Top 10 Reasons Why Battle for BFDI (BFB) is Garbage

I used to like this show. I would watch it constantly. But the more I watched it, the more errors I found lying inside of it. Now it's time for me to finally express why the show sucks. Not because I want this show gone, but because I want this show to improve. I don't think the creators will ever see this, but if they do, please listen to the criticism. I want to enjoy this show again.

The Top Ten

1 There's no consistency There's no consistency

No consistency anywhere! From the animation, to the writing, to the schedule, and the show's a huge mess as a result. The lack of consistency has left me wondering to myself what the heck is supposed to be happening, and it gets really annoying after a while. - CloudInvasion

2 The animation sucks The animation sucks

Because there are multiple animators that all have their own style. Nobody checks back to see if scenes line up in their style, and as a result several characters jump back and forth in how they look and move. It's irritating and has to stop! - CloudInvasion

3 Excessive plot points left hanging Excessive plot points left hanging

Leaving your viewers to wonder where a plot point is going to go and then moving on to make more plot points you likely won't bother going back to is a dumb thing to do. It ranges from character relations, like Liy vs. Foldy, to blatantly obvious things, like Saw disappearing and NOBODY saying a thing. Wake up! - CloudInvasion

4 Constant playing off Easter eggs Constant playing off Easter eggs

I don't mind a good Easter egg, but with how many are littered episode by episode, it gets annoying. Plus, they're not even that clever. They're some of the most noticeable Easter eggs anyone could find. These guys have got to do less of this. - CloudInvasion

5 The Book vs. Taco arc is irritating

Just Book and Taco alone is irritating, because Book repeats the same whiny behavior and Taco does nothing about it. What makes it a billion times worse is that they shoved Lollipop into it to speak for Taco, because they love Lollipop that much. This is why your viewers think you're biased you nitwits. - CloudInvasion

6 The poor screen time balance The poor screen time balance

Some characters go several episodes without saying a thing. Others go several episodes taking up screen time that ends up becoming redundant. Bomby went 8 consecutive episodes saying absolutely nothing, and in episode 10 the only line he had was recycled from episode 1. That's laziness at its finest. - CloudInvasion

7 Match is a bad character Match is a bad character

Match was not a very good character. At times she would show to be a bit over controlling, and then other times she was being a friendly friend. They went back and forth on this, and it all turned to dust because they made the mistake of putting Match up for elimination at the peak of her improvement stage. Match was a mess. - CloudInvasion

Why was this item changed? It was supposed to be "Match's story arc". - CloudInvasion

8 The writing is really awkward The writing is really awkward

At times, the writing will just feel very off. There will be very little flow between lines, and transitioning between them will just feel frustrating to watch. Some of the worst cases of awkward writing were the pre-credits scene in BFB 4, the bickering scene between Four and X in BFB 12, and the CoinPin scene in BFB 6. - CloudInvasion

9 Four's death isn't given proper treatment Four's death isn't given proper treatment

It would be a big deal since Four's running the entire competition, but the writers just p,as it off like he didn't even matter. It took 4 episodes (oh look, irony) for anyone to get up off their lazy bums and realize the issues with Four being dead. And then they made the mistake of writing everything off in a matter of minutes like nothing was ever wrong in the first place. Oh yeah, and Donut was a confusing host. - CloudInvasion

10 Abysmal scheduling Abysmal scheduling

I don't even know if these guys set deadlines, but whatever they're doing, it's obviously creating too much stress. Why? Because they do everything way too quickly, and it results in the problems listed above. Is it really that hard to take your time? - CloudInvasion

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