Top 10 Reasons Why Baby Einstein Is Better Than Teletubbies

Teletubbies is a stupid, scary, show that is awful and will give kids nightmares. Baby Einstein is better because how? Read this list to find out!

The Top Ten

1 It's Educational

What's Baby Einstein = Not everyone is from America.

2 It's Not Overrated

Teletubbies IS NOT OVERRATED! It's the second most underrated show ever after Liv and Maddie. SERIOUSLY! I'm probably the only person on this entire site who likes it! I even like it better than some SpongeBob episodes! So there! Now do you see? It's the show that I liked the most until Liv and Maddie.

Ok, before you say I'm a jerk to the Teletubbies, just watch one of the episodes (like Baby Mozart, Baby Shakespeare or Baby Van Gogh) and you might understand. People make these really stupid go animate videos where Bard, or Vincent get grounded. Many people hate Baby Einstein. They make these rant videos and say the puppets are ugly. I mean, it's a baby show! So if everyone in the world hate Teletubbies, they hate Baby Einstein more! Just watch one of the episodes and feel like it has a heart or something. I even remember having a plush of Bard! So there! Anytime I make a list about Baby Einstein, everyone hates it! So now do you see? Think about it! 😠

Ok, I'm sorry I said that teletubbies is overrated. But I never laugh when I watch this show. I only like the ones on SMG64 where they do stuff cause mayhem. So I'm sorry but it just kinda freaks me out. 😰

Sorry, I just never laugh laugh when I watch this show. It's creepy! 😳 one time I had a nightmares about the magic house episode when I was little. I took a peek at it in fifth grade, and it creeped me out so much! (I even had nightmares about it.)

3 The Music Is Better
4 The Toys Are Interesting

In 1997-2005 They Are - Noah02

5 The Puppets Are Funny and Cute

Like Bard the Dragon and Vincent Van Goat. They know how to make babies laugh. V.S. teletubbies, none.

6 The Puppets Know How to Entertain Babies

And scare the hell out of them like the Teletubbies did

7 No Scary Monkey Aliens

Teletubbies are not scary monkey aliens they are supposed to be astronauts.

8 No Homosexuality
9 The Toys Are Better Than Noo-Noo

Bard the drgorn was better then noo-noo

10 The Kids and Animals Are Cute

The Contenders

11 Zylon Dragon (Baby Bach) Zylon Dragon (Baby Bach)
12 Not everyone is from America
13 The Discovery Kits
14 No Footage of Little Brats
15 Baby Einstein is a Good Name While Teletubbies is a Retarded Name
16 Baby Einstein Helps Kids Get Ready for School
17 It's Not Creepy Unlike Teletubbies
18 It Doesn't Rip Off Care Bears

I think when the Teletubbies "visit" real children, it rips of one of my favorite shows! Not to mention they have sparkly tummies, just like the Care Bears.

And Baby Einstein is based off something real - classical music that is. Totally had more effort put into it, unlike Teletubbies, or even The Emoji Movie! Plus it's way better than those two.

19 It Had More Effort Put Into It Compared to Teletubbies and the Emoji Movie
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