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21 Awful Designs

It's kind of sad how people base how great the anime is on design. For example, Code Geass R2. For me, honestly, the characters looked pretty weird, but the plot was outstanding. I guess it all depends on the person's taste. Some animes have really bad looking characters, but a really good plot, and some animes have really good looking characters, but a really bad plot. Sometimes everything is bad, and sometimes everything is good. It also depends on the anime you decide to watch.

Is there a difference between the "cursed Children" of Black Bullet and someone like Beast Boy? Don't get me wrong, I like Teen Titans (not that new crap), but look at Robin or Batman or Flash or Green Lantern or Hulk; must I continue? Also, I would like to clarify, that although they have made an anime for both Batman and Iron Man, they are not anime characters and will never be. - llamabaconllama37

Beast boy can transform freely and has self-control (I am thinking of the right one here... right? Correct me if I'm wrong), the cursed children has a virus in their body which can make them turn into a monster and probably not be able to control their mind (I don't know haven't watched this is a long time) if the virus percent is high enough. I haven't heard anyone say they were anime people... but technically they were the 'anime characters' for that piece of animation. But I get what you're saying. - Eimi_i

I don't think all designs are good or all designs are bad. But fans often care more about character design more than the actual character. This becomes a big problem when they like a character's design, and makes the character into something else entirely. AND THEN THEY DECIDE TO MAKE IT CANON. Remember what happened to Cloud Strife?

I hate the generic anime artstyle. Almost every anime I've enjoyed has a more unique artstyle and animation, like JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and Kill la Kill. There's one anime, Clannad, where the artstyle is so awful I would never be able to take it seriously. I've seen images from it and the girl's eyes take up 80% of her face, ew. - izayaorihara

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22 Fans say you "don't have a life" if you hate it

Or vice versa, non-otakus tell otakus that they gotta " get a life "

Maybe adults should act like adults and actually focus on careers and life instead of stupid cartoons

That's what EVERY stupid, overprotective fan of ANYTHING might tell you. - alphadan12

Anime fans don't have a life. - izayaorihara

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23 Female Representation

To all anime haters - I can see your point. I realize that animes can have bad details or bad plots but as an anime fan myself, I must back up myself and the rest of the anime fans - what animes have you watched? Some animes are horrible in general, everything is bad. But mostly the most favored animes, like Fairy Tale and Black Butler, THOSE, in my opinion, were fantastic. To all of the people who dislike anime but have actually watched one or two, maybe even a popular one thanks. You guys actually have tried out different animes and experienced different things, and you found out that anime just isn't your cup of tea. But there are some anime haters out there who have only watched half of an anime that is twelve episodes and decided they hate anime from the six episodes they have watched. Please, if you're going to hate on anime, have enough knowledge about it and watch enough of it to actually say "I've watched a few and I didn't like it." Everyone has different taste. Who knows, ...more

If you would look at anime and how they portray females, you might see that they are quite more progressive than western cartoons. In the anime industry, both male and female genders are well represented across all anime genres. There are badass male and female ninjas and gunslingers, there are cutesy, lovesick male and female characters as well. When you say representation, you might mean that some female anime characters tend to expose more body and sexuality at first glance, but if you would watch the show they are in, you would see that these scantily clad women are badasses, depending on what genre they belong in. In other words, clothing is just that -- clothing. Female anime characters, much like women in real life, must not be judged by the way they are judged without knowing their story first.

This is the reason I cannot stand anime. I am a male, and I am completely against the way females are treated in anime. Most of the time, females have zero character, and are just there so the male main character can show how protecting he is of her. Females only ever seem to be little pets for the male to have a sexual interest in, and are only there to create some sort of plot point to allow the male main character to stride to save the female from whatever. Anime needs to have stronger female characters, who are not only there as sexual interests.

Yep - ParkerFang

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24 Confusing edgy with dark, deep or even scary
25 It is Japanese

What, now I'm really not sure what's wrong with you people! ANYONE - I repeat, ANYONE - could watch anime! Every anime has a subbed version ( Japenese with English translations ), many have dubbed version ( English )! In fact, it could be hard to actually find a Japenese version of an anime.

What a racist thing to say! mrcoolface, if you added this, you should be ashamed of yourself. Same goes for whoever put this here! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

You racists jackasses keep your mouth shut, so would you like it if Japanese people said they don't like cartoons because "It is ENGLISH" - SkyFlower

To everyone saying this is racist, I think the list maker is pointing it out because they think it's hard to find English-dubbed anime. Not because they hold anything against Japanese culture. I might be wrong, though.

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26 Cat Girls

Huh? The animes I watch, don't have Cat girls.

AmericanS do not have shows with people getting naked then fighting bad guys. But there's also a great deal of shows from America that people in Japan like too. Invader Zim, My Little Pony, Lilo and Stitch... - Discord

Whats so bad about this? American cartoons have stupid superhero shows. Cat girls are cute and not every anime has this. Go watch sailor moon. They don't have cat girls. Neither does pmm. The fight scenes are epic. The background isn't moving. The PEOPLE are.

Cartoons are just as great as anime lets just stop now between this - epictoonsfan1

Cats are cute. Cat Girls are not. End of story. - Popsicles

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27 Female tropes
28 Anime Has Furryporn

This is wrong too because not every anime has furryporn.

Heh Heh laugh out loud What is it with people and cat ears

Not much actually. People think it's cute. Because cats are.. cute? Lol, yeah not much. It's basically to up the cuteness levels. - Eimi_i

You are very correct

Name one. - izayaorihara

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29 Too Many Anime Shows

There is a HUGE variety of animes, and I'll admit that a lot of animes repeat. But the thing is, people want to make money. When it comes down to it, when you're in Japan and in an animating business, you got to make money somehow, and since there are so many animes out there, sometimes anime needs to slightly repeat. Also, think about it this way the more animes there are, the more of a variety there is. People that are just being introduced to anime have a huge variety of animes to choose from and some are trash compared to others. I agree with the one person who was saying the thing about marvel as well there are a LOT of marvel comics and a lot of marvel movies and cartoons and things like that. It's like anime haters are angry because there are too many animes and the anime fans are angry because there are too many comics and such as well. There's too much of everything!

You know it's none of your business, right? They can make as many anime shows as the want!

Too many idiot haters

And that's a problem because...? - alphadan12

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30 Naked Girls

The over sexualisation of female characters just really bothers me. Not because I'm a prude who thinks all women should be covered up, no no no! It's the fact that anime females are drawn/designed in a way to have the characteristics of a YOUNG girl. Like way too young to be sexualised and it really freaks me out. Even if the story line involves a character that is 30 years old, she still seems to talk like a young girl and make baby-ish noises. What's up with that? It makes me more than uncomfortable and I'm seeing more and more anime lovers and it honestly gets under my skin. Don't get me wrong, if you like something then I'm not the one to tell you to stop but just the over sexualisation of young or young behaving characters seems disgusting to me.

31 Everyone In Anime Seems to Be an Orphan

This way I must think that every single anime character is an orphan and this is not true.
Ichigo Kurosaki isn't an orphan.
Sakura Haruno isn't an orphan.
Light Yagami isn't an orphan.
Hinata Hyuga isn't an orphan.
Gohan isn't an orphan.
Goten isn't an orphan.
Videl isn't an orphan.
Kari Kamiya isn't an orphan.
Tai Kamiya isn't an orphan.
Shino Aburame isn't an orphan.

I forgot to mention Monkey. D Luffy. He is not an orphan either.

What the person beneath me said...

I can't list a character off the top of my head that is an orphan...

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32 Fanboys and bandwagons
33 Bad Endings

I am perfectly fine with a bad ending however, if there is no need for a bad ending then don't do it. If a kind and good character makes a deal with an evil man to br with him when who rules the world, then he somehow accepts then how can I endorse that - YourWaifuSucks

Attack on Titan always ends by someone getting eaten by a giant baby some animes that suck have good endings but most are bad

A story consists of an introduction(beginning), plot(story), conflict(problem),resolution and ending. Some stories tend to have the resolution as an ending. Some anime have good ending don't get me wrong.

To jump straight to the point lets look at some anime.

"Mirai Nikki(Future diary) is anime about phone diaries that could predict the future. The whole anime revolves around finding other diary owners and killing them; its basically a real life virtual reality game. The story is so intriguing because you are left curious of who will be the last man standing and become god of the new world. The ending to me was just so stupid because after Yukiteru Amano became god he was a creep just like when it all began. He was all alone after losing Yuno Gasai. Here is how it should have ended...Yuno becomes goddess,Yukiteru becomes god and everything returned to normal."

"Log Horizon is an anime about being trapped in a virtual reality game. When people die in ...more

34 Overly Bloody

They don't get a nosebleed when they fall in love! They get nosebleed when they do something bad and perverted. It's for disciplining young viewers and for comic relief!

Not every anime is gory. For example, SAO (Sword Art Online) and Fairy Tale are both animes with extreme action, yet no blood "squirts" everywhere when someone gets cut. Attack on Titan is a completely different story, though. It's just based on the age limit for the animes.

Excuse me ouran high school host club it doesn't have that much blood in it same with hetalia.

The only cartoons I know of that are overly bloody and come close to anime is modern family guy and ren seeks help - epictoonsfan1

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35 The Romance is Unrealistic

The Notebook and Twilight don't have realistic romances. And some anime have very realistic romances. Just look for the right one. - Elric-san

Oh, please. Just look at Twilight. Even Sword Art Online's romance is more realistic. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Depends on the anime you're watching. This is something I'd say Chivalry of a Failed Knight did well, an intimate and genuine feeling relationship, even between two teenagers. Leo asks Mary out on a date in Kekkai Sensen, but never has the guts to actually confess to her. Ed and Winry have a completely genuine feeling relationship by the end of FMA, and there are lots more examples of realistic anime romances. - Suzu-kun22


36 Sexual content
37 Dense or possibly mentally disabled MCs
38 Tsundere

Aka anime girls beating badass for no reason.. and its meant to be funny... yeah right

How about Anime boys beating up Girls for no reason,it will be funny right?... no cause anime like that are rare and low.

Do you think it funny? ,if it does then I don't judge cause it your opinion.

But its not funny to me.i mean... come on?

Every single anime has this Girl or most the Female "Protagonist" abuses our favorite characters



"Sitboy"... ohh I want to rip her throat for abusing Inuyasha using that... Word like that

Taiga from toradoa.

-sign- yeahhh she cute and adorable but... COME ONNN I am at high point to Slap her face and teach her some manners for her stupid ass attitude


She Beats up Naruto... even now and that guy literally beats the god himself... she is useless anyway.

Such a waste for a beautiful name though.


She Beats up ZORO!... For F! @K ...more

It's meant to be played for comedy. Sakura is not useless. And besides, I'm a fan

First of all kagome is hilarious second of it u don't like anime don't watch it #logic

As an anime fan,I agree with this.The females are complete tsundere type-A e.g Serena from Pokémon and Sakura from naruto.I almost forgot Chi-Chi from DBZ and Rin from fate stay night - Addsmumba

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39 It's Too Awesome

That Doesn't Even Make Any Sense. If It Was Too Awesome Than How Would Anime Still Suck?

In my opinion this is very true

Wow only thing on the list I agree with thanks dude-aka America said that

Its true animes are just too awesome

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40 Fangirls

You little peace of ediots keep your mouth shut, anime isn't the only entertaniment with fangirls, it's the society that chooses it - SkyFlower

I despise anime. There was this one girl in one of my classes last year who loved anime and read it and drew it during the whole class. Whenever I pointed out how unorigonal and perverted it was she would get so defensive and say that it wasnt and that I should read/draw/watch anime. that's when I stopped being her friend and completly ignored her because I used to draw anime in fourth grade and when I looked stuff up to draw it was aweful

They like fairy tail and yaoi
They should just die

I have a friend who keeps on talking about this stupid attack on titan

friend: oh attack on titan is so good you should really watch it
me : I don't like anime...nor Japanese things...NEVERMIND ANIME

You don't like it even BEFORE giving it a try? It's not fair. Anime is basically Japanese animated shows, what's wrong with that? - Goku02

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