Reasons Why Aphmau Sucks

I hate Aphmau and her series. At first I didn’t know what Aphmau/Mystreet was so I checked it out one night out of pure boredom. It’s abysmal and cheesy. It revolves around Mary-Sue girls and Gary-Stu guys dating and crap like that. Super duper boring.

The Top Ten

1 Kawaii-Chan is annoying

Kawaii-Chan? More like Minikui-Chan! (Minikui means Ugly in Japanese)

What kind of name is Kawaii-Chan? Who would name their child that? Dumbest and most lazy, unoriginal name ever.
Her voice is SO annoying. She sounds like a six year old girl inhaled a lot of helium and then threw a tantrum over a toy Elsa doll at Toys R Us. Her sickly design is also stupid. She wears too much PINK. It hurts my eyes. “Kawaii”-Chan is also a big MARY SUE! - Lunala

2 Annoying, Unlikeable characters

*glares at Kawaii-Chan*

Aphmau and the others are also stupid. - Lunala

3 Bad Fandom
4 Stupid Plots

Plot usually revolves around “FIRST KISS” or something related to love and dating. - Lunala

5 Overrated
6 Boring
7 Horrible voice acting

Even “Video Brinquaardoo”’s films have better voice actors. - Lunala

8 It’s just a bunch of machinimas

Not even a real animated series. It’s just a bunch of machinimas. - Lunala

9 Aphmau Herself Is A Mary Sue
10 Aphmau is a weeaboo
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