Top 10 Reasons Why Ariana Grande Sucks


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1 Her voice is annoying

No,her voice is beautiful

Her voice is amazing. And she has the most kindest ♥ ever.

2 She uses autotune

No she doesn't. She's not a auto tune singer.

3 She told her fans to die

This claim is a complete joke. How do you know she told her fans to die? Don't tell me because you read it somewhere.(This hate's getting boring honestly. People like Trump and Ajit Pai deserve the hate more)

That's a rumor. There's no proof

Should be #1

4 Her concert got bombed

That wasn't her fault. I started listening to some of her songs after seeing what she did to help. Some of her songs are good. I'm not an Ari fan but I can tell you that she cares about her fans, and she is kind. She wouldn't tell her fans to die.

How do you know she told her fans to die? Where's the proof? Stop believing everything you read on the internet.

So, helping the victims and visiting them implies she doesn't care about them? (HollywireTV is a complete joke channel)

Ok for real, stop being so close minded about modern day music. I admit some of her stuff like Bang Bang and Problem were trash, but listen to some of her other stuff of her album My Everything. She has quite a few good songs with meaningful lyrics. She doesn’t only make “teeny bopper” music. Unfortunately it’s the bad stuff that becomes popular.

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5 She doesn't play an instrument


6 She got famous off Nickelodeon

So, What... She is talented that's why she got famous - Nandani

Terrible channel - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

7 She's boring

She's not boring

She killed at least more people than Hitler with her music:(

8 She's generic
9 She's overrated
10 Her songs sound like they were made on Garageband on an Ipad

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11 She hates America
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