Top Ten Reasons Why the Beatles Are Better Than the Carpenters

For Fans of the Beatles, Jim Henson, PBS, the Chipmunks, and the REACT series

The Top Ten

1 The Beatles outsold the Carpenters and had bigger crowds

I'm sure this list is satirical, but I'd just like to mention that The Carpenters were an extremely talented duo, and I feel the bands are not comparable. - PetSounds

Both bands are extremely talented, but really don't have all that much in common. The Carpenters were a duo and contained a female member (Karen). The Carpenters aren't rock either. They weren't experimental with their music, they kept their soft, smooth, and calming vibe throughout their whole career until Karen's death. To be honest, this list doesn't really have a purpose. It doesn't matter that the Carpenters didn't have their own "mania", or dolls, or cartoon T.V. show about them. It matters about talent. And both of these bands truly have talent. R.I.P, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Karen Carpenter. - MontyPython

2 There is no television cartoon show for the Carpenters
3 There are no actual movies or shows with Carpenters in them

Actually, The Carpenters were the stars in a short lived television series called Make Your Own Kind of Music. - kaitlynrad11

4 There is no such video as "Kids React to the Carpenters", same applies to Teens, Elders, Adults, and YouTubers

SO WHAT? React channels are pretty screwed over anyways, so it literally means nothing. Also, literally nothing on this list would be a decent reason to think the Beatles were better than The Carpenters - kaitlynrad11

5 There is no such game as "The Carpenters Rock Band"
6 There are no Carpenter dolls by Remco or any other big toy company
7 Pretty much only kid stars can sing like the Carpenters, at my favorite company you do not see any adult actors or actresses dress as them
8 No one at the Jim Henson Company can sing like the Carpenters
9 The Chipmunks put out a whole album of Beatles songs called "The Chipmunks sing the Beatles". They (and the Chipettes, might I add, I like them a bit more) never would put out an album of Carpenters songs
10 The Carpenters weren't turned into color coded characters

The Contenders

11 There is no such thing as "Carpenter Mania"
12 The Carpenters' faces weren't put on blankets and clothes
13 The Carpenters didn't have British fans
14 The Beatles sang songs from their own movies, whereas the Carpenters stole songs from other people's movies
15 The Beatles don't sing "It's A Small World", because most of their fans are the past the age where it's acceptable to like that song
16 The Beatles' Henson fans are older than the Carpenters, because mostly younger children like the Carpenters better than the Beatles
17 The Beatles were British instead of American
18 There is no such thing as "The Karen and Richard Carpenter Music and Animation collection"
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