Top Ten Reasons Why the Beatles Are Better Than Most Pop Artists Today


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1 They Can Make Actual Music

And they used actual instruments that require actual talent, unlike today's singers that are "talented" because their voice never cracks and they sing other people's lyrics with backing music from, you guessed it, other people. - Songsta41

This list is really accurate and has good reasoning. - cosmo

I have got a feeling most people just like the Beatles as they are popular. - gemcloben

Yeh the Beatles are way better than any pop music that ever excisted ( in my opinion because I hate all pop ) and they're not even my favorite band

People that love music today thinks the Beatles suck because music really involved. The Beatles were in the 60s to those a- holes who hate them music didn't involve until after they broked up. I will always love the Beatles though

2 The Beatles Took Time Making Songs

Most pop stars don't even WRITE their own songs. - Minecraftcrazy530

Today, pop stars hire writers to make the music for them; they just sing it using autotune.

3 The Beatles Are Better Role Models

Today's singers are no one to emulate. - Songsta41

All of the Beatles did lots of drugs and had lots of sex though, and John lennon beat his wife - Erucu

4 Each of Them Deserve the Honor of "Best Rock Band"

They are not just better than most artists today, they are better than any artist today.

5 Revolution 9 Is More Listenable Than Many of Nicki Minaj's Songs

Stupid Hoe makes Revolution 9 sound like a normal song.

Anaconda makes revolution 9 look like let it be.

Crank that makes revolution 9 sound like
John Lennons imagine

6 Some Pop Songs Today Are Just Awful

I agree 100%. Today, singers have to swear and be inappropriate just to get attention. That's exactly what is happening to all my former favorite artists! Now I can hardly listen to a song without being bombarded by swearing. D: A lot of the songs put down woman too. I'm one, and I HATE IT! I just wish that more artists would look up to people like The Beatles, or Elton John or Elvis or someone with actual talent. But there still are some great artists put there, pike Eminem, who swear but they don't mean it in a way that it puts down people.

I don't usually like to criticize, but I've been waiting a long time to say all this! It just gets on my last nerve sometimes. Also, woman don't have to be thin to be beautiful, or vise versa. It doesn't matter what you look like, either. It matters what's on the inside.<♡> :3
I may get hate for this, I may not. But it is just my opinion!
Bai :3 - TheAlbinoWolf

7 Today's Pop Artists Are Either Hated, or Forgettable

Because you want to hate the pop stars now to look cool and edgy.

Like Justin Bieber!
A Beaver in a Dustbin!

8 The Beatles Didn't Need Auto-Tune

Autotune just makes you sound like a bit of a robot. I've heard great singers live, like the guy in Imagine Dragons, who use autotune in their recordings but can actually sing live. The Beatles never had to use it because it wasn't invented yet.

Back in my days it was just the singer and the Mic we didn't need some stupid Computer to make a song - some old guy - MrQuaz680

9 The Beatles Didn't Treat Their Fans Like Garbage

Unlike Justin Bieber...we all know what he did to his "fans".


10 The Beatles Were More Creative

Yeah they didn't sing all about sex and love.
Even if they did sing about love it sounded nice and meaningful not like Justin Bieber songs

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11 The Beatles Are Timeless
12 The Beatles Influenced Many Bands to Come

Writing The Rolling Stone's first hit means shows that they paved the way

And that's why The Beatles are legends! - Userguy44

Same with Velvet Underground

The Velvet Underground too

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13 The Beatles Had Better Voices
14 Their Music Is More Pleasant
15 Their Music Doesn't Sound Like Random Electronic Noises
16 They Never Became Famous Through American Idol or any Reality TV
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1. They Can Make Actual Music
2. The Beatles Took Time Making Songs
3. The Beatles Are Better Role Models
1. They Can Make Actual Music
2. Each of Them Deserve the Honor of "Best Rock Band"
3. Revolution 9 Is More Listenable Than Many of Nicki Minaj's Songs
1. They Can Make Actual Music
2. The Beatles Took Time Making Songs
3. The Beatles Are Better Role Models


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