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101 Anime Fans Have Bad Hygiene and Don't Take Care of Their Looks

That's not true for all anime fans. I'm a huge anime fan, and I work out, stay healthy and stay slender,as well as always being clean and smelling good. You must think all anime fans do nothing but watch anime and don't care about themselves? Not true.That's like saying all anime fans are fat and nerdy. I'm a cheerleader that has loved anime since Elementary School. Does that mean I have to be stereotyped? NO.

All the anime fans at my school have nappy hair, greasy faces and messed up teeth. a lot of them are out of shape and they don't take baths or brush their teeth.

102 It Makes People Suicidal
103 It's Soulless
104 People Have No Good Reason To Like It

Well I don't have a good reason to like ANYTHING on television these days. Example being Game of thrones or the Walking dead but the reason WHY I watch those two shows or any show is because it's entertaining. If I like it that's a good enough reason to like it.

105 The Kids Who Watch It Will Become Brainwashed
106 Too Many Shows are Dragonball Z/Pokemon Ripoffs
107 Unnecessary swearing
108 It's Ruining the Internet
109 Too Many Male Protagonists

Name at least five animes where the main character is just a regular female - yungstirjoey666


durarara, celty(has a black guy,so it's not racist)
black lagoon, revy(has a black guy,so it's not racist)
ghost in the shell, kusanagi motoko(has a black guy,so it's not racist)
spice and wolf(doesn't have black guy because the setting)
shinsekai yori

110 Too Many White People
111 Too Many Shows Take Place In Japan

Duh, that because it come from Japan!?

112 It's Too Childish
113 It Takes Forever For The Characters To Blink
114 Copycats
115 Hard to Pronounce Names
116 Kids Watch It
117 It Looks Fake
118 It Corrupts People's Minds

I know - GamingWithCharlie

119 The Characters Sound Whiny
120 The Characters Are as Pale as Vampires

Most of the characters are pale because not only Japanese culture also other far east nations care about "white skin". They have an obsession with being white. But I cannot understand the true reason why they care about white skin so much.
"Pale skin represents nobility in most of the Far East Asia". That's just one of the theories.
Of course, there are many characters who are not pale, that's just a generalization.

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