Reasons Why Anime Sucks

Do you hate anime? Well so do I and here are my reasons.

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81 Mary Sue and Gary Stu

Please, even Kirito isn't a Gary Stu compared to Superman, Sandy Cheeks, and almost every single Mary Sue girl on Disney Channel. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

HOW? Most anime characters practice hard in order to become stronger,they go through a lot unlike Maru sues and Gary stues who gain everything easily. Plus Anime Characters have flaws which makes them more human and realistic. - Tia-Harribel

-sign- do I even need to explain? - jurticee

'Kay Anime-Haters! It's time for Anime 101 to improve your understanding of the object you loath so much!
Most popular anime (such as Naruto or One Piece), revolve around a main character that is near the very bottom (or is just completely normal, like Eren from Attack on Titan) that strives to become better / fulfil a personal desire (Hokage for Naruto, Pirate King for Luffy, and the extermination of all titans for Eren). This genre of anime is called Shounen.
Now the other main genre of anime is known as Harem. Some anime that (arguably) falls under this category are Sword Art Online and No Game No Life. Harem anime revolves around a main character that is very strong that has virtually no personality or physically defining features. Now, don't go hate on Harem anime because of this. Creators of Harem anime actually drains the main character of personality/defining physical features for a REASON. That is for the watcher of the anime to project themselves into the overpowered ...more - AlestAL357

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82 Talking Out of Sync With the Show

The falsetto English dubs literally make me cringe. It's like watching a live performance where the singer is lipsyncing a studio recording. Awful.

so true

83 Stupid Outfit Choices
84 It's Taking Over Deviantart

It's everywhere duh - Neonco31

85 The Kids Who Watch It Will Become Spoiled Brats

Where did this spring up from? - LordDovahkiin

86 It's Racist

YOU are a racist, random person who is reading comments! - BorisRule

87 It's Sexist

Yes! Most modern anime is kinda sexist. - Carsrule300

88 The Backgrounds Don't Move

You need to understand how hard it is to animate every single thing onscreen. It always extend the progress of the film or episodes. Even western cartoons don't have such expertise in animating the background, beside, it distracts you a lot when everything is moving at once (especially during conversations or chat).

89 The Characters Sound Like Zombies

i agree

90 People Bandwagon on It to Make Themselves Look Cool
91 It's Ridiculously Long
92 Style In General

The style of animes is actually quite unique, some better and worse than others. To me, personally, it isn't all about the style. It's about the plot of the story. Style can most likely have a lot of influence on what you think of the anime, but sometimes you just need to accept it and follow the story. The different colored hair, like green, and the eyes, like purple, make anime creative! Just think of how boring some of the characters in anime would be without their pink or light blue hair or their yellow eyes. The style of the character can define the character.

Actually different anime have different style of eyes. There's the really big eyes and there are the regular eyes. And many cartoons have weird styles, because the face is either a square, or a triangle. In cartoons they just have random episodes and the next one will be something completely different. In anime, it carries on and on and on. So that makes people want to watch it more. Also why does the whole frame rate matter? Some animes, the characters move at certain point rather than stick cartoons. It's not always mouth clapping. And setting you said its always at a school... You've obviously never heard of captain earth. It takes place in space. Attack on titan doesn't either. And why do you hate hentai? It is censored and not every anime has large breasts.

The frame rate is an important part of animation because it is how high the quality is and how smooth the anime goes and anime barely has it. Plus people like shows where they don't have story lines since they are more creative and the writers can use more creativity to do all sorts of things with the characters. Also it's very obvious why people hate hentai even though it is censored and saying anime has it isn't the same thing as saying every single one has it. Plus they mean they style of animation and how the characters look. Just changing the eyes means nothing

Look at Johnny Test. I'm guessing they are all biological yet they somehow have red, blonde even brown hair. Also the sisters. They have this weird moon or star in their hair on the side of their head. Whenever they turn sideways, that thing would go change and be on a different side. Also their hair just never goes in front of their face. It's like they glued it to their back or something.

Watchin Anime makes me want to throw up, how can someone draw humans so disgustingly. I'd rather watch Salad Fingers

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93 Odd Expression Marks

Oh grow up and get a life. Not everyone likes anime.

I agree, this cliche can totally break the immersion of a show just by including one of these every episode (talking to you FMA)

Ok if you know that not everyone likes anime then just go away and ignore this list and don't post on it - YakkoWakkoDot

No, it's the other way around. This list was designed for people who dislike anime to share they thoughts on this topic, not for protective fans to come here, and basically post in defense of anime, and dislike other people's opinion for no reason

Oh my god, I actually wrote about this for my rant. Copy and paste time.

Okay, so Japanese animation has a bigger variety of expression marks than western animation on shows. What part of that makes it ‘weird’? Doesn’t that just mean you don’t like the look of the expression mark, or it’s just foreign to you? Either way, that’s not hating on anime. Just the Japanese expression marks. - Eimi_i

94 No Ethnic Diversity

Why is it that anime (originating from Japan) tends to have a very big influence on American culture? And why do all the characters in anime resemble Americans? My only guess is they're trying to demoralize our youth. It's not a coincidence that the most popular cartoons in the USA is anime. And the majority of anime is very controversial. Most of it is adult content dumbed down to appease the more adolescent viewers but still holds true to adults as well.

All I see is white people. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it would be nice to see someone of a different color. In western cartoons I always see ethnic diversity, even if it's not even a human. For example: Ponies with brown, pink, purple, blue, yellow colors. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Excuse me, I've seen a good amount of Afro-Japanese characters in anime like Sword Art Online (there is a character named Agil who is of African-American heritage), Deadman Wonderland (there is an Afro-Japanese woman named Karako who can kick butt), Michiko to Hatchin, and so much more! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

95 Anime Fans Never Leave

Some do, although I'm not sure what they did.

So. True...

Listen, quit being so butthurt okay. Maybe mama will help you? 'kk. - Jihadi_John_Isis

96 Shameful Moments
97 Not Realistic

Really, what about yellow people. A show with a talking raccoon and bluejay. A show where a kid goes on adventures with his stretchy dog. A show with a talking sponge. - Goatworlds

That's not what he means and you all damn know it. What it means is that the Characters personalities are unrealistic (idealistic personalities, no show of logic and reasoning, etc). Sure Fantasy animes are cool and all but when you want to get realism, you have got to have original character personalities as well as a set path of logic and reasoning behind their actions.

Really, what about a show about sea animals living under water that can walk and talk like humans.

Because western cartoons and comics are the most realistic medium in the world. - Suzu-kun22

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98 Taking Place In a School

I actually am really tired of the school animes and also gundam clones. Been there done that.

99 Confusing Use of Honorifics

Because Americans are not Japanese. The honorifics are confusing to most of us. - LordDovahkiin

100 It's Overrated

Overrated just like the steelers

I wouldn't say that I hate anime. I just don't see whats so good about it, some of it I think is just gross. I haven't watched it but I've seen a lot of things about it and most of it is nasty. the things I see outside of watching it makes me not want to watch it. ill try to watch it and get a better feeling of it for my friends sake,but I might not continue to watch it. other than that I agree about the anime fan thing, like if I say I think anime is nasty then that's what I think. I don't get how they thing its okay to judge someone elses thinking if the other person doesn't like it.

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