Top 10 Reasons Why Amy Rose is Better Than Princess Peach

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1 Amy is hotter

Come on guys, Peach and Amy are best friends, not enemies. Death battles are non-cannon. Sure Amy and Peach were rivals, but rival doesn't mean enemy. Just someone to compete against. If they were enemies, they would hate to team together. But they don't hate to team up. I love them both, along with other girls, such as Cream, Blaze, Daisy, Rosalina, Pink Gold Peach, Palutena, Paula, (From Earthbound) Ness's starring game) and Pauline. I wish just everyone would stop fighting for who is the best, and just love every female character! :( George Shaw

Peach is never hot, her chess is never big, her dress covers on top of her chess, nothing! The reason why I'm saying that Amy is hotter that means like her collar opens more and her dress is Sleeveless this is possibly why I'm saying about this

No way! Amy is an ugly pink hedghog that sonic does not even like! Her eyes are to big, so is her head! She's annoying and stupid too! Stop complaining that Peach barley has boobs because Amy has none at all. Besides, it doesn't matter anyhow.

What in the-?! Amy is a anthropomorphic hedgehog! How can she more hot than Peach when she's not even human?

2 Amy is stronger

LOL, Um, No.
*Has speed, and a hammer.
*Can throw her hammer, create wind with it, use it to propel upwards, go invisible, distract her opponent, go hyper (slightly increases her stats and that's all, no super form), form a shield, boxing glove, Etc.

*Has an Umbrella, Sports equipment, Frying pan, A Lamb, Heart Element and Toad.
*A huge selection of magic, including 4 Mood Swings (note that her Joy emotion can control wind, meaning it could counter Amy's whirlwind), Floating (she can pull off with her Heart Magic), Psych Bomb (Bomb-Omb Barrage if you like that better), Freeze Frame (creates an empty frame that freezes trapped enemies inside, lasts five seconds), Status Effect Removal, Comeback (Brings back a fallen ally), Etc.

Amy would win at strength because she can hold an enormous hammer effortlessly.

Peach would win at magic and endurance.

Amy wins at battle experience and speed.

Amy's weakness:
Her obsession ...more

So? Princess Peach can still strike Bowser into the sky, and for all we know that guy is like 10 tons. Besides Peach also carries boulders.

Amy can be stronger than her but I don't remember her strength in the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games series. Lets say how heavy her Piko Piko Hammer. Peach only has like love powers, a Frying Pan, and a Toad which blocks her and also counter attack with it. Amy's hammer can beat up Peach or drops Peach's IQ number. I'm SORRY PRINCESS PEACH FANS!

Do you guys know anything about Princess Peach? She has a HEART ELEMENT IN HER, she has a parasol for defense, she’s on super smash Bros, and she doesn’t loathe violence. She is actually quite strong (obviously not the strongest) as proven in lots of games (Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros, Super Princess Peach, etc) and tries to solve things in a more peaceful way. She just requires more help from the Marios because she gets scared sometimes which is perfectly normal. I mean, have you SEEN Bowser?! He’s WAY more scary and menacing than that lame Doctor Robotnik!
What about Amy? She’s somewhat strong, has a hammer, and is a clingy stalker that only cares about emotions and Sonic. SO LAME AND ANNOYING

3 Amy's design doesn't have much pink

So Peach wearing just one pink dress makes her bad, but Amy's red sleeveless dress (that doesn't even cover her legs all the way) somehow makes up for the pink on her body and makes her pink fur that would go almost all the way around her body make her less pink than Peach? How?

Logic: Peach wearing one pink short sleeved body to toe dress makes her more pink than a pink hedgehog that just has a sleeveless red dress covering her torso, red and white boots, and white gloves.
Amy IS a pink hedgehog so your logic doesn't make sense.

U make no sense. If u like pink and Amy 'doesn't have much pink,' then u should like peach more lol. And who cares if peach wears a lot of pink it has nothing to do with her character.

You only see pink just from Amy's hair and you see most Pink from her Dress. Boys hate pink but I am a male and I like Pink. So Amy Rose wins, just to say

4 Amy is cuter

This is the second thing you mentioned about their appearance and it's not even 2 reasons apart.
I could report either reason because it is technically a duplicate reason.

How is stalking someone, chasing them down with a stupid hammer when they don't do/say what u want, and being a brat cute?

Not really, she's scarier, kind of like Princess Nehema from Eversion.

She's still better than Peach though.

Peach herself tries to be cute but Amy's cuteness beats her up like a boss

5 Amy is for all ages

The game, Super Princess Peach is possibly the only Nintendo games to be for little girls but I don't know if it's the only one. Amy's popularity kind of beats up Peach because we have lots of teenagers that likes Amy from Sonic while Peach is for little girls. I'm just saying. But I do like little kids not meaning that I'm Barney The Dinosaur, sometimes people likes kids.

She appeals to any demographic, Peach is just for little girls (even they wouldn't like her).

I liked Peach a lot as a child, also she still appeals to all ages.

Just because Peach wears a girly outfit doesn't mean she applies only to little kids.

No amy isn't for kids. Afterall, what parent want their children to think stalking, being minipulitive, and abuse is ok?

6 Amy's voice is less annoying

Listen to Lisa Ortiz's voice, it sounds beautiful.
Listen to Samantha Kelly (who also does Toad, but she's better at doing him), it sounds like nails on chalk.

However, they're just voices so they don't really affect the character.

Again, voices have nothing to do with their characters. They're fictional. I can make up a voice for them and it'd be just as legit. U can mute the f-ING T.V. if u don't want to hear them.

Neither of them have annoying voices in my opinion!

The voices don't affect negatively the characters.

7 Amy is richer

Um, Amy Rose has 2 rings both positioned of her fists, When you play as Amy just like in Sonic games, you pick up rings to keep you alive. I only see like 6 coins in Peach's castle in Mario 64.

Keep in mind that I'm running out of ideas in this list

Um really? Having six coins laying around doesn't mean that's her budget.
If you were to have no money lying around at your home, does that mean you're broke? No.
In Mario games, 100 coins make a life. However, losing a life doesn't mean Mario is losing coins.
On the other hand, Sonic and Amy rely on Rings to survive.
What am I getting at? Well, if they're using rings to survive then why would they use it as currency?
If they aren't using their rings to buy stuff, technically the rings don't make them richer.

And also, don't make a list if you can't support it with concrete reasons.

Logic Fail.
Amy has two rings on her hands and are somehow worth more than Peach's budget.
Peach's budget is approx. 1 Billion coins thanks to Mario.

Do you still think Amy is richer? At least Mario doesn't lose his money each time he bumps into an enemy.

Peach may own the Mushroom Kingdom (possibly, we never see the king or queen) but Amy is richer when it comes to rings.

True, but the Mario Bros universe doesn't use rings for currency.

Peach is a princess idiots.

8 Amy tries her best to help

If you play as Amy in the Sonic Adventure games you see her compassionate side. She looks after a bird that Dr Eggman is trying to catch and she even befriends E-102 Gamma. At times she can be a bit needy of Sonic but her heart's in the right place.

Hello? Super Mario Bros 2 USA (Playable), Super Mario Bros 3 (Gives P Wings by Letter), Super Mario World (Giving Mushrooms in the final boss fight with Bowser),

She puts effort into her work and actions compared to Peach.

Amy manages to befriend an enemy and help a flicky bird while Peach is just nothing.

So you deny that she's appearing in spin-offs, did you?

Research is the key to your brain.

Amy really only gets kidnapped in CD but Peach ALL MOST every game peach sucks Amy is the best

9 Amy blows kisses

Her modern design sucks and is way too overrated. She does not deserve to wear a dress (skirt) that sticks out like a tutu.

Peach has blown kisses when she wins in Mario Kart.

She sometimes blows kisses.Both very cute affection like this.

She very cute.Her modern design awesome.

10 Amy is more beautiful

Isn't this the same as two of the other's on the list?!?!? In my opinion!

Isn't this the same as two of the others on the list?!?!? In my opinion!

You have mentioned her appearance 3 times and I'm not even at the tenth 'reason'.

As HDK said, isn't this the same?

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11 Amy has better quotes

But shes always demanding to know where everybody is hiding sonic right?!?!?

"Never fear, Amy Rose is here! "
Yeah, High quality lol.

Yes her quotes awesome.

All I hear is “Sonic! ” She drives me insane

12 Amy is funny
13 Amy always takes care of Cream

Princess Peach takes care of her 1 million+ toads, what’s your point?

14 She is better at swimming

Ironic since the main protagonist of the games can't swim.

15 Her special moves are better

Oh, You mean their names? Names on special abilities don't matter that much.

Her magic moves aren't cringy.

16 Peach just cares about herself

Clearly whoever made this reason isn’t paying attention to the games. Mario and Luigi series, all the times where Mario saves Peach, and Super Mario Sunshine. PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE!
Amy only cares about herself and that stupid blue rat, especially in Sonic X!

17 Amy is not a damsel in distress

You don't have to be a princess to be a damsel in distress, Peach isn't a damsel in distress, she's actually a hero. Amy constantly kidnaps Sonic, a guy kidnapping a girl (or a girly guy) is different, guys kidnap girls because they have emotional feelings for them. Girls kidnap guys just to kill another girl in front of them. But Peach never did that, Amy might have, and to who? SALLY! How come she doesn't appear in anything anymore? Amy killed Sally. Did Peach ever truly kill anybody? NO! Peach saved people such as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Sprixie Fairy, etc. Peach isn't a damsel, she is a hero. Amy is a murderer.

Peach is a damsel in distress. She can't fight. She can't beat Bowser. She has a stupid umbrella. She is friends with fungi. She has someone who fixes toilets as a boyfriend.

Amy is caring. She has a super speedy hedgehog as a boyfriend. She can fight. She can beat Eggman. She has a giant hammer. She is friends with heroes. Logic says...Amy you are awesome die you stupid piece of princessy fruit.

18 Peach is a brat when it comes to losing

Amy losing: oh man. Next time!

Peach losing: WAA

19 Peach is dumb
20 Amy has a nicer name

Amy. I like that name. Its short, its pretty, it's a nice name.

Peach. her name is a fruit. Why. I feel so bad for peach.

I like Amy's name a lot more. I do like peach, but admit it, amy has a nicer name.

I feel bad for peach. Oh well.

21 Amy is more honest
22 Amy tries not to get captured
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