Reasons Why Aphmau Sucks

I hate Aphmau and her series. At first I didn’t know what Aphmau/Mystreet was so I checked it out one night out of pure boredom. It’s abysmal and cheesy. It revolves around Mary-Sue girls and Gary-Stu guys dating and crap like that. Super duper boring.

The Top Ten

1 Kawaii-Chan is annoying

She's basically a weaboo with a super high-pitched voice that sounds like a 4 year old on crack. She is a NEKO there are so many things wrong with that. And she is a mary-sue

She is not

Kawaii-Chan? More like Minikui-Chan! (Minikui means Ugly in Japanese)

What kind of name is Kawaii-Chan? Who would name their child that? Dumbest and most lazy, unoriginal name ever.
Her voice is SO annoying. She sounds like a six year old girl inhaled a lot of helium and then threw a tantrum over a toy Elsa doll at Toys R Us. Her sickly design is also stupid. She wears too much PINK. It hurts my eyes. “Kawaii”-Chan is also a big MARY SUE! - Lunala

2 Annoying, unlikable characters

*glares at Kawaii-Chan*

Aphmau and the others are also stupid. - Lunala

3 Bad fandom
4 Stupid plots

Plot usually revolves around “FIRST KISS” or something related to love and dating. - Lunala

They've made the plot more dramatic now. There's still comedy, but not as much. - listotaku17

5 Overrated
6 Boring
7 Horrible voice acting

Even “Video Brinquaardoo”’s films have better voice actors. - Lunala

8 Aphmau is a Mary Sue

Her videos SUUCK!

9 It’s just a bunch of machinimas

Not even a real animated series. It’s just a bunch of machinimas. - Lunala

10 Kawaii-Chan is a whiny baby

She could out-whine CAILLOU. That’s how bad Kawaii-Chan is - Lunala

Kawaii-Chan vs Caillou. Who would win


The Contenders

11 Laurence's sudden disappearance

He disappeared without a word twice. Is he still with his family or what? He is a major asset after all.

12 Aphmau is a weeaboo
13 Kawaii-Chan is a loser
14 Too many Mary-Sues
15 Too many Gary-Stues
16 It has too much porn
17 Disappointing

I just don't like how she turned to kid-friendly to...something that's more for teens and adults! In fact she said EVERYTHING on Twitter! Here is what she said. "I completely forgot. My apologies to the teens and adults out there! I will change my ways. LOL this slay'd me. XDDD." - Nov, 18, 2015. Right there is disappointing. But, I got to say it wasn't her fault. It was the person who commented on one of her YouTube videos...😡

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