Top Ten Reasons Why Ariana Grande is Better Than Nirvana


The Top Ten

1 Ariana Grande is Sexy
2 Ariana Has Nice Hair

She has very nice hair - Breadwinnersislofe

3 Nirvana is Overrated

Well that's a fact. - Userguy44

No it isjtb - Itsamemario

No it isn't - Itsamemario

4 Ariana is a Great Role Model

I agree.She tells her fans to die which is one of the most kind things any musician has done. - DarkBoi-X

A troll who can't take a joke? Gosh even I know that this is pure sarcasm. - Userguy44

5 Ariana Can Actually Sing and Hit Higher Notes
6 Nirvana Can’t Sing or Make Good Songs

What about Heart Shaped Box. I'm not a Nirvana fan, but it's much better than Smells Like Teen Spirit. - Userguy44

7 Ariana is More Appropriate
8 Breathin is Better Than Smell Like Teen Spirit

True, but Nirvana also has great songs like Heart Shaped Box, Lithium and In Bloom. - Userguy44

Wrong - Itsamemario

9 Ariana Makes Way Better Songs
10 Nirvana's Logo is Just a Face Sticking Out Its Tongue and Ariana Never Did That

It’s a cool logo - Itsamemario

The Contenders

11 Kurt Cobain hated Smells Like Teen Spirit. Kurt Cobain hated Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Who added this and what does this have to do with this list - Breadwinnersislofe

12 Ariana Has a Cool Ponytail
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