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121 The Characters Sound Whiny
122 The Characters Are as Pale as Vampires

Most of the characters are pale because not only Japanese culture also other far east nations care about "white skin". They have an obsession with being white. But I cannot understand the true reason why they care about white skin so much.
"Pale skin represents nobility in most of the Far East Asia". That's just one of the theories.
Of course, there are many characters who are not pale, that's just a generalization.

123 It Causes Sadness
124 It Ruins People's Imaginations
125 It's Too Sickening
126 It's Wacky
127 Animation Errors Animation Errors

Cartoons have animation errors too! - Carsrule300

128 Bad Color Scheme
129 Perverted Leads Perverted Leads


130 It Turns People Into Weaboos

This is true

131 Style In General

The style of animes is actually quite unique, some better and worse than others. To me, personally, it isn't all about the style. It's about the plot of the story. Style can most likely have a lot of influence on what you think of the anime, but sometimes you just need to accept it and follow the story. The different colored hair, like green, and the eyes, like purple, make anime creative! Just think of how boring some of the characters in anime would be without their pink or light blue hair or their yellow eyes. The style of the character can define the character.

Actually different anime have different style of eyes. There's the really big eyes and there are the regular eyes. And many cartoons have weird styles, because the face is either a square, or a triangle. In cartoons they just have random episodes and the next one will be something completely different. In anime, it carries on and on and on. So that makes people want to watch it more. Also why does the whole frame rate matter? Some animes, the characters move at certain point rather than stick cartoons. It's not always mouth clapping. And setting you said its always at a school... You've obviously never heard of captain earth. It takes place in space. Attack on titan doesn't either. And why do you hate hentai? It is censored and not every anime has large breasts.

The frame rate is an important part of animation because it is how high the quality is and how smooth the anime goes and anime barely has it. Plus people like shows where they don't have story lines since they are more creative and the writers can use more creativity to do all sorts of things with the characters. Also it's very obvious why people hate hentai even though it is censored and saying anime has it isn't the same thing as saying every single one has it. Plus they mean they style of animation and how the characters look. Just changing the eyes means nothing

Look at Johnny Test. I'm guessing they are all biological yet they somehow have red, blonde even brown hair. Also the sisters. They have this weird moon or star in their hair on the side of their head. Whenever they turn sideways, that thing would go change and be on a different side. Also their hair just never goes in front of their face. It's like they glued it to their back or something.

Watchin Anime makes me want to throw up, how can someone draw humans so disgustingly. I'd rather watch Salad Fingers

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132 Animation Frame Rate & Drawing Quality

Um animation frame rate is because some anime take so much time on their backgrounds, they probably would like to make it count, though I know there was one anime company that spends hours on the background, though it would probably show for one second. And the drawing quality is always bad, I mean look how detailed the 'garden of words'is. Simply amazing. Plus if you say that anime has bad drawing qualities because of the details, then what does that make all those cartoons with simple shapes for everything? - Eimi_i

I'll agree that animes spend a lot of time on the backgrounds mostly, but that just shows dedication. Every anime has it's own unique style, which gives it its own unique quality...even if some qualities of anime are better than others

They are basically the same thing

Animation frame rate: The number of frames of an animation which are displayed every second

Drawing Quality is just well... details I guess - Eimi_i

You try animating!

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133 Death Note Is the Only Good Anime

This reason is so stupid. There are other good anime out there. I won't lie though I'm not a big anime fan.

I mean I like all animes but deathnote isn't the only good anime._,

As much as I want to praise you for saying this (as an avid Death Note fan), this isn't the only one.

But yes, Death Note! Hallelujah!

Dragonball is another good one. - LordDovahkiin

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134 Majority of Good Characters Die

It's supposed to be realistic.

Well in animes like Akame Ga Kill this is pretty true and in others like Code Geass it's true as well, but not EVERY anime has all the good characters die

I agree like when maes hughes died and L lawliet.

Like I said before...the more anime characters that die the better...LETS JUST KILL 'EM ALL OF!

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135 Too Many Teens

Well sorry we otaku don't want to follow a plot with some alone in the sea. I personally love anime but not going to bash anyone who doesn't. As for this list, people like different things. I told someone I like anime one time and they called me "unholy" it just goes to show that some of the most judgmental people go to church on Sundays and some on the most understanding don't. I'm not going to tell you to keep your Options to yourself but don't be so rude about them. People who like anime are no different from anyone else.

They base most anime off of teens because mostly teens watch anime. Most older people aren't into it, and I'm not saying it's bad if you're grown and watch anime, but teen characters seem easier to follow and you can really get connected with them

Christians are like us catholics ATHEIST!


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136 It's Slow

It takes a week to watch one series!

137 Bad Endings

I am perfectly fine with a bad ending however, if there is no need for a bad ending then don't do it. If a kind and good character makes a deal with an evil man to br with him when who rules the world, then he somehow accepts then how can I endorse that - YourWaifuSucks

Attack on Titan always ends by someone getting eaten by a giant baby some animes that suck have good endings but most are bad

A story consists of an introduction(beginning), plot(story), conflict(problem),resolution and ending. Some stories tend to have the resolution as an ending. Some anime have good ending don't get me wrong.

To jump straight to the point lets look at some anime.

"Mirai Nikki(Future diary) is anime about phone diaries that could predict the future. The whole anime revolves around finding other diary owners and killing them; its basically a real life virtual reality game. The story is so intriguing because you are left curious of who will be the last man standing and become god of the new world. The ending to me was just so stupid because after Yukiteru Amano became god he was a creep just like when it all began. He was all alone after losing Yuno Gasai. Here is how it should have ended...Yuno becomes goddess,Yukiteru becomes god and everything returned to normal."

"Log Horizon is an anime about being trapped in a virtual reality game. When people die in ...more

138 Terrible Voice Acting

If you don't speak Japanese, how can you claim it's bad VA? If you mean English VA, then just watch the subbed version. - Suzu-kun22

139 Kurosaki

How is Ichigo Kurosaki a reason that anime sucks?! He's an amazing character! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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140 References to Japanese Mythology is Getting Old

I think this is not bad. I think it is ridiculous when they use other mythology without knowing it. Ex: One Piece, Detective Loki, Ragnarok

In some of the anime I watched or looked up, I haven't heard a SINGLE reference to Japanese Mythology. - alphadan12

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