Top Ten Reasons Why Animal Jam is Better Than Club Penguin


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1 You can trade with others

Can you trade on club penguin? No. - NoOreoForU

Maybe they should add trading on club penguin on the next update it would be pretty cool but I stopped playing club penguin and now play animal jam

My user on animal jam is zestygarlic123 I'm a member

2 Better betas and rares.

Is there a spike in cp? There is but its not rare or beta. And it's ugly. - NoOreoForU

Can you all stop b I tching about rares? I mean why you need those? Don't make yourself a rare beta wh ore and it's HANG OUT role-playing game, are you all dumb?

3 In club penguin you can't transform into animals.

Yeah! I try it and I was not very interested. I mean, I like penguins it's that I want to be something else than being a penguin. - ArcticWolf

To be fair it is called club PENGUIN

Umm... It's called club penguin! Not club animals.

You can't transform into animals... Wow. - NoOreoForU

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4 Membership is cheap on animal jam.

Membership never expires on Animal Jam. TURE OR FALSE? Well, it seems like it doesn't expire but Animal Jam is taking more and more money from your credit card or whatever it is. You can tell if you have a parent account.

The Animal Jam membership is so expensive. You can say it's over 57 dollars, WHO WANT THAT?! YOU GET BORED FROM THIS STUPID GAME!

Lol nah... On club penguin, you can get more bored...

Membership is cheap. - NoOreoForU

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5 There are athros not mascots.

And greely is the best one - NoOreoForU

6 More rares

Rares Are cool until u get bannedd

7 In AJ it tells you if an item is rare.

Idiots. All of you losers.

8 More dens

Dens are better than igloos 110%

And the dens are awesome - NoOreoForU

9 Pookies

I hate pookies. They suck. The adoption center bunnies are way better. And less annoying. And they speak English. - NoOreoForU

Gosh damn, on CP it's annoying and they only accept "rich mummies" and I was like "? ". Hell, it's even based on what they dress in by if they get adopted I swear its annoying as hell

10 Animal Jam is fair to non members

Not true. And you can't do anything in either game as a NM.

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11 You can gift people on AJ. And when you send people a jag you can say whatever you want.

wow - NoOreoForU

When you are a member u get to choose what to type in a jam a gram from restricted chat

My user on animal jam is zestygarlic123 I'm a member

12 Non members have more freedom and are allowed to purchase more items


13 It's practically impossible to get on.
14 The animals don't look horrible

So in club penguin animations the penguins look nice! But in the game? They are SO ugly! Big clunky blobs with bulging out eyes and neon colors. The animals on AJ are usually well developed and look nice.

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1. You can trade with others
2. Better betas and rares.
3. In club penguin you can't transform into animals.


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