Top Ten Reasons Why Apple Sucks

Note: No offense to Apple fanboys I am just expressing my opinion :) Have a nice day

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1 Their products are overpriced

Hm! I could buy two powerful photo and video editing software for 1000, or spend that 1k on a piece of technology that will quickly become obsolete! Let's see...

Over 1,000 dollars for a phone. Mine was about $20 and it works fine. I can text, call, watch YouTube, play games, etc. - SirSheep

They make $500 and sale it for $1200

There producsre poo

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2 Apple only cares about money

Apple is the most greedy company on the face of the earth. $600 dollars to replace the back glass of an iphone xs max! Are the high on what?

Get a ds of any kind instead. It has excellent games in my opinion. Way cheaper than the newest iPhone model. (The ds also has games I hate so much I gave to my friend, to play them and then destroy them with a sledgehammer, at least they are better than Fortnite.)

Sh. it it apple is the best

Ridiculous warranty terms - even after the extend of their so-called applecare+

The warranty is as good as nothing and the service would cost u for a price of another good affordable laptop. Sucks!

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3 Apple is more limited than Android

Calling Apple more limited than Android is the understatement of the century. iOS sucks in comparison.

Apple is way better I hate Samsung-glitterruby

Apple is actually not very compatible with other devices
if you get a smartphone from apple you literally need to get other apple devices to control them fully
apple watch
getting products limits you to other devices to compatibility, while google and android phones are much better because they are much more compatible apple for life


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4 No headphone jack on the IPhone 7

This should be one. You know people listen to music. - Katildalover93

Makes me so angry. Buy a 1K phone and have to buy an adapter to use my headphones? No way!

..and no headphone jack on any iPhone after iPhone 7.

Why? Because they didn't make any money from the headphone jack! - giorarv1

True, but that's the same as removing the volume button because they didn't make any money from it, its paying more for less, if it ain't broke don't fix it - TheMinecraftGamer

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5 Apple is too lazy to update old apple products

I hate Apple. I will never buy Apple products again! Greedy and over priced in my opinion


They update them but the new updates screw up older phones and slow them down. They can sometimes make the phone basically useless

How about the iPhone 5s? It came out in 2013 and they're stil updating it. - HiN

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6 Apple deleting apps that are not breaking the Terms of Use

Apple sucks overpriced and Underperforms

7 Wireless earbuds for $159

These became and are still a big trend. It might make Youtube Rewind 2019 with Hit or Miss and Araina Grande following along.

8 Their computers suck


I have a Macbook Air, it has only 121GB storage with no SSD, it only has 4GB of ram and you can't even change it because it's welded, I paid $1000 dollars for nothing, it's very slow sometimes, it freezes and it overheats.

Not all of them. For example, the iMacs are fairly decent since you don't lose much if you build the computer itself with all the parts it comes with. - LeetHaterz

Total garbage

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9 Retarded apple ID age restriction

Idc about the other ones they won't stop me from being an apple fan.
This probably will


10 Too many paid apps

Geekbench 4 is free on Android, however on iOS it costs €3! - giorarv1

The Newcomers

? The names are not creative

"iPhone" "iPad" "iPod"
These are all literally what they are with a lowercase I in front of them. - Bammer73

? The Mac Pro looks like a cheese grater

what - Bammer73

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11 They're overrated

It's okay I think. - Userguy44

True that - Luckys


12 They steal ideas from Android

Wireless charging

13 Apple pencil for $99

That sucks apple looks like bad banana

14 No back button
15 They deliberately slow down older iPhones to try and get people to buy newer ones


How unethical. - SuperMario64ever

16 Less features

How true

17 Too much money for a developer license
18 Their products don't last very long

AKA "planned obsolescence" - giorarv1

How about iPhone 5s? They're still updating it. - HiN

19 They tried to make a video game console and failed at it

Pippin, ba ba! Only thing I like is the startup. - Katildalover93

I'm still waiting for Apple to build a video game platform! 🕹

20 Few new features

IPhone 6: bigger. iPhone 7: no headphone jack. iPhone 8: I don't know. iPhone 9:I don't know what happened there. iPhone X: no home button, easy to crack sense they made both sides glass, vertical dual camera. WHY IS THIS COMPANY SO STUPUD!

21 No File Explorer

This must be the singular worst thing about iPhone that makes them so infuriating. I can't just manage my files as I like?

This is why I stay on windows. - TheMinecraftGamer


Apple has added a stupid thing called Files. It's technically iCloud but with a different name.
Can't they just add a file explorer!

22 They sell certain accessories separately for more money
23 They steal ideas from Samsung

At least Samsung tried to make a tablet and phone in one device, Apple would try to steal the idea and take all of their credit, and besides, they did this with the iPhone X phones. Samsung came up with the idea, Apple gets the credit. Does it not remind you of anything about how society worked back then?

Now iTunes is shutting down, my iPod Touch 4 is basically going to be useless. Now I might have to trade it in for a ds lite because of the GBA feature or a dsi to get hold of another copy of Flipnote Studio, an application on the dsi which is no longer available for download.

Yeah just look at samsungs s6 and 6s their similiar

24 You're paying more for less

Pay more get way less features nearly 0 coustomization and less games.

25 Stupid name

Explain? - HiN

26 Their fanbase

I told my now ex-friend that two underage girls that work for apple killed themselves because they have to make the phones by hand and have no brakes and was being treated poorly. She didn't believe me no matter how many videos or websites I show her

Some fans claim that Apple makes their own parts... I just get way too annoyed by how delusional and uninformed they are! - Hamad_Sayed

Very true. - Hamad_Sayed

27 Repair costs out the roof
28 The hideous infestation of dongles


29 Androids are faster
30 Itunes was once a place for honest people to easily purchase music legally, and then play it only on their mobile phones. However, as time went on, apple's corporate greed led to increasingly bloated operating systems being spoon fed to

Lol, how specific (no hate to whoever put this on my list) - TheMinecraftGamer

31 iPhones are too big

The SE model was the last one that deserved the name „mobile“ phone. The new bigger, bigger, bigger trend is ridiculous.

32 Customers are treated as disposable
33 Slow Overpriced Imac Pro
34 The creator, Steve Jobs, died

Ever since his death, Apple's been going downhill.

Now Tim cook is if Steve jobs was still alive I would insanely hate apple

35 macOS has too many bugs and issues

It froze my computer a few times, made it stuck on the progress bar while it's loading, and once many years ago DELETED ALL MY DATA!

36 No innovation since iPhone 6
37 Horrible service

The apple store sucks in my area, the employees are always rude when I ask them a question.

Their support is often incapable of repairing their items or simply refuse to repair them.

38 Closed source system

Isn't compatible with anything but Apple products

39 IPhones are So Fragile

Did everyone notice that apple purposely made they're phone more fragile over the years so that can make more money by making people pay for repairs and replacements also I'm still trying to convince my parents, older bro and my sis to switch to Android and windows but I secretly call them apple sheep

40 They are hypocrites

They make it impossible to sell lightning cables because it's theirs best stole type c with the mac book pro

41 Itunes is stupid compared to drag drop competitors

I like to drag and drop music. ITunes is basically unusable and has no utility for those used to android and MS

42 Certificated Wires Stop Working After Updates.
43 Master Account Holder Cannot Cancel Icloud Subscription Without the Device

Spent an hour on the phone to support and bounced to 3 different reps. The game is rigged, i.e., Apple has made it so that there is only one way to cancel - you have to go the the device it was ordered on. Good luck when that device was turned into Apple.

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1. Their products are overpriced
2. No headphone jack on the IPhone 7
3. Wireless earbuds for $159
1. No back button
2. Their products are overpriced
3. They steal ideas from Android
1. They're overrated
2. Apple is more limited than Android
3. Their products are overpriced

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