Reasons Why the Avengers Series is Better Than Fantastic Four Series

The Avengers is way better than Fantastic Four and many people will agree.

The Top Ten

1 Better Storyline
2 More Entertaining to Watch
3 More and Better Action
4 Better Acting
5 The Characters are Better and Stronger
6 Better Movies
7 Better Villains

This is very stupid. The avengers fought villains that weren't even a threat to them, while the Fantastic Four fought Dr.Doom, Galactus, and Silver Surfer. All of whom were a threat to the Four, and would of been a threat to the avengers.

8 It's Developed a Lot Better
9 It Hasn't Been Rebooted

And you really think that's not going to happen?

10 More People Like It

Having more fans does not make it better. If it did, then that would mean Justin Bieber is better than most other singers. Like the avengers, most fans of bieber are either kids or dumb adults.

The Contenders

11 Disney owns The Avengers while Fox owns The Fantastic Four
12 Fantastic Four (2015) Got 4.2/10 On IMDb
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