Top Ten Reasons Why Ash is Better Than Red in Pokemon

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1 Red isn't any better than the other game protagonists

Don't forget that Red was also beaten by Gold in Gold/Silver and Kris in Crystal and Ethan/Lyra in Heart Gold/Soul Silver and Nate/Rosa in Black 2/White 2 no matter if that's canon or not, in game it's canon that he got beaten anyway

Didn't good and the Pokemon Sun protagonist, you know, BEAT RED?!

By the way keep in mind that this is origins red that I'm talking about
i understand manga red though

2 Ash has saves the world countless of times

In every way, in the movies, episodes, etc. Ash has always been the one saving someone, along with his FRIENDS! ( which by the way red doesn't have so yeah sorry for going off topic a little.)

3 Ash doesn't age and he's still op
4 Ash is a better role model

Ash doesn't care about making his team huge. He seems to know the value of centering your team around just a small amount of Pokemon. With much less Pokemon to worry about than Red, he ha smore time to minimize the weaknesses of his teams, and capitalize on the strengths of his team.

The reason Ash always has companions on his journey is because they are inspired by him to improve themselves as people, not just as trainers.

5 Ash won the Orange League and the Kanto Battle Frontier

Which is still a rather impressive feat, regardless of whether or not they count as a league.

6 Anime and game logic are two different things

U can't compare the games Red to the anime Ash because YOU played as Red. So you have to use the pokemon origins Red and with out a doubt Red is killing Ash with his Mewtwo and Mega Charizard and more OP pokemon. Sorry Ash

As far as I've seen, everything is very difficult in the anime. The games are just too straightfoward.

A will o wisp defeat ash charizard...

If Ash wins with a type disadvantage, people call him a hacker. If people beat ash with a type disadvantage, nobody calls them a hacker. they just say that ash sucks. logic, please? lolol.

7 Ash had his first kiss

As much as I dislike Amourshipping, I'm still putting this here because it's an accomplishment that Red hasn't achieved.

Even more If you count the movies (which I consider to be noncanon.)

8 Ash cares about Pokemon way more

In origins, red has only been shown to have a bond with his charizard. Admittedly, the pokemon advenntures red seems to care about his pokemon a lot more than origins red. He seems a lot like an even stronger version of ash. But for whatever reason, I still like Ash better than him.

Correction, Ash cares about his PIKACHU way more. He literally ignores the rest of his Pokémon. However, he cares about that Pikachu so much that he takes it to every region instead of leaving it to rot like he does the rest of his Pokémon. He also won't give it to three stalkers who's sole reason for existing is to steal it.

9 Ash doesn't take your money after he wins a battle

Pokemon games are about people mugging each other.

10 Ash is shown to have a stronger bond with his Pokemon

Oak says red gives his Pokemon trust & love, but all we see him do with them is make them battle. Ash however shows him bonding with his Pokemon. Expcally pikachu, greninja, infernape, & charizard.

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11 Ash uses more strategy

Go watch the DP series; a whole lot strategy there.

Dp and xy/xyz. They perfect examples.

12 Red barely won in a 6 on 2 battle against Giovanni; Ash barely lost in a full 6 on 6 against Alain

Greninja getting beaten by a blast burn is still a hell of a lot better than a jolteon getting beaten by a thunderbolt.

Charizard had STAB on his side. And an insanely high amount of special attack. Greninja took two Dragon Claws IIRC and Blast Burn is strong even if you do resist it in my opinion.

Rhyhorn has, if I recall correctly, horrible special attack. no sort of stab whatsoever. Thunderbolt is very strong but not nearly as much as blast burn, and jolteon took no damage prior.

13 Ash sends his Pokemon to oak instead of leaving them in a pc

So oak takes good care of their Pokemon like he feeds them & let them come out to play. Does red make sure his other Pokemon he never uses & only got to complete his pokedex are well taken care of? At least we know ash's other Pokemon are well taken care of.

14 Ash doesn't need legendaries to beat trainers with legendaries

If Ash wants he can have any legendary battle for him without even catching them
Something that Red can't have in million years

Brandon, there was a guy with an artocuno, & tobias ash's pikachu tied with a latias (pika isn't even super effective against it). When has red defeated trainers in league/e-4 type trainers with legends? Oh right, his best accomplishment is beating people with the same type.
Ash's pikachu > red's pathetichu
Ash's Charizard > reds charizard
Ash > red

15 Ash has been to 7+ regions

Well, technically it's exactly 7 regions but...yeah, I agree.

16 Ash has better reasons to release his Pokemon
17 Ash has more friends

We only know of blue that is his friend

18 Red only stopped one evil organization

Yes red stopped team rocket, but that's the only evil team he stopped. Ash stopped manga, aqua, galatic, & plasma so far.

Ash stopped manga?
Did you mean Magma?

19 Ash treats his mom better

Red didn't talk to her after he left his journey & for like TWO WHOLE YEARS making her worry. Ash on the other hand comes & sees his mom at least every time he finishes competing in a league & in alola he gladly went on a vacation with her.

20 Ash had relatable flaws

Despite all of the numerous accomplishments that Ash had, he still was a relatable character.

On a side note, I honestly believe that the term "Mary Sues" have been abused too much, especially towards female characters.

21 Red only had 4 Episodes to show love for his pokemon.

He had like 4 episode to show love, and Ash have 1,000 + episode to show it, of course Ash show more love then Red. But keep in mind 75 percent of Ash Pokemon ended up rotting in Oak's lab and never show up again.

22 Ash has gone to a lot more regions than red
23 Red wasn't always harassed by Jessie, James, & Meowth everywhere he went

Red would probably flip out if he had these three idiots stalking him everywhere that he went. Ash just keeps his cool and keeps on sending them blasting off again.

24 Ash's Pikachu Is hyper evasive

It dodges everything!

25 Red only went through 1 region
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