Reasons Why Most Animated American Cartoons and Movies Aren't Just for Kids

I am sick of the fact that people just call animation silly, unserious crap only catered to little kids. It is a medium that is much more that can appeal to everyone.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Most Animated American Cartoons and Movies Aren't Just for Kids

1 They Do Take Themselves Seriously

There are animated shows and films that still take themselves seriously. Adventure Time and Gravity Falls are two of the many cartoons that take themselves seriously in this time period. You may not like them but they have plots, story lines, and interesting and likable characters. - YakkoWakkoDot

2 People Put Effort Into This

Daniel Chong put a lot of effort to make We Bare Bears, and that's why children and adults love this show.

What about british shows?!?!

The people who work on these cartoons and movies do put a lot of effort into their work. For example, Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Lakia, and Aardman. They put tons of effort into their animation, their stories, and their characters. - YakkoWakkoDot

3 Just Because One Show Or Movie Is Bad, It Shouldn't Make The Entire Medium Just Look Like Cartoon Junk

Really just because Sanjay and Craig and Dora the Explorer and Home on The Range are some of the few American animated shows and films that are bad and just made for kids, it shouldn't make people think that every cartoon or movie that is animated is bad and only something for the kids to shut up for an hour and a half. - YakkoWakkoDot

4 They Aren't Overrated

American Cartoons and Movies don't deserve the hate they get and the amount of times people say they are overrated. - YakkoWakkoDot

5 There Are Different Genres To This Medium

People keep calling animation, especially American-made animations, just a dumb genre. It is a medium that has genres in it. There's Comedy, Action, Romance, Drama, and much more. Not much of a surprise that Disney has all of these genres in their movies. - YakkoWakkoDot

6 The Early 1900s

There was a time where people went crazy about animated films. This is when everyone loved the medium and it was just mentioned as the stuff just for kids. What happened that changed this view on it? It couldn't have happened at all in the 1900s since people were praising anything animated during the 90s. - YakkoWakkoDot

7 Just Because Some Animated Shows Go As Silly Comedies, It Shouldn't Make People Think All Animated Things Are Just Comedies

I know this is basically reason 3, but I don't care. Just because there is something bad in a medium or a certain genre used in it, doesn't mean people should think all of the things in that medium are bad or just comedy centered. Films like the Amazing Spider Man 2 and the Transformers films are considered to be some really bad films, so why don't people think all live action films are just bad films that just have nice effects? - YakkoWakkoDot

8 They Show Graphic Violence and Well-Drawn Effects That Can't Be Done Easily In Live-Action
9 They Have Adult Jokes
10 They are Mature

We Bare Bears is mature

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