Why Can't We Accept People's Opinions?

Mrcoolface didn't mean any harm when he said he didn't like anime. It didn't look like he was bad mouthing anime fans or insulting them. He just doesn't like anime. The website said share your opinions so it makes no sense when people said this should be removed or that it should have never been said. THE LIST JUST SAID THIS ONE GUY'S OPINIONS ABOUT ANIME!!!!! Yes, I know that you also have the right to speak out what you feel but were the death threats nessaceray? Was telling him that his opinions were wrong nessacary? Were are those lame and witless remarks nessacary? No, they weren't. He never said the fans were stupid or gay or something like that. He never said you were wrong for liking anime. He was just sharing his opinion and you know what, he's got guts for touching a topic that is so dangerous if you shed any little hate on it. So next time so puts an opinons on something and it's something you like, read the whole thing before you assume it is also hating on the fans and then just ignore it.


Also was the list reasons why the list anime sucks is wrong necessary? No it wasn't it was his opinion and you were just saying the exact same things in that list as you were in this list - YakkoWakkoDot

We are just expressing our opinion like he was. Nobody wrote kill yourself. We were just correcting him. - visitor

And he was the one who called us stupid jackasses. He said he hated anime fans. He said they were the WORST fan base ever. That we cosplay all the time and waste time watching it. He also said we were jackass hypocrites. He hates us and we have the right to defend ourselves so SHUT UP. - visitor

We would even be arguing with this loser if he stoped writing on lists that phrase anime and diss cartoons. - visitor

Ok, you guess are or well at least some of you, go to lists praising cartoons and write mean stuff. Yes, you have opinions but everybody does to. So you can say in a nicer way or just ignore this list completely. - visitor

People did tell him to kill himself plus anime fans do cosplay. Also you kinda of are hypocrites. If a cartoon fan corrects you on something wrong you said about cartoons you get all mad and complain, but if an anime fan corrects a cartoons fan on something wrong it's ok. Plus beans is the one who hates anime fans. Making a list called Reasons why anime sucks doesn't mean you are a hater of otakus. It just means you don't like anime. Some people do waste time watching it dedicating their lives to it and saying that anime is live and the best thing in the world while others don't. - YakkoWakkoDot