Reasons Why Barney & Friends Is Better Than Gravity Falls

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Barney is more likeable than Dipper or Mabel

You are putting against the worst show ever with the best show ever saying the worst show ever is better than the best show ever. You are 10 and the best show ever, which is the funniest show ever, at least doubles your age. Try watching older gravity falls episodes.

These theories of Barney being a killer Dino make no sense. I'm not a Barney fan but 80% of the people on the internet think Barney is a killer Dino. And Barney is a kids show so that's one reason why anti-Barney humor makes no sense

Honestly why are lists like this even made? Who the hell cares that someone thinks that Barney is better than Gravity falls? Who would make this?

I hate you BarneyTheDinosaurRocks. I think Mordecai and Rigby along with Dipper and Mabel are likable than Barney the Nobody in brand new Kingdom Hearts Imagination.

Gravity Falls is bad

BarneyTheDinosaurSucks. Barney sucks, Barney sucks, Barney sucks and Barney sucks because he's an evil dinosaur who wants to eat the children. So, Evil Dipper and Evil Mabel kills him with the twin knives.

Na Gravity Falls is awesome I don't get why anyone can put a List down because there all Internet Trolls.

"Is bad." How so, exactly? And how is Barney "good"? Justify your opinions, people, even if they are dumb ones.

This list is stupid. Gravity Falls is much better than Barney & Friends.

Barney has great episodes

This song is better than "I love you" deal with it.
Barney is a dinosaur
From our imagination,
And when he's tall, he's what we call
A dinosaur sensation!

Barney's friends are big and small;
They come from lots of places.
After school they meet to play
And sing with happy faces

Barney shows us lots of things
Like how to play pretend,
ABC's and 123s
And how to be a friend.

Barney comes to play with us
Whenever we may need him.
Barney can be your friend too,
If you just make-believe him

What are you people overreacting about? I like Gravity Falls and this list is funny. BarneyTheDinosaurRocks is a good troll and he is just kidding around with you. This list is just a joke so calm down Gravity Falls fans!

I prefer Gravity Falls by far... Gravity Falls has the humor, the mystery, and everything else a good cartoon needs. Barney and Friends... Not so much.

Barney teaches kids bad things. Such " a stranger is a friend you haven't met" and " ALWAYS do WHATEVER people say" Barney wants kids to be kidnapped

Barney had better animation

No, that's just what you think. Barney is not animation. It's only animated in the intro and credits, drawn by a 4 year old. Gravity falls is newer, and Gravity Falls has great animation. By the way, better animation is not a reason to like a show better than another.

No, that's just what they want you to think. Barney is completely animated, and they don't want you to know that because they use a very complex animation technique only to be discovered in the year 3000. Barney has fantastic animation!

The animation in Barney looks like real life is because it is real life. Still, Gravity Falls is better.

How is Barney animated if it is a live action show? Gravity Falls has better animation.

Barney is more popular

Hey, JBL. Where have you been all this time? I mean, before you made your Barenythedinosaur rocks account. And we all know your a female, so why not change your barneythedinousaur rocks account's gender to female?!

You can't like a show better than another if the one you like is more popular. And FYI, Gravity Falls is more popular.

If Justin beiber is more popular than Eminem does that make Justin Beiber good?

How is Barney popular if a lot of people hate him?._.

Barney is funnier

Please stop comparing a show for toddlers to a cartoon meant for all ages. It's pointless and a ridiculous waste of time.

Are you sure because Barney's jokes sound like they came out of a 5 year olds joke book!

This list is funnier than barney and gravity falls combined

Barney and Friends is not a comedy, it's a horror show.

Barney is a perfect show

Hey, JustinBIEBERLOVER, how come for your Barneythedinosaurrocks account you said you're a male, when your a female? Anyway, I missed your funny comments.

And if you're down with that I got 2 words for you...

*AldoFitrian gives him with a middle finger on BarneyTheDinosaurSucks's face*.

LMAO go back to preschool

Dipper and Mabel are annoying

A big purple dinosaur singing about loving people isn't annoying?

Yes, they may be annoying sometimes, but usually not!

I don't find them annoying. I find them adorable.

I agree. Sometimes the are!

Barney swore at a kid onstage

Grunkle Stan only swears for real when he's alone, while Barney isn't afraid to do it onstage. Therefore, Barney Is Superior

This makes him so much better because it is at least mildly funny, unlike gravity falls.

Really? That's a GOOD thing? That just shows he's a bad role model for kids!

Wait, he really did that? Bill should kill him!

No one likes Gravity Falls

Actually Barney is hated by everyone (expect for stupid little kids), and Gravity Falls is considered to be one of the greatest cartoons of all time.

Dude. There's a huge fandom for girlfriend. Get the hell over yourself and stop worshiping a damn cartoon dinosaur.

Oh really?! Gravity falls is my favorite Disney show! And it's very popular

FYI, Gravity Falls is saving Disney's sorry hide. If this wasn't here, I'm sure Disney would be cancelled!

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Barney sings better songs

What's great about Gravity Falls is that the characters don't waste time singing stupid songs.

At least Gravity falls doesn't waste time singing that stupid I love you song.

Gravity falls theme song itself is enough to be a very good song.

Reminds me of Justin Bieber is better than Gravity Falls

Barney doesn't have a cringeful cancerous fandom

I'll admit the Gravity Falls fandom has its bad side for sure, but I'm almost certain that if there is a fandom for Barney, it consists of children age 5 and under.

No fandom indeed goes with barney

Barney DO have a cringful cancarous fandom. Barney? Ha More Like Barbie!

Why is this not number 1

Gravity Falls has a story

Gravity Falls is automatically bad for having a story. (Sarcasm)

How in the world is having a story a BAD thing?!

And? Barney and Friends is just mistreating schildren. HA! your not very close

How is this a good thing?

Barney is actually educational, Gravity Falls is not.

T.V. cartoons aren't school

They don't have to be educational.

Gravity Falls have better morals

Gravity Falls > Barney

Arts and Crafts are better than Mysteries

Yea I would watch gravity falls if they did crafts instead of stupid mysteries!

Barney is mainly about horror rather than arts and crafts.

Ummm this list is so lame please stop adding to it thanks

Both are the same

Barney is good for little children. Gravity Falls is not, because it's way too scary.

Watch Soos and the Real Girl

Barney & Friends is getting a reboot

I told my classmates that he is going to get rebooted and all of them were disappointed.

Please tell me this is a joke. I mean I hope Barney and friends doesn't get rebooted.

I hope not! That stupid dinosaur is so annoying and lame!

PPG reboot is fine to me but Barney reboot? Please NO!

Gravity Falls is creepy, disturbing and downright demented while Barney is not

This is one of the reasons that Gravity falls is awesome. Gravity falls is kind of creepy but barneys ugly smile will give you nightmares for months. Gravity falls is 10000000000 times better than a retarded dinosaur

That is the complete opposite.

Barney The Dinosaur? More like Barbie the Doll

Barney and friends is more original

A big purple dinosaur sings about how he loves everyone is more original than two kids solving mysteries?

How is it not original?

The theme song

Barney is a dinosaur
From our imagination,
And when he's tall, he's what we call
A dinosaur sensation!

Barney's friends are big and small;
They come from lots of places.
After school they meet to play
And sing with happy faces

Barney shows us lots of things
Like how to play pretend,
ABC's and 123s
And how to be a friend.

Barney comes to play with us
Whenever we may need him.
Barney can be your friend too,
If you just make-believe him

No way, it’s basically a more annoying version of “Yankee Doodle”

Gravity Falls is overrated, while Barney is underrated.

BarneyTheDinosaurSucks again. I think Dummy and Friends along with Teledummies are Overrated shows.

No they're not. I've barely ever met anyone who liked Barney and Teletubbies.

Gravity Falls Rules!

Barney and Friends has been around longer

No it is not! Gravity Falls may be shorter but has great fandom.

Barney is for all ages

Nope, Gravity Falls is for all ages.

Gravity Falls is extremely overrated

So is Steven UniVerse

There so overrated that some people cried on February 15, 2016

Yeah, because “overrated” actually means it’s popular, so it’s true.

Barney helps kids get ready for school
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