The Top Ten Reasons Why Ariana Grande is Better Than Selena Gomez

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1 She's Prettier

Nope, selena and taylor are much sexier and prettier than ariana.. ariana is cute but not even sexy or hot, ohh ariana is the most overrated one

Ariana Grande is the hottest singer in America she is hotter than Taylor and Selena

Not a Selena or Ariana fan, but I think Selena is prettier. Ariana would also be pretty with her ridiculous ponytail down.

I hate Ariana, she’s so fake(full of makeup and plastic) She steals boyfriends, Selena is way better. Ariana just try everything to be cute and sexy but she is not. Selena is in a natural way.

2 Better Voice

Okay like this ain't even a question. she has the best voice of our whole generation and no offense but selena can't rlly sing

Selena is a D-List vocalist for a reason. She can barely sing, don't even know why she's a singer to be honest. Her back up singers can outsing her any day.

Ariana is not beautiful,selena is more beautiful than her but ariana has nicer voice

I'll agree, even though I hate Ariana. Selena is autotuned as heck.

3 Better Hairstyles

Wow. The only hairstyle Ariana seems to have is her high ponytail. Selena is better.

I think ariana is way better in my opinion she has way more style than selena. Love you Ariana.

Literally this picture is so damn scary. Please selena's better

She way better than Selena sorry Selena

4 She Can Hit High and Low Notes

You know how terrible Ariana Grande is? Just because I have a crush on her (see this image that is left of this reason for proof) for her long, brown hair and thick, feminine, tan thighs/buttocks (seriously, I saw her naked) does not mean that I am easily fooled by Ariana Grande's overratedness. She licked doughnuts and stole boyfriends (so she had a silly catfight with Selena Gomez after she stole Justin Gayber from her). Nickelodeon drugged her up big time.

She literally depends on speaking loudly to do that.

Definitely shut up haters go hate on yourself

So can I and everyone else in my year...

5 She's a Better Actress

Actually, she's one of the most overrated voice actresses of all time. Her voice as Cat Valentine in Victorious was insufferable enough, you will truly get ear cancer if you listen to Cat Valentine's voice in Sam & Cat. That performance which PhantomStrider described as "makes Nickelodeon performances sound like stellar, heartfelt performances" actually sounds like a breath of fresh air compared to this!

Yes Selena is better Actress

Way better. and if you don't think so then her impressions proves it. she can do impressions absolutely perfectly of everyone. not even kidding.

6 She's Not Gay

yo, dudes ariana is les bo,but sel isn't, ari dates chicks like preferring to Aubrey or aubry

How offensive is that!? Being gay isn't bad I want to kill whoever pit that - Unnamed Google User Remade

Being sexist don't mean she's gay. That's the stupidest thing I've heard all day. On top of that, she's NOT sexist. That means being against women. She's a FEMINIST, meaning she supports women & their rights. And on top of THAT, she's engaged! She may support homosexuality, but she's not gay.

Actually, she is. Why? She is sexist.

7 She Doesn't Pose Nude

Better check more carefully on this one.

Those Selena Gomez "nudes" we're actually deep fakes

Selena does not post nudes

8 She Doesn't Stress Cuss Words

Until summer 2015, whereas he went from an incredibly crappy teen artist (even Ariana Grande can sing better than him) he became a respected adult actor that is ready to try new things. Remember The Intern?

She would treat people horribly if you tell her not to cuss. Nat Wolff could beat you up if he hears you tell Ariana Grande not to cuss.

9 She is Way Nicer

Actually, Selena Gomez's personality is a lot less like Miley Cyrus's than Ariana Grande's.

Really? She acts like she wants her fans to DIE!

She is the nicest person I've ever heard of and I don't even know her. shes so sweet, and empathetic, and the way she is just so emotional and deep and lvoes people so deeply and eminates love to her fans and other people even if she don't even know them. its incredible. and she's so cute, and sweet, and gentle. and she is always complimenting people including fans and making people feel welcomed.


10 She Wears Nicer Clothing

Oh, that image... Sorry, but you are wrong. Let's see if I can make a remix of this crap no matter how superior Selena Gomez is to Ariana Grande.

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11 Ariana Has Better Songs and Videos

Yes Ariana is better songs n videos than Selena, but Selena is terrible

I think thank u next just proved that.


So true.

12 She is Beautiful

This is not true, but she is MUCH prettier than Selena

Ariana is way more beautiful

In my opinion I think that ariana grande looks better then selena gomez ariana is more sweeter also she did a lot of stuff this year aka one love manchester I wish everyone looks and see her beauty cause her beauty is something I never seen before-fetishbutera

I mean Ariana is so beautiful compared to Selena...Selena looks like a chipmunk...and I hate both of them!

13 She is So Cute and Funny

No, her face is revolting and she never even tries to crack people up.

Her music are better than selena gomez

Yup selena is a rainfall of makeup

Nope she is not I like selena gomez better

14 She's More Successful

Ariana Grande's way too better than Selena Gomez in any ascepts


I'm agree

Yes I agree

15 Ariana is More Famous for Her Voice


i agree

16 Thank U Next is Better Than Hands to Myself.

Yes Ariana is overplayed

17 She Paid for Funerals for the People at Her Manchester Concert

Bless Ariana it's not her fault xxx

Well, no duh Selena couldn't do this, her concert wasn't bombed.

Like come on don't take something serious like this and use it to help your petty "stan" battles.

She is an angel

18 Ariana Grande Sings Better

So much better

I Agree.

19 She's Not Plastic

You don't know which monster Nickelodeon turned Ariana Grande into?

There is such thing as "The Nickelodeon Curse"!

Ariana has a good and awesome voice.selena does too but I would say Ariana because she has a strong voice,I think that Selena’s voice sounds like any other singers her voice is great but I think it sounds like any other girls who sing a sad song �".

20 She Supports Her Fans

Ariana grande is SO much better then selena gomez on this catagore Ari Kept fans behind during the manchester attack she gave money too a girl so she can go to college ari likes and comments on what people say on her page are donated 1 million dollars Ariana went back to manchester and gave them ANOTHER concert the one love manchester ariana takes time out of her day to open peoples DM also she visited everyone who was injured at the manchester attack AND ALSO she payed for Everyone who died funerals also she facetime all the parents who Kids was in the hospital or Died

21 Ariana Can Sing Without Auto Tune

Truee selena gomez can't sing live period I'm so sorry to say this - and also ariana is the best singer live and in studio literally ever

Selena is Auto Tune n horrible

22 Ariana Works Harder
23 Ari Doesn't Use People for Fame.. She is Self Made

Not true! She needed Nickelodeon to get famous.

24 Side to Side is Better Than Come and Get It

Come and Get It is Indian Songs

25 She Sells Cute Things

She sells Cat ear headphones I mean who wouldn't like that hat she has a theme and when I open intagrem all I see is Ariana grande videos I promise! lol she's better than Selena gomez

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