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121 The Characters Scream Too Much
122 It Causes Sadness
123 It Ruins People's Imaginations
124 It's Too Sickening
125 Animation Frame Rate & Drawing Quality

Um animation frame rate is because some anime take so much time on their backgrounds, they probably would like to make it count, though I know there was one anime company that spends hours on the background, though it would probably show for one second. And the drawing quality is always bad, I mean look how detailed the 'garden of words'is. Simply amazing. Plus if you say that anime has bad drawing qualities because of the details, then what does that make all those cartoons with simple shapes for everything? - Eimi_i

I'll agree that animes spend a lot of time on the backgrounds mostly, but that just shows dedication. Every anime has it's own unique style, which gives it its own unique quality...even if some qualities of anime are better than others

They are basically the same thing

Animation frame rate: The number of frames of an animation which are displayed every second

Drawing Quality is just well... details I guess - Eimi_i

You try animating!

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126 Too Many Teens

Well sorry we otaku don't want to follow a plot with some alone in the sea. I personally love anime but not going to bash anyone who doesn't. As for this list, people like different things. I told someone I like anime one time and they called me "unholy" it just goes to show that some of the most judgmental people go to church on Sundays and some on the most understanding don't. I'm not going to tell you to keep your Options to yourself but don't be so rude about them. People who like anime are no different from anyone else.

They base most anime off of teens because mostly teens watch anime. Most older people aren't into it, and I'm not saying it's bad if you're grown and watch anime, but teen characters seem easier to follow and you can really get connected with them

Christians are like us catholics ATHEIST!


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127 It's Slow

It takes a week to watch one series!

128 Terrible Voice Acting

If you don't speak Japanese, how can you claim it's bad VA? If you mean English VA, then just watch the subbed version. - Suzu-kun22

129 Kurosaki

How is Ichigo Kurosaki a reason that anime sucks?! He's an amazing character! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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130 People Being Absorbed

It's like a alien invasion. It pulls you in, and won't let you escape.

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131 The Boys Like to Abuse Their Girlfriends and It's Considered Comedy

I hate it! It will be them girls trying to be all sweet and cutesy and then the boy hits them or shoves them away it's teaching men to treat their girlfriends/wives likes dogs and usually they call them their dogs like come here poochie.

132 The Characters Look Like Vocaloids

If I wanted to watch Hatsune Miku, I would go to a concert!

So? Vocaloids are cool.

133 Ugly uniforms

Seriously. They have them ugly school uniforms that are stupid

Them ugly school uniforms

134 Ugly Character Designs

Seriously. Some of these anime characters make my blood boil with how ugly they look. I puke.

Some characters are butt ugly

135 Ugly voices

They like to cry and whine all day.

136 It Tries to Be Mom Friendly When It Will Never Be

My Mom tried watching anime and said I can't watch this weird

137 It Enables Nosy People

People at school be nosy for your love of anime.

138 If you search hell on Google it will show anime first V 1 Comment
139 It makes you think animals can talk

They always have this little annoying sidekick animals that no one cares about, that talk, and soon enough your out buying dogs and cats and rabbits trying to hold a conversation with them.

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140 They Reuse Jokes from Other Shows V 1 Comment
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