Top 10 Reasons Why Arrogant Girls Suck

I don't want to insult people with this, but i don't like arrogant girls. I was bullied by them and that was disgusting. That's why i decided to make this list. I know most female top ten users are very nice so i won't insult you. This is just my opinion.

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1 They're rude
2 They only think about themselves They only think about themselves
3 They only want pretty boys

Yeah! I know right! Some of the older girls in my class are like that and they always brag about how attractive they are just to get attention when really they ain't that pretty as they claim to be and its really annoying! And no, just because I am a boy, doesn't mean I have to look perfect

Arrogant people in general suck. - CloudInvasion

A few girls in my year are like that. - PatrickStar3

Appearance is what they look for. Just stupid. The best thing to do is ignoring them - Userguy44

4 They think they're cooler than everyone

Nobody is cooler than anybody else. Everyone sucks. Deal with it. - tgbhj

I mean... nobody is really objectively bad or good. There are good things about people, and there are also a lot of bad things. Nobody is without flaws, so why should we divide people into "good" and "bad"? - tgbhj

5 They think too much about their appearance
6 They bully normal people
7 They're clingy

That's true. They want their boyfriends, fiances, and their husbands to always put their needs first and not let them see their own families. But women always want to see their families and get angry with them for little things. Hypocrite!

8 They are very critical

If you aren't them, then they hate you - RustyNail

Yeah, really mean and some bully me too :( - PatrickStar3

9 They think normal boys aren't good enough for them
10 They stick with the other girls
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1. They only think about themselves
2. They only want pretty boys
3. They're rude
1. They're rude
2. They only think about themselves
3. They bully normal people


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