Top 10 Reasons Why Amy Lee from Evanescence is Better Than Most Popstars

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1 Amy can actually sing

Yup. At least doesn't use autotune and she has a beautiful voice. - Userguy44

Wrong. She uses autotune - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

She probably does use some autotune but not as much as a lot of the popstars you hear on the radio. - 3DG20

Very true. Some of these pop stars aren't as good at singing.

Plenty of pop stars can also. - DCfnaf

2 Amy is actually beautiul

Oh yeah! - Userguy44

There are so many better reasons you could’ve used, but you resorted to unjust, lame, and trite reasoning. - DCfnaf

3 Amy looks more natural
4 Amy isn't skin and bones
5 Amy is a nice person

She may have been controversial a lot, but from what I've read about her, Amy Lee is very nice -TheDarkOne_221b

There are some controversial things she has said, but she’s mostly nice. - DCfnaf

6 Amy's songs aren't about sex

Some people believe that "Lose Control" is about sex or rape or whatever. - DCfnaf

7 Amy doesn't wear skimpy clothing
8 Amy doesn't use autotune

Uh...this is factually incorrect. In "Lose Control", "Cloud Nine", and other tracks, she uses it. - DCfnaf

She sometimes uses effects to enhance her mysterious voice like in Tourniquet, in the beginning, she has that effect that I don't know but it sounds like a gain in dB or something or as if she's singing on an old phone.

9 Amy isn't dumb
10 Amy is not mainstream

Mainstream doesn't always mean you suck or that you're overrated though.

She needs to be more mainstream. Amy Lee has too much hate for being a badass singer with deep meaning in her music. Current mainstream pop music gets too much love for being girly, meaningless, about money and about heterosexual young love. >:( - The Ultimate Daredevil

She isn’t ANYMORE, but "Bring Me to Life" charted high in 2003... - DCfnaf

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11 Amy is more sensible
12 Amy’s songs have much more depth

This doesn’t mean that pop stars DON'T have songs with deep lyrics ("Piece by Piece" by Kelly Clarkson and "Fairly Local" by Twenty One Pilots are two), but Amy has written about her little sister, death from a child’s perspective, a dead mother talking to her son from up above, losing your mind, abusive relationships, dying in one's arms, feeling good enough to deserve love from another, rape, stalkers, and, of course, depression, suicide, and insecurity. - DCfnaf

13 Amy Lee is known for her Angelic Voice
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