Top 10 Reasons Why Amy Rose Is Cuter Than Yoshi

Yoshi may be a very cute gaming character, however, Amy Rose (in spite of being an awful character since the horrible Sonic Adventure) has an even cuter appearance.

The Top Ten

1 Much larger eyes for her head


Yoshi's eyes look to be 1 3rd the same height as his head, but Amy Rose's eyes are half the height of her head.

This reason makes no sense, that makes her creepy. Especially considering that her two eyes are connected like a cyclops

This is stupid. Yoshi is cool. O like both Amy and Yoshi. Lumsd from Galaxy is cute.

2 Larger head (in proportion to her body)

That makes her more weird and creepy

3 Smaller chin


4 Shorter

This is the only one so far that kind of makes sense

5 Smaller nose

Yoshi is also cute with his big nose. This list is strange...

6 Rounder face (whereas Yoshi's face looks more longer than it is wide)

Um okay?

7 Tinier mouth

Wait, what's going on? - kdoraisamy23


8 Softer body

what is wrong with you - youknowimright

How do you know that?

your gay - amyhatinman

9 Younger

That’s great, who cares?

10 Is a female animal

This is a dumb reason, girls are not better than boys, and boys are not better than girls, they're both the same

Yoshi's a male despuite his name.

The Contenders

11 Has a more voluptuous figure

She could have no fur on her feminine body, thick feminine thighs and large circular buttocks!

12 She is a much better drummer

That is right! Imagine this: Longer arms, a brainy attitude & a punishment for underestimation. Amy Rose has longer arms & would punish Yoshi like that.

Due to being Mario (or so Luigi)'s best friend, Yoshi is believed & wanted to be good at the drums, but apparently, he is not reaching it with his short arms & coordination level. Amy Rose would be the perfect drummer, though.

How does that make her cuter? And who cares anyway? This is more of an opinion also

She can even play the guitar better.

13 Rounder cheeks
14 Smaller
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