Reasons Why Aphmau Sucks

I hate Aphmau and her series. At first I didn’t know what Aphmau/Mystreet was so I checked it out one night out of pure boredom. It’s abysmal and cheesy. It revolves around Mary-Sue girls and Gary-Stu guys dating and crap like that. Super duper boring.

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1 Kawaii-Chan is annoying

She's basically a weaboo with a super high-pitched voice that sounds like a 4 year old on crack. She is a NEKO there are so many things wrong with that. And she is a mary-sue

She is not

How can you think Kawaii-Chan is not annoying even though her real name isn’t Kawaii-Chan her real name is just as bad and her voice dqwsrftggbhahmnsjwkkwuwy

If you're a real Aphmau fan you know the Kawaii~Chan's real name is Nana. And Kawaii~Chan is totally everyone when they watch Marvel movies, don't deny the TRUTH. (It's my opinion by the way) - v3nus

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2 Bad fandom

Bland, the story is horrible and it introduces terrible "Romance". This leads to the fandom being retarded 12-11 year olds who are obsessed with "shipping" these charecters. This is the crappiest fandom in the world, Aphmau is garbage.

Holy sht people are threatening eins va because of this what? This is why I hate the fandom

3 Annoying, unlikable characters

*glares at Kawaii-Chan*

Aphmau and the others are also stupid. - Lunala

4 Stupid plots

Um... When Angels Fall has an amazing plot.


Plot usually revolves around “FIRST KISS” or something related to love and dating. - Lunala

They've made the plot more dramatic now. There's still comedy, but not as much. - listotaku17

5 Overrated
6 Boring
7 Horrible voice acting

Even “Video Brinquaardoo”’s films have better voice actors. - Lunala

8 Aphmau is a Mary Sue

Every boy she meet loves her, she is normally either way too powerful or literally a goddess (i'm not sure its hard to focus on the plot if there is one), she is way to pretty, and the mistakes she does make is normally something that makes her cute.

Her videos SUUCK!

9 It’s just a bunch of machinimas

Not even a real animated series. It’s just a bunch of machinimas. - Lunala

10 Laurence's sudden disappearance

He disappeared without a word twice. Is he still with his family or what? He is a major asset after all.

I stan Aphmau and her series but Laurence's disappearance did piss me off :/

I don't hate aphmau but I hate laurances's disappearance I had so many plans for him.

Ok so I am also disappointed in his disappearance. But first of all, the characters are not annoying. I do think Zane helps Kawaii-Chan be less annoying, but she has a good heart. I don’t agree with any of these accept for this one. Aphmau’s videos are great, and if you are on this list, then you probably watch her or only seen a couple videos. Otherwise if you haven’t seen her you shouldn’t click this link.

The Newcomers

? The incest plot twist

In "Starlight" Derek said Aphmau had a half brother. Then in"When Angels Fall" it's been confirmed that her half brother is Ein- the guy that liked her in high school and try to kill people to get her to love him. Great! I mean who just doesn't love incest! Cause I don't.

? The ships are stupid

And just aphmau in general and WHAT KIND OF NAME IS APHMAU bruh look at this duude

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11 Aphmau is a weeaboo

ALMOST EVERY SERIES REVOLVES AROUND HER! [sometimes the protagonist is a different character but APHMAU ALWAYS VOICES THE PROTAGONISTS]

12 Kawaii-Chan is a whiny baby

She could out-whine CAILLOU. That’s how bad Kawaii-Chan is - Lunala

Kawaii-Chan vs Caillou. Who would win


13 Aphmau dies

Well she does in series...than goes fULL MARY SUE AND "OH HEY I'M ALIVE AND I MUST FIND AARON! " This series is turning into full baloney.

Yes she should die

14 Too many Mary-Sues
15 It has too much porn

Aphmau constantly makes sexual jokes about making babies and having sex affairs, and I find it just plain out disgusting!


16 Disappointing

I just don't like how she turned to kid-friendly to...something that's more for teens and adults! In fact she said EVERYTHING on Twitter! Here is what she said. "I completely forgot. My apologies to the teens and adults out there! I will change my ways. LOL this slay'd me. XDDD." - Nov, 18, 2015. Right there is disappointing. But, I got to say it wasn't her fault. It was the person who commented on one of her YouTube videos...😡

17 The ships are too rushed

I do agree about Aarmau, but it is most likely because Jess (Aphmau) and Jason (Aaron) are married. - v3nus

Some ships, like Zanemau (Mystreet), are well developed. However, Aphmau decides to give us forced ships like Zane~Chan (Mystreet) and Aarmau (Diaries, somewhat Mystreet). Also, she makes Aarmau happen in every single series, whether it be Mermaid Tales, Mystreet, or Diaries, it is ALWAYS Aarmau! I'm fine with it in Mystreet (even though I like so much more pairings better), but it HAS to be in everything! Give other ships a chance, Aphmau!

They didn’t give Aarmau any development and while they tried to make up for it, it’s still rushed. Zane Chan is rushed as well. Zane Chan wasn’t given any development at all. Aphmau just decided to put it in there for views and so she can stay relevant again.

18 Bad content

The content that she produces is generic and mundane and really doesn't offer a lot. I honestly compare her to CookieSwirlC.

19 Aphmau just has to be a cat.

I knew she thinks she is "adorable"

It’s weird...

20 Kawaii-Chan is a loser
21 Too many Gary-Stues
22 Aphmau is annoying

The main reason I hate aphmau is because of how air headed she can be! She treat’s Aaron really wrong and she has to be a wolf just because Aaron is! Like really Aph? Reall?

23 Zane~Chan

Honestly, Kawaii~Chan sucks. I respect Zane, and he should NOT have to deal with a pink crack addict.

24 Kawaii~Chan

If Kawaii~Chan ever entered a contest for most likeable and caring character, I hope she loses. She probably will! She always is so stalker like. AND IS STEALING MY MAN! Zanes my favorite character, and I feel bad for him. I couldn't watch passed the second series, to shippy and cringey. The ships she makes always work, which sucks. And I feel like she is so slutty! In the episode Zanes pants, she look and Zanes butt! And probably the front part to. If I started running the show, she'd be dead.

25 Aphmau’s stupid trademark worry

In MY opinion, I was fine until they started saying poopsi and pinkycake..

26 Mary sues make the series unlikable, especially the dumb harems
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2. Annoying, unlikable characters
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