Top Ten Reasons Why August 2018 Has Been a Bad Month for TheTopTens

I have not seen such a depressing month than this one in the year 2018 things just don't seem normal. I never fought the site would have this big of a decline since 2016. Luckily the second half of that year things picked up the new users started to be themselves, but with this one month in particular most of them are bit to dust. Here are what could prove to be a declined fall rate for this site.

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1 Many users delete their accounts in favor of either starting over, or leave completely

It's a complete waste of energy to delete all your hard work because you don't like the site. Why do you think the big dogs of TTT left their accounts up when they departed? Either because they forgot about their accounts or because they wanted to leave behind the memories for other users to see. Leave your account up, so that when you decide to return, you don't have to go through all the trouble of setting up a new account. And no, don't delete your account because you want to reform. ModernSpongebobSucks kept his account up and changed for the better. If you've screwed up, just own it and keep going.

Some comeback give it one more go, but others just chose to give up for different circumstances. Reputation sinks in really badly follow this trend is not the way to go. It goes the same for many past the point its difficult to explain to a new generation what in history, and who were innovators that they never got to see in their prime enough said. - htoutlaws2012

I think most people do it because they feel unpopular, nobody cares about them, or people just mildly hate them, and nobody actually does it because they're bored. - MaxAurelius

I've recently thought of deleting this account and either creating a new account and/or just leaving altogether (i'm mostly retired, but still visit every once in a while). I can't help but cringe each time I view a old comment and list of mine I made years ago. - Mumbizz01

Thetoptens is gonna shut down soon. I just know it - SpectralOwl

If that's true, I'm extremely saddened. And if this website is normally better, I can totally see why. I only just started this month, and if the entire compendium shutting down would be a very miserable experience for all the active users, veterans, and new-comers to this website. - MaxAurelius

2 Many users retirements have been on a rapid increase

The retirement spike just goes to show how much the website is declining. It's a shame really, considering that despite the large number of users here, there's really no sign of strong unification and definitely no sign of leadership for them. This site needs leadership very critically, alongside unity as the lack of those two are the reason why TTT isn't doing very well these days.

Yes, I am retiring under my own circumstance; because I feel as if I've had my fill with this site, I have got life goals to accomplish, I've got a university to work on and I feel that this site strips me from being active and engaged in other activities. - CrimsonShark

I've been thinking about it after I've been told by others that they will, saying that they don't think they have much to offer now, but I wonder if the site has anything to offer me besides chatting to my friends, really. - EliHbk

I did have my plans on leaving again, but I've made up my mind and I've decided I'm here to stay for now. When I'll decide to leave again? That's beyond me.

Users leaving because of the toxicity of the community won't do anything about it. - allamassal

3 Some users create false real life stories in their blog posts just to impress the general audience of sympathy card

Yes two in particular have guilty written all over it. Point is not everybody has had it bad like

TwilightKitsune, and it seems like not gonna say tried to remix that, and turn into her own, and thus got exposed big time by her once close friend. Another user whose post was a bit controversial to say, but this user claims he killed himself, but the problem is he lied about what gender he really is, and to top if off if he lived in the U.K how could he own a gun when its fully restricted in that country? Another user I'll keep it anonymous said that the story was concluded to be a hoax based on evidence thus he has not shown up since the lie, and if he does he'll get absolutely ripped to pieces. - htoutlaws2012

Oh, you think TheTopTens is bad with this? Just look up any song on YouTube that is remotely sad.

It may seem strange, but I haven't seen anyone like this. - MaxAurelius

I am not a liar, thank god! - TriggerTrashKid

4 Multiple user suspensions with vendettas behind these motives

October is much worse than august 2018 at this point. Everyone is getting suspended similar to a rate of how it was in 2017

Purposely pissing off the administration earns you punishment. It doesn't make you look cool or witty.

Toptendudes, NightmareCinema, and Galaxycookies four suspended from this month. Three of which have something against the head in some shape of form, while Galaxy's suspension is a complete mystery what happened there. - htoutlaws2012

I'm not entirely positive if AD is suspended or not, but from what I heard she might be in the fold too. - htoutlaws2012

5 Uploading images takes longer approval, and being limited to how many you can have a day

There's an image that is still pending after two weeks. It's also taken a week to upload other images I've tried to submit. I don't know if this has to do with copyright or not, but it's still a problem with creating new lists. - nerffan8000

I'm combining the two considering it feels sorta the same method, but slightly worse in the case now we mysteriously have a limit to how many images we can submit a day without knowing the number you have compared to list limit that is seen not visible. - htoutlaws2012

It's getting harder and harder to do stuff on here! - EliHbk

Oh yes, that surprised me - iliekpiez

6 Most veteran users are not making as much content as they once were months ago

I mostly just comment. - IcetailofWishClan

Yes, ModernSpongeBobSucks, especially. I haven't even seen him on in forever. - MaxAurelius

I was messaging him and based off the messages my (supposedly obvious) guess is he's busy with college right now.

ModernSpongebobSucks, NuMetalManiak, CrimsonShark, and even Metal_Treasure have been quite inactive as of late.

I feel that in the new future, the veteran users will become less and less active, until eventually they just retire. The site won’t be the same after that, and the community will be no more than just the stragglers who stayed on the site. - PackFan2005

7 No longer can you follow any new made accounts

Yeah I would say this occurred near the mid point of August, and I noticed this, and I fought it was a temporary thing, but no any new user you see that just made account let's say made an account from the 9th of this year you cannot follow for some random reason or another I caught onto petty quickly maybe its just me, but I highly doubt it, and it's the most notable change of this month. Click a profile let's say RandomThings notice there is no follow option yeah than you know what exactly I'm talking about. - htoutlaws2012

That's strange. You followed me sometime around the 12th of this month. I only just started. - MaxAurelius

Is anyone able to message me?
There's a problem. I can't see who's following me and how many followers I have.

Good list!
I've wondered about this. It's a shame as there are one or two users without the follow option that I actually would follow if I were able to. - Britgirl

So, the unlucky ones shall be eternally trapped in obscurity, I suppose? - SpectralOwl

8 Many users go on hiatus without letting you know prior

Going on hiatus doesn’t matter at all, but you could let it know, otherwise users would be worried and think you might retire. - Userguy44

Yes, and while that's not a bad option imagine trying to catch up on some of those users suddenly you realize oh styLIShT was gone briefly, TheFourthWorld still hasn't come back. iggyjepsen starts to become more on hiatus role because the boy toy is being a bad boy. Point is there are many users who have not either retried, or suspended that have been more less inactive/on hiatus for whatever reason that maybe we may not know until further return. - htoutlaws2012

Oh yes - iliekpiez

I don’t think,ost the people on here know me, but I was on hiatus for a few months and I forgot to say so. I’ll remember to do that next time. - Pipluplover

True not many may know of you, but just think if your somewhat noticeable, and you suddenly leave people are gonna think false assumptions is where I'm getting at its not bad to take hiatus as long as you warn people first. - htoutlaws2012

9 Many gen 18 users fall from grace

I guess I'm Gen-18? I lost track of when I joined in all honesty. It doesn't matter anyway, what generation of users you come from is nothing but redundant trivia. Like my brother once said, every gen has likely had at least one screwup.

Boy Thanos's Gauntlet means business when it comes to Gen 18, I sit here I'm going Gen 15, 16, & 17 most lasted longer than the ending period just not immediately kicked to the curved this is like firing all the cast of SNL from the year 85'-86' type of things. - htoutlaws2012

I think I'm being stupid when I say this, but I have no idea what this is. Can someone tell me, please? - MaxAurelius

Never mind, I found out. But who cares? They all seem to have good and bad people. - MaxAurelius

Is it weird that I really like most Gen-18 users despite all of the retiring? - darthvadern

10 Voting spam

This one is minor compared to the rest, but when I see multiple votes of say Adolf Hitler the best politician ugh... something does not seem right. - htoutlaws2012

If I were to be honest, the site needs something to combat this. All the India/Dimash/Hitler spam voters are getting out of hand. - Swellow

Cry little sister by Marilyn Manson got votebotted on worst songs of 2018

I've tried to combat this. We need more people taking action!

The Contenders

11 It takes longer for listings to get approved

FOREVER. - MaxAurelius

12 No unique users

What kind of people do you expect to encounter on this site? Everyone is diverse in taste, and granted you might not agree with their opinions, but what classifies as "unique" is purely subjective not objective.

Apparently people's opinions on the site are a reason to why its declining, rather than the 17 items above this. - Swellow

I regret adding this on here, To be honest what I meant, was that anyone on the site will bully you for liking/hating any thing I mentioned - B1ueNew

I mean just try defending Justin Bieber or disliking Metal Music, but yeah my comment was poorly backed up - B1ueNew

I guess someone hasn't heard of darthvadern, a user with some of the most unpopular opinions

13 AnnieCallie retired

I really should've known before I sent her a message and started following her. Great. - MaxAurelius

This falls into the category of what #2 describes. - htoutlaws2012

Isn't she the user who posts "Opinions" on every list? - GehennaTheSecond

This was a bad thing? - Userguy44

14 ReltihFloda is Still Suspended

Biggest problem

15 People attempting to stop the site from becoming an SJW site

I know I'll get a lot of flak for this, but I'll be open. Before you read further, I'd like to let you know that I am quite apolitical myself and while I dislike SJWs, I believe that rabid anti-SJWs are equally as bad.
This is not doing anything good for the site, and instead, its backfiring. Its quite evident that this site is very right-wing to begin with, so trying to stop the SJWs is like trying to fix a problem that isn't there to begin with. This ends up with users creating lists that end up seeming subtly bigoted (intentionally or unintentionally) and political arguments that don't belong on this site, honestly. I also hate that many of the anti-SJWs here seem to get most of their knowledge about the SJWs from satire articles and the general stereotyping of websites like Tumblr, rather than actually trying to find the errors in SJW debates/media.
tl;dr - The more this site attempts to fight the SJWs (which seems to be a buzzword for anything liberal, if this site is to go ...more - Swellow

16 Admin Taking Down Heroes vs Villains Season 5
17 Zoocksycootserana deleted his account, then came back as RandomThings

Free promotion... how cliché...

18 Too much rustling

There can never be too much rustling.

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