Top 10 Reasons Why American Dad Is Better Than Family Guy

Seth McFarlane created both shows, yes Family Guy came first but it's actually American Dad that is better. It seems that more work is put into it. Here are the reasons why it's better.

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1 No gag flashbacks

So true. - MorlaTurtle8

As I'm from Ireland several jokes or gags are unknown in Europe like ones from less popular T.V. shows or minor celebrities references also Kool Aid was unavailable until recently

A lot of them go on for too long.

They are funny though, like when...flashback - YOSHIA2121

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2 The characters are way better in American Dad

Indeed - MorlaTurtle8

What about peter - YOSHIA2121

3 Chris is annoying while Steve is actually funny

Yup - MorlaTurtle8

true - YOSHIA2121

4 Singing in Family Guy goes on for too long

Yes - MorlaTurtle8

Same with american dad - YOSHIA2121

5 Roger Smith

I like Brian, but Roger is better.

Roger is the best thing about American Dad!

He's hilarious - YOSHIA2121


6 Hayley doesn't have to get beat up to be funny

She's a hot nerd - YOSHIA2121

7 American Dad has an alien and a talking fish. Family guy has a talking baby and dog, not so cool

I actually like Brian and stewie more than roger. And I don't like clause.

This list would have been better without this item. - kcianciulli

8 The stories are more detailed
9 American Dad actually lets other characters have a main story in an episode

Lois meg and chris never get zany screen time anyre - ihatetrump

10 Not quite as offensive

As much as I love Family Guy, sometimes it goes too far.

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11 American Dad has a gay couple

So does Family Guy

12 The Family

American dad's family are Amazing! They do things together, They are smart, they do funny humors that does not include fart, butt, or gay jokes, and they settle things, and they are not mean to each other. But in Family guy, They are Douchbags, retards, idiots, and are the opposite of what I said about American dad. And I don't understand how Family guy is more popular than American dad. I like Roger Smith! He is much more funny than Brian Griffin! So you Family guy fans and I love you American dad fans! And remember to salute America in the American way!

13 Straightforward stories
14 Plot development
15 Francine is a better less annoying wife and character than Lois

Actually, I like Lois a little bit better.

She also hotter

Francine is awesome.


16 Seth MacFarlane doesn't force his liberal agenda in American Dad nearly as much as Family Guy

The episode with president garfield had stan say he was a trump supporter. I used to like stan - ihatetrump

Rightwing - bandwagon Leftwing - everyone hates us.

Not true

17 The Whole American Dad Family Is Attractive

That is true. I never find Lois attractive and Peter is the one who is fat and ugly. ugly retard!

18 Stan and Francine have a better relationship than Peter and Lois

This one true Peter some act act like a JackAss while Lois act like a Hoe.

19 Less reliant on cutaways
20 American Dad is not as mean spirited as Family Guy
21 Klaus is not unlikable like Brian

Klaus is way more nicer than Brian!

22 It is still funny
23 American Dad doesn't rely on shock humor

It does, just not as much.

24 American Dad played Change by the Deftones
25 American Dad has more intelligent humor
26 None of the creatures have been killed off and a new one came in for a couple of episodes.
27 Stan doesn't abuse his daughter unlike Peter
28 Principal Lewis isn't a rapist like Glenn Quagmire

He is a pervert and spies on his female students but he has never raped them. its bad but not as bad. he's been raped by roger though - ihatetrump

29 Steve's singing

Steve's singing skills reminds me of Michael Jackson, I love it.

30 Family Guy made fun of black people
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1. Chris is annoying while Steve is actually funny
2. The characters are way better in American Dad
3. No gag flashbacks
1. No gag flashbacks
2. Singing in Family Guy goes on for too long
3. The characters are way better in American Dad


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