Top Ten Reasons Why Apple Sucks

Note: No offense to Apple fanboys I am just expressing my opinion :) Have a nice day

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1 Their products are overpriced

Android is way better

I am not paying 1k for a phone. I bought a surface pro and it is so much better it has a tablet mode and a computer mode. Beat that iPad Pro!

Incredibly high prices stuffs...

Android it up. samsung

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2 No headphone jack on the IPhone 7

Why? Because they didn't make any money from the headphone jack! - giorarv1

True, but that's the same as removing the volume button because they didn't make any money from it, its paying more for less, if it ain't broke don't fix it - TheMinecraftGamer

..and no headphone jack on any iPhone after iPhone 7.

Makes me so angry. Buy a 1K phone and have to buy an adapter to use my headphones? No way!

And iPhone X and u

3 Apple is more limited than Android

Glad that I bought a Samsung instead of an iPhone - MLPFan



4 Apple only cares about money

Apple: the Disney of technology - PerfectImpulseX

5 Apple is too lazy to update old apple products

They update them but the new updates screw up older phones and slow them down. They can sometimes make the phone basically useless

How about the iPhone 5s? It came out in 2013 and they're stil updating it. - HiN

I have a Mac Pro Mac Book Pro iPhone 6 Ipad 12, Ipad, Airport, Apple T.V., A beautiful display, and Ipods. Mojave has left me in the desert. I am stuck on High Sierra and can not do Video editing nor upgrade.
$7K or better in hardware.
I guess I will just keep them and write character mode apps. or use them as file servers but I am not dropping money in to Apple anymore.

Miss you Steve J. Your successors are not making you a success.

Phil Schmidt

6 They only care about money

Ridiculous warranty terms - even after the extend of their so-called applecare+

The warranty is as good as nothing and the service would cost u for a price of another good affordable laptop. Sucks!

7 Apple deleting apps that are not breaking the Terms of Use
8 Wireless earbuds for $159
9 Their computers suck

Total garbage

Not all of them. For example, the iMacs are fairly decent since you don't lose much if you build the computer itself with all the parts it comes with. - LeetHaterz

Overpriced 100$ 1.5 ghz computers

Can't download a f...n game keeps crashing at begin get of game lose turn and booster every time ready to throw in garbage too frustrating

10 They're overrated


The Newcomers

? Slow Overpriced Imac Pro
? No back button

The Contenders

11 Too many paid apps

Geekbench 4 is free on Android, however on iOS it costs €3! - giorarv1

12 Retarded apple ID age restriction

Idc about the other ones they won't stop me from being an apple fan.
This probably will


13 Apple pencil for $99
14 Less features
15 They deliberately slow down older iPhones to try and get people to buy newer ones

How unethical. - SuperMario64ever


16 Too much money for a developer license
17 Their products don't last very long

AKA "planned obsolescence" - giorarv1

How about iPhone 5s? They're still updating it. - HiN

18 They tried to make a video game console and failed at it

I'm still waiting for Apple to build a video game platform! 🕹

19 Their fanbase

Some fans claim that Apple makes their own parts... I just get way too annoyed by how delusional and uninformed they are! - Hamad_Sayed

Very true. - Hamad_Sayed

20 The creator, Steve Jobs, died

Ever since his death, Apple's been going downhill.

Now Tim cook is if Steve jobs was still alive I would insanely hate apple

21 They steal ideas from Android
22 Few new features

IPhone 6: bigger. iPhone 7: no headphone jack. iPhone 8: I don't know. iPhone 9:I don't know what happened there. iPhone X: no home button, easy to crack sense they made both sides glass, vertical dual camera. WHY IS THIS COMPANY SO STUPUD!

23 They sell certain accessories separately for more money
24 The hideous infestation of dongles


25 You're paying more for less

Pay more get way less features nearly 0 coustomization and less games.

26 Stupid name

Explain? - HiN

27 They steal ideas from Samsung
28 macOS has too many bugs and issues

It froze my computer a few times, made it stuck on the progress bar while it's loading, and once many years ago DELETED ALL MY DATA!

29 No innovation since iPhone 6
30 Itunes was once a place for honest people to easily purchase music legally, and then play it only on their mobile phones. However, as time went on, apple's corporate greed led to increasingly bloated operating systems being spoon fed to

Lol, how specific (no hate to whoever put this on my list) - TheMinecraftGamer

31 Closed source system

Isn't compatible with anything but Apple products

32 Repair costs out the roof
33 They are hypocrites

They make it impossible to sell lightning cables because it's theirs best stole type c with the mac book pro

34 Androids are faster
35 iPhones are too big

The SE model was the last one that deserved the name „mobile“ phone. The new bigger, bigger, bigger trend is ridiculous.

36 Horrible service

Their support is often incapable of repairing their items or simply refuse to repair them.

37 Customers are treated as disposable
38 Itunes is stupid compared to drag drop competitors

I like to drag and drop music. ITunes is basically unusable and has no utility for those used to android and MS

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1. Their products are overpriced
2. No headphone jack on the IPhone 7
3. Wireless earbuds for $159
1. They're overrated
2. Apple is more limited than Android
3. Their products are overpriced
1. Apple only cares about money
2. Apple is too lazy to update old apple products
3. Apple is more limited than Android

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