Top Ten Reasons Why Avatar: The Last Airbender is Better Than The Thundermans

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1 Avatar has good morals, and doesn't promote bullying and beating other people up

You are comparing two completely different things, if you're going to compare two things, at least choose another carton for this matter and not a live action show. Not that I disagree with you here though. - itz_izzy

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2 Avatar has better acting

The Thundermans has HORRIBLE acting. in Avatar it isn't forced and its truly emotional - cartoonfan101

3 Avatar has more imagination

Avatar is set in a world where people can bend earth, water, fire, or air. The Thundermans is just a ripoff of the Incredibles and Lab Rats - cartoonfan101

4 Avatar has a better plot

Aang and his friends needed to stop Fire Lord Ozai. In the STUPIDmans, its just mean-spirited, boring, and rehashed plots. Like in one episode Phoebe whines about her crush and in another they break up. B O R I N G! - cartoonfan101

5 Team Avatar is stronger than The Thundermans

Seriously Team Avatar can BEND THE FOUR ELEMENTS, and the Thundermans' powers are 100 percent weak and useless. - cartoonfan101

6 Avatar is more well liked

The only people that like Thundermans are dumb kids and people who think that being mean-spirited is ok. However Avatar has a HUGE fandom - cartoonfan101

7 Avatar has good humor while The Thundermans uses cruelty and toilet humor

Avatar is so funny it made a lot of memes. the Thundermans uses cruelty for comedy, and it has too many butt, fart, pee, poo, booger, burp, and barf jokes, while Avatar has NO toilet humor. - cartoonfan101

8 Avatar has likable characters
9 Avatar has better music

Avatar has good songs and instrumentals and the Thundermans has a HORRIBLE theme song. - cartoonfan101

10 Avatar is more serious

Avatar has a storyline, great action and deep plot points but in Thundermans they can't stay serious for a second. Team Avatar is more competent at their job than the Lazymans. They don't even save people, use their powers for pointless things, and are huge bullies. - cartoonfan101

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11 Sokka is better than Max
12 It is Studio Ghibli-esque
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