Let me make one thing clear. I DON'T hate anime. I don't even think it's bad per se. Heck, some of my favorite shows are animes. But, I DO think it is overhyped, overrated, and if I do come to like a new anime, the fanboys and fangirls (Both exist. Don't deny it) ruin it for me.

So, I have friends who are just WAY into anime. They'll talk about Angel Beats, Attack on Titan, Death Note, all that popular stuff. But they do say some stuff that bothers me. Like the kun, chan, senpai nicknames. Now, you can argue that that's a good thing because they're acknowledging that they're friends. (They don't use all of them or say it to everyone) But I feel that there's no real reason to say things in Japanese if you're speaking English the rest of the sentence, for example: "Look, senpai! Isn't this so Kawaii? " I mean, there's no real point other than 'I watch anime therefore I will say this stuff in Japanese' And most people won't even understand and say "This guy's crazy." You could say ...more

I like how all the anime fanboys came here and think that if you don't like something, you never have seen it. It's also stupid that if you say the art style and theme songs for anime are bad they say you have a bad sense of drawing and bad taste in music. I also like how they say you can't win this battle. When did this become a battle. I just think anime sucks and I'm expressing my opinion. If you can't handle that then you shouldn't even be on this website.

All of the following are things I've directly quoted from this page;

"Anime censors the breasts. They don't even draw nipples. Seriously stop saying that anime is all about treating people like objects. Maybe in Japan that's normal, they're not as prudish as you Americans." Seriously, this person has either not seen very many anime or is just stupid. And that last bit (for me at at least) suggests that Americans should all just be sex-craved perverts.

"Every reason on this list is garbage, this list should have been writing on toilet paper because there's nothing on it but crap." This is a common anime fan's idea of clever.

"Frozen fans are even more over-protective." BAHAHAAHAHAAHAHA! hell... Hehehe...

"You are boring, you hate almost everything. That's quite bad. I hate all of you, who are flouting anime and us." One word: hypocrisy.

"Un, not even one of them are animes. They are cartoon, not animes. I ...more

I don't hate anime, but the fans ruin EVERYTHING. Read all the reasons on this list and people's comments on them. Almost every single one has fanboys saying this reason is bull, everything on this list is bull. It's clear they're just blinded by how good some are and make the judgement of all animes being just as good. Anime DOES have most of these problems. Do all of them? No. But you can't just make all this blind judgement and expect people not to be pissed off.

Fanboys are definitely the worst thing about anime. When someone watches even the first 3 episodes of an anime, they turn into an absolute geek about it and that becomes all that they they talk about. And guess what else? Try to speak your opinion, and you'll just get shot down by the fanboys and their cronies, and they'll say "Anime is life that's the only thing I care about anymore. If you're not talking anime, I don't want to talk at all." Whenever you try to make a conversation with him/her, they will give you the same bored face and strike up a conversation about anime with someone they don't even know, even if they're your best friend. Finally, adding on to another comment, Japnese Culture? What!? WHAATTT!?!? You call this crap culture? Try heavily demented porn films (for some anime). Thank you for hearing me out, and I hope this made an impact.

To be honest, my friends absolutely LOVE Anime. At my school, they always have a lot of people sitting at the table. I feel like we have so many friends, I would be soon pushed out of the table (Like last year) I would always feel welcome at a table with those few people, but then the table just got bigger. My best friend (If we still talk to each other._.) likes Warriors just like me. But one day, she told me she loves Anime much more and she has NEVER read any of the Warrior cat series. I mean, I felt upset that I actually thought we shared ANYTHING IN COMMON. My friends have anime wallpaper on their phones, the app, and even have a chat through messages called "The Fairy Tail Guild" or whatever. My two best friends often talk about anime a lot and one of them (The non-Warrior cats reader) when ever I talk about Warrior cats to her, she's like "Yeah, cool... Whatever." And just simply turn her head to the other girl. The other girl I'm friends with is more nicer but at times I feel ...more

The anime fanboys also can't handle it when someone says something bad about their anime. They then tell to person to either kill themselves or go to hell. They also say the reasons sucked even though they are a biased anime fan who thinks that nothing is wrong with anime.

As with any medium, anime fanboys are exceptionally annoying. Honestly, they're worse than most mediums. I like a lot of any, but I'd have to readily admit that not all anime is good. Most anime is bad because a large majority of shows are just copies of other, more popular ones in an attempt to make money, and most popular anime is pretty bad. However, there are still a decent number of anime that don't include the stupid character stereotypes, tropes, and plots that make the large majority of anime unbearable.

Please, for the love of God, STOP WORSHIPING THIS ANIMATED CRAP! It's terrible... Bad theme songs, annoying voices, porn, this stuff is UNBEARABLE to watch! And the fans are even worse, let us have our own opinions... One time I told my BEST FRIEND that I didn't like anime and he told me to kill myself! That is one of MANY reasons anime is destroying America, KEEP THAT BULL CRAP IN JAPAN!

If you don't like their animes. they remind you of American cartoons that were bad. They usually compare their animes to dora and SpongeBob. They tell you to go to hell if you don't like anime. They also can't accept the fact that not everyone will like anime better.

I hate anime, they make me cringe, I hate the animations, why does almost everyone look the same, anime hairs sucks. I don't like cartoons that are like 100 episodes long just to finish one story. that's why america's cartoons are the best, I bet the fanboys think I'm racist, how do cartoons have to do with their culture!

A lot of fanboys are desperately defending anime on this site. Best proof.

Like you wouldn't defend something you like if you seen people attacking it.

Anime fans defend because the bashing from others never ends. - dontcareabout

Yes! While I love anime all the fanboys and fan girls are so annoying. The characters are not real, so stop believing they are and stop believing that they will ever love you back, because, THEY ARE NOT REAL.

When you anime fanboys at least say that not all cartoons are meant for kids. Also an anime is a cartoon. Your basically saying that anime is for children then.

Well why do anime fans have to shove it down our throats on how they think anime is and always will be better and how they think cartoons are meant for kids. A show being serious doesn't mean it's adult rated, it means its just serious.

According to fanboys, nothing made in Japan can be bad. They would have you believe that Japanese cartoons are the finest example of perfection in the modern world, not unlike the katana.

This list is NOT bad. Some of them are actually true BUT some of them really shouldn't be here. Examples:'weird names like: (insert name here)-(kun, san etc. )"Cat Girls'(not every anime has catgirls so it's not a reason"Female Representation"Cliches"Too Many Anime Shows"No Personality' and any porn-related stuff. (Not every anime has porn).

Here come the fanboys ruining our one list so we can share how much we hate fanboys and maybe even anime altogether, but for the love of God give us one list without you fanboys always ruining it and being repetitive with responses.

Along with most people I agree. Fanboys, fan girls or fans. Are totally one of the main reason we all hate anime. To be honest I haven't actually watched much anime so I can't say if it's good or bad. But based on the amount of insane anime fans AKA weeaboos, I find anime really annoying. Basically weeaboos are non Japanese people who are really addicted to anime. They attempt to act Japanese making them seem like total idiots. They may try to use some Japanese phrases and again making themselves seem like total asses - dorothydaawesome

Jesus Christ. I dislike anime but this entire list is pure bull. The guy that made it just generalize anime and probably only ever watched a single anime episode in his life. One reason to dislike anime that's better than anything on this list is the fact that characters seem to be recycled and copied from other anime personality wise.

The fact that 99% of the anime fans on here think others are stupid just because others don't like the same thing they do says it all

The only anime I like is DBZ and one day, a gay ass anime fan told me that DBZ isn't a real anime. Well guess what? If it wasn't for normal old anime new porn anime wouldn't exist. I HATE GAY ANIME FANS!

Although anime itself is good, the fandom just tops it off and probably ruins the whole experience. Especially the Tokyo Ghoul fandom, it just has so many cancerous fangirls and fanboys.

As an anime fan myself, most fanboys will bully you on your instrest in different things/choices in anime. Most can't respect your opinions, for example let's say an anime newcomer says "Naruto is good, but just not for me." Then he gets, " Naruto IS GREAT YOU ARE CRAZY! "

Way too many haters, all you people are just immature. Everyone has their own opinion, no need to judge anyone. I don't like cartoons or comics that much, but there are people who do. I'm addicted to anime, but there are people who aren't. Keep your complaining to yourself, no one wants to listen your sob stories.