Top Ten Reasons Why Animal Jam Spikes are Horrible


The Top Ten

1 They are over-rated

Yeah like there's like 23 different kind of spikes more than any item on animal jam so that's proof that ajhq is focusing on spikes

Spikes are really stupid too.

They are WAY to popular. AJ doesn't need to focus on just this one item... - Transformers234

2 They aren't rare, but people treat them like they are

People think that rare means it's high in demand. NO! That. is. not. the. definition. of. RARE! Rare means that something is not common and can almost never be seen. But how often do you see spikes? Exactly. - Transformers234

3 AJ is practically all about this item now

YES. I was looking at an update once and there was a spike sale (totally not in the Diamond Shop). I want the updates to have more educational (because AJ is supposed to be educational, but people treat it like it's not) and cool additions. - kawaiihappycandy

Now everyone's goal is to get a spike. Sheesh. Just delete this item already, HQ. -_- - Transformers234

4 They're apparently ''rare'' for NO good reason
5 They get begged for wherever you go

No. just no. There are rarer items out there than this! - Transformers234

6 There is always drama about spikes

I agree with this 100% this list is exactly why I hate spikes

Me: Guess what? I don't care. It's an item that shouldn't be rare because it's common. And it's just a pixel. So get over it.
Jammer: You bully! Spikes are important in life.
Me: **Facepalms.**
by the way, dislike this comment all you want. But seriously. It's just a spike.. And I'm sick of the drama. - Transformers234

7 AJ might not be about rares if it weren't for these
8 No one cares about anything else but spikes
9 Friends aren't important now
10 Spikes are taking over
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