Top 10 Reasons Why Amy Lee from Evanescence is Better Than Most Popstars


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1 Amy is actually beautiul

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I don't see how Amy Lee being cute (which she is) means that she better than most pop stars. I find Selena Gomez more beautiful, but doesn't make her better than other artist. - NikoX

2 Amy looks more natural

No, she doesn't, like EvilNuggetCookie said, she wears tons of makeup. Some pop stars look more natural than her. - NikoX

3 Amy can actually sing

So can Pop Stars, Kiana, you can do better than that. - NikoX

4 Amy isn't skin and bones

As are Pop Stars aren't skin and bones.This isn't the 90's, Kiana. - NikoX

5 Amy is a nice person

Yeah and so are some pop stars. - NikoX

6 Amy's songs aren't about sex

Her songs are rather about many things like loneliness, sadness, heartbreak, betrayal, being fake, a death in her family, anger, etc. - KianaLexi

There are songs that are about sex that are pretty good. - NikoX

7 Amy doesn't wear skimpy clothing

How does that make her better? - NikoX

8 Amy isn't dumb

Pop Stars aren't dumb either - NikoX

9 Amy is not mainstream

Mainstream doesn't always mean you suck or that you're overrated though. - KianaLexi

She needs to be more mainstream. Amy Lee has too much hate for being a badass singer with deep meaning in her music. Current mainstream pop music gets too much love for being girly, meaningless, about money and about heterosexual young love. >:( - The Ultimate Daredevil

Wake me up, Wake me inside, I can't wakeup
Wake me up inside, save me
I'm pretty sure, I heard this song playing on every pop radio station. - NikoX

10 Amy doesn't use autotune

She sometimes uses effects to enhance her mysterious voice like in Tourniquet, in the beginning, she has that effect that I don't know but it sounds like a gain in dB or something or as if she's singing on an old phone. - KianaLexi

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11 Amy is more sensible
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