem is with the people who are doing the stereotyping, not a problem with the Americans.

Yeah, 'cause it's not like the Americans themselves stereotype other countries. So really, the Americans deserve it.

Americans deserve to be stereotypes as idiotic, fat trolls for hating on United Airlines! - MichaelAftonUTTP

They are not fat idiots with bad music taste some of them okay. - Lucretia

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9 There is an obesity problem

The whole developed world has an obesity problem.

Also, is there such a thing as a second-world? There seems to be only first and third-world countries. Just curiosity! - keycha1n

People should never get so lazy with there own body to the point where they start getting obese. The fact that so many Americans are obese is a big problem. - HauntingStomper

There is also an anorexic problem, but apparently it's not that important ( even though it is important). - Pony

I am not obese. A lot of people aren't and some are - Lucretia

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10 America is most likely to get into war with another country

Many people are in total agreement that the US should not get involved in other countries' squabbles, for instance when the US went to war against Saddam Hussein just because he took over Kuwait, and especially we should have stayed away when Germany took over Poland in 1939, and France in 1940, because they would have worked it out on their own eventually.

I don't agree that America should keep sticking its noses into other countries' affairs, but I do have to justify its involvement in WW2. Many historians legitimately argue that if America hadn't joined the Allies in the fight against one of the most evil forces in history, then the Nazis would have won. Britain was, for much of the early war, the only country openly at war with Nazi Germany, and Britain was fast running out of money. America's involvement (in this one instance) was very justified to bring an end to such an awful tyranny.

Yeah right, it is totally wrong to say that things would have worked themselves out when Germany invaded a bunch of European countries. What would have worked out was the Poles, the French, and all the rest would have agreed to allow the Germans to take over their countries, or they would have been killed.

Even heard of some stuff called North Korea? Those idiots are most likely to start another war. - Lucretia

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11 They still practice Capital punishment

Capital punishment is good

Its good though... - Lucretia



12 Americans are some of the rudest, most obnoxious people anywhere

In a country with 315 million, there are bound to be lots of pretty much every kind of person, but having traveled to a lot of different countries, I have found that you almost always receive what you give out.

Spoiled obnoxious brats. I am canadian who lives in Alberta and I was with my family and grandparents in british columbia and I thought what was the difference between canadians? Are their difference in manners too? is what I asked. My brother was like the american version of our grandparents would be rude. And that is fact.

I know. I live in Mississippi and I think I'm in California or New York due to the bullying. 88% of the people are rude if not more. - sdgeek2003

So anywhere with bullies is automatically New York? I'm sorry, but no. - Songsta41

Hey... they are idiots the ones I know. I am rude and a liar for stating true stinking facts! - Lucretia

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13 The border problem with Mexico

You know it's a problem but when did American said it's not a state of freedom, it's a state of freedom not only Mexicans are immigrants stupid there's Irish people, German people, Russian people, every kind and if you don't like it leave America or deal with it it's not true that Mexicans depend on the state and get everything from the government Mexicans work their ass off and they cannot get insurance, health care it's a state of many languages and Spanish is one of them they come here to have a dream like all of us I work for the social community and most Americans are depending on the government than Mexican but what I don't like it's that Americans say I hate Mexicans and stuff like that they say and then you see them eating Mexican food and enjoy in it that's fake I love Mexicans even if I am American God bless America

There is no border. Half the population of my town are Mexicans. And we have a crappy Mexican restaurant. And my school know need a Spanish speaking teacher. Millions of illegal immigrant get in the country. It is all apart of Obama's plan to ruin america. I will move out of this country as some as visible before it become the United States Of Mexico. We are already in debt and we can't handle this. Most of them get money from the state. We are not the best, deal with it. The immigrants can invade this country.

The only problem with this border is that it is in the wrong place. The US stole a large chunk of Mexico. If this land was returned to its rightful owners then the problem would disappear.

Is their any problem with Mexico? I mean they leech of the economy and hard working peoples money. - Lucretia

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14 There is an absurd amount of income inequality and nobody cares.

Income inequality doesn't matter. What does matter is poverty. You shouldn't be concerned if someone is richer than you. You should be concerned if you are poor.

15 Poor health care system

Shouldn't be free. We don't need people leaching of it. - Lucretia

16 The Americans think that everyone must do everything the exact same way as them.

Un true... - Lucretia

It gets annoying being corrected because you spell 'color' as 'colour' or even for pronouncing words. There are lots of videos on YouTube where Americans tell people that 'kilometre' is pronounced 'kill-oh-mee-ter' instead of 'kil-o-meh-ter' and if you pronounce the word the 'incorrect' way you never been to school. I pronounce 'kilometre' as 'Kilo-meh-ter' and most people I heard say it also pronounce it that way, including math and science teachers I've been taught by.

The majority of us folks who don't live in America have to keep reminding those dumb individuals that:
1) There's no correct spelling for 'colour'.
2) There's more than one way to pronounce 'kilometre' correctly.
It gets annoying, but at least it proves how bad the American school system is. - LemonComputer

17 Dollar is printed by private companies

Excellent point sadly not understood by most. - IndoRaya

18 Slavery
19 People hate Justin Bieber and want to send him back to Canada
20 To believe in God is thought of as scandalous

This is just plain untrue.

You know, America is one of the least religious countries. In some countries the concept of Atheism doesn't even exist - SoldierOfFortune

No one cares about religion. - Lucretia

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