Top 10 Reasons Why Bands Don't Save Lives

Have you ever come across those cringey teens online and in real like who say that certain rock/metal bands have saved their lives? I have unfortunately as well. But luckily I have a list that will wake them up and have them realize that bands don't save lives at all.

To all the angsty teens reading this list, please stop saying "_____saved my life!"

The Top Ten Reasons Why Bands Don't Save Lives

1 You save your life

Music isn't meant to ruin or save lives, it's meant to entertain people, hence the notion that music must have meaningful lyrics to be considered "real music". It is your responsibility to save your own life (unless you can't save yourself but someone else can) not the band you're listening to - Neonco31

The song's message may be somewhat positive in a way but in the end you made the choice to not cut yourself or shot yourself in the face. It was YOU who saved your life. Not your favorite band or one of their songs.

Music can influence you for the better, but no doubt you control your life and it is indeed you who save yourselves. Talk about an incredible thought. - cjWriter1997

This list sums up every rock/metal fan on this site.

2 You're adding unnecessary pressure to them

You're adding unnecessary pressure to your favorite bands by saying that they save lives. Now they feel pressured to write something that's positive again. What if they wanna go into a negative approach?

What if they start going bad or decide to quit out of pressure? Then you're first option may be to blame someone else and don't get me started on that "It's Justin Bieber's fault they don't do this or that! ". - Neonco31

3 Not all of their songs may be positive

They don't have to have positive lyrics, it's the positive effect the songs / musuc have on you "Music / bands/ singers saved my life" is much more a figure of speech (although in some cases, it really does save lives).
It's extreme for me to say that certain bands that have captured my heart today "saved my life" but they certainly changed my life and saved my sanity. I'm a different, happier woman now. - Britgirl

Whitechapel lyrics: "I don't really care if your life is falling apart, Don't waste your time, you're gonna die alone.

Stop whining for a better life. Just kill yourself, your kids and your wife. No one cares. Kill yourself."

Please tell me right now if these lyrics made you put down the razor.

4 Bands only make albums

Bands don't save lives. They make albums which you buy with your own money.

5 You don't even know them in real life

Ugh, I hate Nightcore fangirls who go on YouTube and say ThIs mUSIC SAVeD My LiFe - TwilightKitsune

Unless you've ever met them or know them personally. I don't think Mitch Lucker ever came into your room and told you to not kill yourself or anything.

6 Even most bands hate it when fans say that they saved their lives

For example, the vocalist of Motionless in White hates it when when fans say that his band saved their lives. So if you're a Motionless in White fan, please don't tell him that.

7 Bands don't save lives just like how food doesn't save lives

I mean food somewhat saves your life (you need it to survive), but did you ever have the sandwich you were eating save you from a certain car crash? No. Music can't do that either.

"Food doesn't save lives"... I guess it would really annoy you if I shouted: "MEAT LOAF SAVED MY LIFE! " wouldn't it... - Britgirl

Never let your meat loaf:).

8 Some members might not be good role models

I don't even think Mitch Lucker was a good role model cause he died from drunk driving. Sure his death was tragic but he pretty much caused it himself by drinking while riding his motorcycle. Do you want to start drunk driving yourself? Well don't do it cause it's really not worth it. Trust me.

9 They are not soldiers

You damn right They are not soldiers

10 There are other things you could've done to cheer you up instead of listening to your favorite band

Let's say you didn't have any access to music and all you had to make you feel better was watching your favorite movie or playing your favorite game. But even those things didn't save your life. Like I said before, YOU save your life.

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11 It makes you look stupid when you say that a certain band has saved your life

It really does. It just makes you look like a fool cause you think that a certain member of your favorite band has helped you through hard times in your life. I said this a million times before and I'll say it again, YOU help yourself through hard times in your life.

Yeah, it makes you look like a deranged retard - TwilightKitsune

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