Top 10 Reasons Why Bambi's Mother's Death Is Not the Saddest Disney Death

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1 It's not that sad

But I cried... - HeavyDonkeyKong

2 We don't know her name


3 The music isn't that sad
4 There are Disney deaths that are way sadder
5 Littlefoot's mother's death is sadder
6 It's not epic like Mufasa's

That's because Mufasa's death is shown in its entirety while Bambi's mothers death happens off screen. - egnomac

Call me the odd one out, but Mufasa's death, whilst sad, never made me cry. - SailorSedna

Mufasa's just puts you into tears

Cartoon violence has been around for a long time.

7 The movie itself is bad

Back off Mister! - NickXH

Now THAT is an opinion, mister. Back off.

8 Hans Zimmer didn't make the music for Bambi
9 Her death is offscreen
10 Cartoon characters technically can't die

Cartoon characters get sawn in half, burnt, shot and squashed with anvils, yet they're still unscathed. The only way to kill a toon is a chemical substance called the Dip.

Cartoon violence has been around all the time

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11 There's More Deer
12 Bambi’s Estrangement Within His Dad In the Sequel is Sadder
13 The mother was dumb
14 Bambi survived

Yep. had to put it there.

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