Top 10 Reasons Why Amtrak is Better Than Flying


The Top Ten

1 They have electrical outlets

On many planes, there are no electrical outlets. On Amtrak trains, there are power outlets at each seat. - railfan99

2 The seats recline more

On airplanes, the seats have very limited recline. Not only do the seats on Amtrak recline much more, but reserved seats have leg rests, foot rests, and curtain. - railfan99

3 It costs less

If you're flying to New York City, airplane tickets can cost over $250. If you take Amtrak, you can get there for as low as $155. - railfan99

4 Checked baggage is free of charge

This is one of the reasons why flying is so expensive. You have to PAY for them to get your bags on the plane. Amtrak is nice enough to include checked baggage free of charge. - railfan99

5 It's scenic

If you go on Amtrak, you can see the world from a whole different perspective, whereas in an airplane you see stuff, just 35,000 feet up in the air. - railfan99

6 They offer sleeping accommodations

If you pay extra, you can actually get your own room in a sleeping car on the train. - railfan99

7 It's relaxing

If you have a fear of flying, then Amtrak is for you. - railfan99

8 Most train routes have full course meal service

Eating on most Amtrak trains is FAR from the junk you get on airplanes. - railfan99

9 The attendants are nice

I'm not bashing flight attendants but the people who work at Amtrak are always super nice to us. - railfan99

10 There's more room to move around

Because Amtrak trains have multiple cars, you can walk around with no problem! - railfan99

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