Top 10 Reasons Why Benthelooney Sucks


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1 He's a nostalgiatard

He even admits it, and is proud of it. - Chaofreaks1

2 He acts like a toddler
3 He rants about unimportant things
4 He hates sitcoms

Well, so do the modern Disney Channel sitcoms, and I hate both! - The Ultimate Daredevil to PhoebeThunderman

I'm not ashamed to say that certain Nickcoms make me laugh sometimes. - PhoebeThunderman


5 He takes his childhood way too seriously
6 His character is poorly executed
7 He hates modern things

Yep. He hates EVERYTHING modern. This includes Adventure Time and Girl Meets World (I don't know if he likes/hates Steven Universe) - PhoebeThunderman

He Hates Almost Every Good Show Currently Running

He likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. - anonygirl

Ben T. Looney actually LOVES Steven Universe. Go see his video on new cartoons for proof.

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8 He hates CGI

CGI is cutting edge animation. Pixar, Dreamworks, and Code Lyoko used CGI wonderfully. Get yourself evaluated, fetish lover. - PhoebeThunderman

No, he doesn't. He liked Frozen and that was CGI.

Benthelooney said that just because he loves the CGI animation BH6 has does not mean that he will like this movie in general. So... Ben T. Looney would give Big Hero 6 an F+? Big Hero 6 is too underrated for being very paleofeminist. I give Big Hero 6 an A.

9 He's a heckler
10 He likes My Little Pony

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? He draws porn of underage cartoon characters based on real people

Him being a boy and disliking the Thundermans are here yet this isn't? - 445956

? He contradicts himself a lot

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11 He has fetishes

No, he doesn't like fetish at all.

12 He's a stubborn YouTuber
13 He hates The Thundermans

I kind of agree with him on this one because The Thundermans do suck. - kcianciulli

14 He hates video games

Ben Salutes: Nintendo 64 exists.

15 He's a chatterbox
16 He hates Despicable Me

Despicable Me was actually a good movie. - PhoebeThunderman

That Rant Alone Made Me Quit This Bastard

17 He hates Rocko's Modern Life

This Was Just Unforgivable. - kcianciulli

I can't believe he likes a cash grab over this.

18 He has poor editing
19 He hates Rugrats

Someone Get a Crowbar.

He doesn't hate Rugrats. He just doesn't like it. I share the same opinion and reasons such as it focuses on baby stuff. - The Ultimate Daredevil, who hates TheUncleHammer for being such a heartless manchild

How Can this Loser have so many subscribers when he hates Rugrats? - kcianciulli

20 He's a boy

NO! IT'S DORA IS A GIRL ONCE AGAIN! SEXISM NEEDS MORE HATE! >:( - The Ultimate Daredevil, who sees exactly why SpongeBob Squarepants is overrated because "He Hates SpongeBob" is on this list

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1. He acts like a toddler
2. He rants about unimportant things
3. He's a nostalgiatard
1. His character is poorly executed
2. He's a nostalgiatard
3. He's a heckler



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