Top 10 Reasons Why Avenged Sevenfold is Overrated

A7X is band i hate and these are reasons why they are overrated

The Top Ten

1 They are Unoriginal

Funny thing Metallica has also got rip off cases. - zxm

This Means War is a ripoff of Sad But True by Metallica - christangrant

2 They are Called the Greatest Metal Band Ever When They Aren't Metal

They are above bands like Dio and Death on The Best Metal Bands list
And they have some elements of Metal but not enough to be called Metal. - christangrant

3 M. Shadows is Called the Best Vocalist of All Time When There are Better Vocalists Out There

On the Best rock singers list he's above
Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson which makes no since because both Dio and Bruce are better vocalist than he is - christangrant

4 They Ripped Off Overkill's Logo V 1 Comment
5 They are Considered the Best Modern Metal Band When There are Better Bands Than Then

Example Devil Driver is better than they are - christangrant

6 Their Albums are Overhyped

I'm sorry but there albums are not the greatest albums ever - christangrant

7 The Rev Wasn't the Greatest Drummer Ever

It is sad that he passed away but he wasn't the greatest drummer like people make him out to be - christangrant

8 They are Bad at Cover Songs

They ruined Walk by Pantera with their cover - christangrant

9 They Only Get Praise Because The Rev Passed Away

If the Rev didn't pass away A7X probably wouldn't be as overrated as they are now plus this is similar to Nirvana how they are called the greatest band ever only because Kurt died - christangrant

10 Hail to the King is a Ripoff of the Black Album by Metallica

Tell me if there isn't any simularites to Metallicas album it also invludes This Means War which is a rip off of Sad But True - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Their First Two Albums Suck

Waking the Fallen is very medicore and their first album, Dear God... it's awful - christangrant

12 They We're Once a Screamo Band

Their first two albums were Screamo and
Screamo = Bad automatically - christangrant

13 Their First Album Had No Good Songs At All
14 Their Instruments are Mediocre Yet People Consider Them Special

Well they aren't the best at making music like some people make them out to be - christangrant

15 They Aren't a Metal Band
16 Their Ballads Aren't as Good as People Say They Are

Especially Warmness on the Soul their most overrated song - christangrant

17 Their Song "This Means War" is a Ripoff of "Sad but True" by Metallica
18 Their Song "Shepherd of Fire" is a Ripoff of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica
19 They are Always High on Best Modern Rock Bands List When They Aren't Even Close to Being the Best
20 They are Considered One of the Best Metalcore Bands Even Though They Only Have Two Metalcore Albums and Both of Them Suck
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1. They are Unoriginal
2. They are Called the Greatest Metal Band Ever When They Aren't Metal
3. M. Shadows is Called the Best Vocalist of All Time When There are Better Vocalists Out There



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