Top Ten Reasons Why Apple Sucks

Note: No offense to Apple fanboys I am just expressing my opinion :) Have a nice day

The Top Ten

1 Their products are overpriced

I am not paying 1k for a phone. I bought a surface pro and it is so much better it has a tablet mode and a computer mode. Beat that iPad Pro!

2 Apple is more limited than Android

Glad that I bought a Samsung instead of an iPhone - MLPFan


3 No headphone jack on the IPhone 7

And iPhone X and u

4 Apple only cares about money

Apple: the Disney of technology - PerfectImpulseX

5 Apple is too lazy to update old apple products
6 Apple deleting apps that are not breaking the Terms of Use
7 They only care about money
8 Wireless earbuds for $159
9 They're overrated
10 Too many paid apps

The Newcomers

? They steal ideas from android
? They ALWAYS sell certain accessories separately for more money

The Contenders

11 Apple pencil for $99
12 Their computers suck
13 Retarded apple ID age restriction
14 Less features
15 Too much money for a developer license
16 Their products don't last very long
17 They tried to make a video game console and failed at it

Who the hell put this on my list?! Just because they failed to make a game console does not mean they suck god does the person who put this heard of the saying "Everyone makes mistakes"?! - TheMinecraftGamer

I'm still waiting for Apple to build a video game platform! ­čĽ╣

18 Their fanbase

Some fans claim that Apple makes their own parts... I just get way too annoyed by how delusional and uninformed they are! - Hamad_Sayed

Very true. - Hamad_Sayed

19 The Creator, Steve Jobs, Died

Ever since his death, Apple's been going downhill.

Now Tim cook is if Steve jobs was still alive I would insanely hate apple

20 Stupid name.
21 They deliberately slow down older iPhones to try and get people to buy newer ones
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1. Their products are overpriced
2. No headphone jack on the IPhone 7
3. Wireless earbuds for $159
1. They're overrated
2. Apple is more limited than Android
3. Their products are overpriced
1. Apple only cares about money
2. Apple is too lazy to update old apple products
3. Apple is more limited than Android


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