Top Ten Reasons Why Batman and Robin Is Better Than Super Mario Galaxy

It's better than both games! I hate Mario Galaxy and love Batman and Robin!

The Top Ten

1 Is More Enjoyable to Watch

Once again, nothing to do with each other... - Therandom

Ugh, these this is better than that lists suck now. - EpicJake

Awful list - PeeledBanana

I'm guessing this is Danteem. Yeah, this is nothing new for him. -_- - DCfnaf

2 Is Looks Cooler

Those bat suits are disgraceful! George Clooney can hardly move his neck in that suit! What do you have against Mario? - SlimVeggie

This is the typical danteem list, which means most of them are terrible. - Therandom

The batnipples look terrible who are you

3 Not Frustrating
4 Is Less Dumb

I agree,but dan teem actually doesn't,he likes luigi more

5 It Has Cooler Things
6 Is More Original

It's not 'Mario in space'

7 It's Funnier

It's so bad it's good!

8 Better Story

It have nothing to do with Princess Peach! Every Story is better than stupid Princess Peach crap! - Danteem

9 Better Villains

Bowser is still good you dumbass,he's dragon/Godzilla

10 Better Music

Geometry dash has even better music

The Contenders

11 It Has Batman In It

Mario's boring

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