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1 They shove it in our faces

People have their ways with expressing their love for something and each of theirs can be different regardless of what "fandom" they are counted in. Sports, reality show, cooking show, or any kind of show have their ways of expressing their interests in these. Anime fans are just like any other fan and they are people too.

I tend to talk about anime a lot with certain people, and yes for me it get's embarrassing at times because other people can hear me, but I always try hard not to shove it in other people's faces cause it can be pretty annoying hearing people talk about the same thing over and over again. - AO1-H1KAR1

My friend and I are anime fans and we don't shove anime in anyone's face.

To be honest every fandom does that - TwilightKitsune

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2 Most of them hate cartoons

I love both anime AND cartoons. Seriously, I don't know why anime fans think that cartoons are trash compared to anime. They can say they prefer anime over cartoons, but that doesn't mean they have to hate cartoons. I never said I hated cartoons. I just prefer anime over cartoons. Either way, I still love anime and cartoons. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm love anime and American cartoons likewise. Stereotypes like the people who created this list can't even realize that animes are just cartoons but created IN JAPAN (or other parts of Asia). Could this list get any more stupid or what

I think Western animation and anime are both good in their own ways. - AO1-H1KAR1

I'm a anime fan and I like cartoons too. - dave1234

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3 Most of them make annoying anime memes

Immature stereotypical judgement

Any criteria of fan make memes

I really haven't heard any thing after it's over 9,000!, and that's a good meme - MrQuaz680

Always made some self centered memes. SO CRINGY

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4 They make Anime shows inappropriate for kids

That's also because most anime isn't for children in general. Though this list looks like it were made by one

How? It's not like they bribed the staff or something. - alphadan12

They make it look too much like porn. - MorganChambz

Anime has age group and different genre lilik shonen,shoujo etc.Some anime like Digimon Adventure 1&2 are suitable for every age group.Some anime like Berserk and Hellsing are made for older audience due to the violence and gore.
Personally I like shounen anime.It's made for kids above 13.Examples:Attack on titan,Tokyo ghoul,Naruto,Naruto Shippuden,One Piece,Bleach etc.

5 They won't talk about anything else but anime

Because some may REALLY like it. It's like questioning why sports fans talk about sports a lot

Immature stereotypical judgement

6 They can be disrespectful to other anime fans

Yes, If you are not in the clique already, do not pronounce the names and characters like they do you are irrelevant.

7 They hate other media for reasons that can apply to anime

That makes no sense

Immature stereotypical judgement

8 They can't respect people having different tastes in anime series and genres

And this is why I'm a casual anime fan and not much of a hardcore one. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Me too. The only anime show I really like is JoJo. Other than that I only really love the studio ghibli/hayao miyazaki films. - CostcoHotDogs

9 They say that anime is not a cartoon

Anime=Japanese cartoon

Someone needs their eyes checked

Because it isn't. Anime is Japanese, and doesn't target a specific age group (unlike American cartoons). Anime is split into age groups instead, so if you think all anime is porn maybe your just a pervert.

If you think anime is a cartoon, it's not. Yes, anime and cartoons are both animated, but that doesn't mean all things that are animated are cartoons.

10 They're everywhere

Because anime is GOOD and people like it. And any kind of fan can be cringy and immature. Like sports fans for instance, sometimes they're all just beer bellied gawker

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11 They are obsessive about it in a very creepy way
12 They play Beyblades

People can have fun..
So, what's wrong with that?

13 They're closedminded

Both in terms of how they can't respect the opinions of people who don't like anime in general and how they can't even respect themselves when it comes to them having different opinions on certain anime series and genres. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

14 They're obsessed with mature content

They think that anime is only good if it has mature content. SERIOUSLY!?

15 They Always Choose the Japanese version

A HUGE amount of Digimon Anime Fans are addicted to the original Japanese "Butterfly" Intro. Well, I'd rather hear lyrics I can actually hear than "Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Ashu Ashu, Blah Blah Blah"

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1. They shove it in our faces
2. Most of them hate cartoons
3. Most of them make annoying anime memes
1. They shove it in our faces
2. Most of them hate cartoons
3. Most of them make annoying anime memes
1. Most of them hate cartoons
2. They shove it in our faces
3. They make Anime shows inappropriate for kids


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