Top Ten Reasons Why Animal Jam Shouldn't Have Brought Back Certain Betas

Yes, some betas are back in store. Why shouldn't they have done that?

The Top Ten

1 The betas that are now in stores used to be worth something but now they aren't.
2 A new way of scamming
3 Less items that are worth something
4 The betas that are back were good betas
5 It really sucks!
6 People will go around with these ''betas'' and think they're rare when they aren't.
7 Players of AJ complain about this sort of thing
8 Rare players are now less rare
9 AJ does not let us swear so we can't shout at this, ''Oh F***!''

Of course AJPW is a kids game so this reason is... u know

Man, I was dumb.

Lol true - BlueTopazIceVanilla

._. I wonder why

10 AJ will go downhill if this sort of thing happens more in the future.
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