Bad Morals


Bad morals? BAD MORALS? Have you ever seen Fullmetal Alchemist? Obviously not because I have never seen a show with that strong of good morals- and it's an anime. It talks about how in order to gain something, you have to lose something too. THAT is an extremely important rule to live by- to not think that you can have everything without working for it. Now what were you saying about bad morals in anime?

Cartoons are guilty of that too nowadays. Up until Sponge Out of Water, we had "I guess crying does solve your problems." Also, Uncle Grandpa featured an episode where Uncle Grandpa taught a kid that it was okay to be FAT. I sure hope there aren't as much cartoons out there with bad morals like those two. Finally, how does anime have bad morals? Have you seen One Piece and Fairy Tail? Their morals are all about friendship and all that good stuff! It might look cheesy and generic, but not bad at all! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Hey guess what even if the thing about more people liking anime more than cartoons is true, it doesn't mean anything. Have you have heard the phrase Quality over Quantity. Also trying to be cool was never the intent for this list. It was for say MY OWN OPINIONS of anime and I really don't think they make me needed to be examined or be called a rotten weasel. Also this list wasn't made for bashing anime fans just anime. Also cartoons are bad for kids. It lets them use their imagination grow which can make think of great things that MIGHT improve the world. All Anime has done is give us an annoying fan base a depict women as sexual objects.

You did bash fan boys which can be anime fans. Cartoons and anime aren't bad for kids, I mean sure some can have some sexual things in it, but some can teach people good morals.

No, you are WRONG, completely WRONG, anime has way better animation than STUPID CARTOONS, and the morals ARE GOOD, for example in black butler (THE BEST ANIME THAT EVER EXISTED) there is a kid that sells his soul to a demon (A VERY HOT DEMON) and he takes responsibility and runs a business even though his parents are dead and he is trying to avenge his parents murders, he is a very good role model. No one could possibly disagree to this.

Most animes are full of mary sue protagonists who always get it their way, they're the 'chosen', 'special', 'never loses' etc. The protagonists always get the maximum possible glory with the least possible effort. Even animes that are supposedly based on 'hard work rewards' are based on this trope: take for example Dragon Ball. Goku is always the strongest of the gang, always awing everyone on how gifted and powerful he is. The only reason why he wasn't the absolute strongest of the gang on the first seasons (Kame being the one) is that because he had only a couple years of combat experience and Kami had decades. Naruto follows the same trope: despite it taking longer for the main character to become the strongest around (a timeskip and 7 seasons), he was always awing everyone on how "way faster he could master stuff that took years to be mastered by super talented and famous ninja".

Hey I think that he is right personally but everyone has their own opinions so I think that if you like it you should respect his opinion but if you don't then you should respect the people who do.
I don't mind people watching anime I just don't like it personally
But this is his opinion so respect it!

Can people realized that this was saying bad things about anime and not the fans themselves. Whoever said they hate me I really don't care. It just means you can't accept the fact that people hate anime and like western animation better. Also just because you and some of your friends like anime, that doesn't mean more people like anime better.

Ok you dumbass, just because I'm saying anime is bad and American cartoons are better doesn't mean I'm saying every American cartoon is good. I'm saying other American cartoons that have morals to stick up for yourself and never give up. Also learn to spell jackass. No I don't think people should act by doing random things unless maybe it's giving you a bomb because you will finally shut up. No there is nothing wrong with me, I'm trying to get the dumb anime fanboys/fangirls to finally shut up and realize American cartoons are good to and to stop comparing animes to cartoons like the new SpongeBob or Dora the Explorer.

Well it's obvious that you never follow the death note moral since you keep attacking people who don't like anime and then say our opinions our garbage and that we are a retard for liking them. If you actually followed that moral you would have just shut up and ignored the list.

This is ridiculous! It's clear whoever votes that anime has bad morals hasn't even watched anime in the first place and has NO idea what they're talking about.
One Piece, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Attack on Titan, Death Note, Angel Beats and LOTS more have AMAZING MORALS!
And then people who barely know anything about anime start saying that anime has bad morals?
Just go watch one of the animes I listed above and see if you can still agree anime has bad morals.

Ok that person who was writing about how these things don't actually apply to all anime your correct but the way he put the title says this is what he thinks of all or at least most anime the title says the reasons why anime sucks so he or she is saying this applies to all anime

Goku from Dragon ball taught me to be caring and determined.
Luffy from One Piece taught me to do my best.
Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto taught me to have a dream and make it come true.
Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach taught me to be loyal to my family and friends.
Natsu from Fairy tail taught me to appreciate and protect my friends.
Don't get me started on what supporting cast of each show taught me!

You wanna talk about bad morals watch Family Guy or The Boondocks because there cartoons filled with bad morals like its okay to make fun of other Jews, Muslims, the handicap, & black people. - egnomac

Did you just say bad morals?!? what, anime has AWESOME morals! Like Fairy Tail ( friendship ) or One Piece ( friendship again ), they have FABULOUS morals! Cartoons have terrible morals, some don't even have morals. Like SpongeBob, it has terrible morals/no morals at all!

If anyone has watched Shiki this point hits the home run. This entire show is based of ludicrous ethic assumption that fails to persuade you by the end effectively making the entire show a pointless 25 episode grind.
I'm not arguing that every anime is like this one (thank god) but its an example of bad morals.

Anyone seriously saying the ending is justifiable has a very dangerous way of manifesting empathy.

Morals? What the hell are morals? I'm kidding of course. This here I agree with. VERY few animes today have morals worth watching 27 episodes for. Most of them are just "popularized opinions" rather than morals

Hey mrcoolface you shouldn't bash out on people just because they like anime. Did you know that more people like anime than cartoons? Also your NOT cool doing this list.

No way!
I've learnt a lot from anime
Like to be kind and to be grateful for what you have
You should watch Wolf Children
Then you will realise how anime can affect you life
Yes you can have your opinions
But to some people it matters
And to some people
Anime is everything

You're trying to get the fans to realize that anime sucks and stop comparing cartoons? Well aren't you sure an idiot. Our opinion about liking anime will never change and you said you don't hate anime fans. Well you're calling people names and you said anime fans are all retards. If you want us to shut up maybe you should stop writing on every list saying why anime sucks. You can write it hear but not on our lists ok? Ok, I'm writing on this list but it's because you're attacking us. You are a total moron if you think that looney toons, freakzoid and all those crap are good. Middle finger from all the anime fans to you

Again, just like on 4, whoever thinks animes have bad morals hasn't watched anime.

Yeah, all anime teaches you to believe in some kind of magic which makes it considered "weird". - TheYoshiPyro64

I meant cartoons aren't bad for kids.

Yes. The Master from Dragonball is disgusting, for example.

"Just voted for this to write this comment, but come on! Avatar, and Teen Titans both have good morals. Example:Aang didn't kill the firelord, he

Took away his bending and threw home in jail." I agree, but those aren't animes.

Watch death note. It teaches you that words can hurt.

I'm not a big anime fan, but they do have good morals.