Top 10 Reasons Why Amy Rose Is Cuter Than Yoshi

Yoshi may be a very cute gaming character, however, Amy Rose (in spite of being an awful character since the horrible Sonic Adventure) has an even cuter appearance.

The Top Ten

1 Much larger eyes for her head

Yoshi's eyes look to be 1 3rd the same height as his head, but Amy Rose's eyes are half the height of her head.

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2 Larger head (in proportion to her body)
3 Smaller chin
4 Shorter
5 Smaller nose

Yoshi is also cute with his big nose. This list is strange... - bugger

6 Rounder face (whereas Yoshi's face looks more longer than it is wide)
7 Tinier mouth
8 Younger
9 Is a female animal

This is a dumb reason, girls are not better than boys, and boys are not better than girls, they're both the same

Yoshi's a male despuite his name.

10 Softer body

The Contenders

11 Has a more voluptuous figure

She could have no fur on her feminine body, thick feminine thighs and large circular buttocks!

12 She is a much better drummer

That is right! Imagine this: Longer arms, a brainy attitude & a punishment for underestimation. Amy Rose has longer arms & would punish Yoshi like that.

Due to being Mario (or so Luigi)'s best friend, Yoshi is believed & wanted to be good at the drums, but apparently, he is not reaching it with his short arms & coordination level. Amy Rose would be the perfect drummer, though.

She can even play the guitar better.

13 Rounder cheeks
14 Smaller
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