Top Ten Reasons Why Ariana Grande is Better Than Nirvana

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1 Nirvana is Overrated

So is Ariana Grande. - Misfire

True. - RoseWeasley

Well that's a fact. - Userguy44

That's why is ariana better than kurt? I didn't get it. fight me arianators bitchesss

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2 Ariana Grande is Sexy

Really sexy and hot and beautiful

That doesn't have anything to do with her music. - Misfire

In my opinion Nicki Minaj is. But Ariana Grande should throw herself in a volcano where nobody can find her. She’s worse than Justin Bieber.

3 Ariana Has Nice Hair

¿what is this list about? fashion? - BloDayBey

4 Ariana is a Great Role Model

Kurt is handsome! Ariana is a meh person. - RW700

Kurt is a much better role model. - Soulstealer

I agree.She tells her fans to die which is one of the most kind things any musician has done. - DarkBoi-X

A troll who can't take a joke? Gosh even I know that this is pure sarcasm. - Userguy44

5 Ariana Can Actually Sing and Hit Higher Notes

Hitting higher notes don't automatically mean that the person's better. - Misfire

6 Nirvana Can’t Sing or Make Good Songs

They make good songs in my opinion. - Misfire

What about Heart Shaped Box. I'm not a Nirvana fan, but it's much better than Smells Like Teen Spirit. - Userguy44

7 Ariana is More Appropriate

Because wishing death on fans is appropriate. - RoseWeasley

Licking a donut is definitely appropriate. - Misfire

8 Breathin is Better Than Smell Like Teen Spirit

Smell Like Teen Spirit? - Misfire

True, but Nirvana also has great songs like Heart Shaped Box, Lithium and In Bloom. - Userguy44

Smell Like Teen Spirit isn't my favorite but it's 100x better than any AG song. - Soulstealer


9 Ariana Makes Way Better Songs

Your opinion. - Misfire

10 Kurt Cobain hated Smells Like Teen Spirit. Kurt Cobain hated Smells Like Teen Spirit.

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11 Nirvana's Logo is Just a Face Sticking Out Its Tongue and Ariana Never Did That

Logos don't have anything to do with the artist's music. - Misfire

It’s a cool logo

12 Ariana Has a Cool Ponytail
13 Kurt Cobain Doesn't Rap
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