Top 10 Reasons Why the Beatles are Overrated

I'm going to be honest just because the Beatles was the first rock band ever doesn't make them not overrated. However overrated doesn't mean bad so please don't get triggered.

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1 Hey Jude is one of the most overrated songs ever made

Hey Jude is a lame song. In fact there is one Beatles' song that doesn't have lame lyrics.

Only people who agree are kids who don't care about real music.

It's definitely overpraised but a lot of songs are. Personally I think Hey Jude is not their best song but someone is free to think so.

Rivals SLTS when it comes to being overrated. Not bad just gets too much attention.

2 They are claimed to be the best rock band ever when there's far more talented rock bands

Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Sabbath, and The Who to name a few.

P. ex. Queen.

3 George Harrison wasn't that great of a guitar player

I won't say Django Reinhardt or Andres Segovia are better than Jimi Hendrix. Since they're totally different types of artists. Cause in this case, guitarists like Buckethead, Joe Satriani or Ritchie Blackmore are better than Jimi Hendrix. But its Jimi Hendrix influence on other guitarists, which made him above all other guitarists.

And I think David Gilmour or Jimmy Page are equally good as Clapton. David Gilmour may be a different type of artist, but Jimmy Page was very much good as Eric Clapton (except for his ripped off songs). However Rory Gallagher was a very good guitarist. But the only difference is that he didn't come before Eric Clapton. Its Eric Clapton's influence which made him one of the three best guitarists. But Rory Gallagher was surely underrated and unnoticed.

There were also many other guitarists who weren't noticed. Vittorio Camardese for example.

Even during the time they were famous Eric Clapton was a better guitar player.

Eric Clapton is better than everybody except possibly Hendrix.

OT, but nope, Clapton is definitely better than all of them, especially Page and Gilmour. Though non-rockers Django Reinhardt and Andres Segovia are really even above Hendrix.

4 Paul McCartney and John Lennon's song writing is mediocre at best

Not terrible but not great either in the lyric department.

Absolute bollocks

5 Their sound is generic and nothing special

Their song is very special to me. I disagree, it helped get out of depression.

For the most part there's nothing that stands out about their sound.

I disagree with this but that's your opinion I suppose.

Pretty generic

6 Paul McCartney is an average singer

He's ok but when compared to Freddie Mercury he's mediocre.

He is good, but average compared to Freddie Mercury.

Good...good...but nothing special. You have mentioned Freddie M., Oh...Paul McCartney is far far away from Freddie. Freddie was one of a kind, the greatest vocalist of all time.

Not a great singer.

7 Paul McCartney did a song with Kanye West

If John and George where still around he would be with them.

Ew. I hate Kanye

8 Their music is mediocre

What? Just a hater without reason to be can say such a stupid thing.
Have you guys ever listened to strawberry fields? I am the walrus? The long and winding road? Helter skelter? The fool on the hill? A day in the life? And so on.

Mediocre but not terrible by any means.

It's really not that good.

9 Most of their songs are about friendship and love

How awkward to be proven so wrong. Also A Day In The Life is about disillusionment and suicide, and even Hey Jude is advice being given to a young child who is traumatized by his parent's divorce. Gee, I wonder what Give Peace A Chance is about.

Definitely not true, their topics ranged from scathing political commentary- "Piggies", civil rights- "Blackbird", LGBTQ issues- "Obladi-Oblada", Loneliness and alienation- "Eleanor Rigby", oral sex- "Please Please Me", Trials of a single mother- "Lady Madonna", Domestic violence- "Run for Your Life", even a push-back against the hipsters of the day- "Revolution". Plenty more about drug use/abuse, anti-war, etc, etc, etc.

Again nothing wrong with that but it seems like the topics they most focus on.

10 Ringo Starr is claimed to be a good drummer when he isn't that good

Even Dave Grohl from Nirvana/ Foo Fighters is a better drummer then Ringo Star.

Ringo isn't even the best drummer in the band lol

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11 Most of their songs are simplistic and average

There's nothing wrong with simplistic songs but when compared to Pink Floyd a lot of their songs are average and forgettable.

12 They weren't very influential

It's okay if you don't like The Beatles, but it's kind of wrong for you to say they're not influential as they have influenced so many people and even other music artists, so at the same time I agree that they're extremely overrated, I can also see why.

Finally a normal visitor comment that respects opinions and isn't trying to start a fight. I applaud you for being honest and not trying to start a fight.

I disagree with this point. Yes they're very overrated and generic (in my opinion) but they did influence lots of music artists and bands to come. So they were influential they just weren't unique or excellent like people overexgerrate them to be.

13 Everyone does a remake of at least one of their songs.

I’m sick and tired of “good” musicians doing a remake of at least one of their songs, name me one Metal band that remaked a Beatle’s song.

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