Top Ten Reasons Why Beronica Should Be Canon in Riverdale

I am not trying to force my opinion on others OR be rude, and I am defininley not part of the group of fans that attacked cole and the actress for Ethel on twitter.

The Top Ten

1 The CW has used enough queerbating already

Yes I am talking about Destiel which will be my next list. - AnonymousChick

2 They have good chemistry

Betty and Veronica are great friends. They have much better chemistry than other ships - AnonymousChick

3 They did kiss

It was only for attention, but many of us think it could have been leading up to something bigger - AnonymousChick

It was the greatest kiss in anime history and no one can deny it

4 Veronica hasn't had any actual lasting relationships
5 The show has a lot of LGBT potential

The could have made Jughead ace, or any characters other than Kevin lgbt, but they chose to stick to normal hetero - AnonymousChick

6 Bughead is forced

Jughead was asexual aromantic in the comics but that doesn't mean he is in riverdale - pjo

Betty and Jughead are the canon ship on riverdale. The bad part about that is that Jughead is supposedly asexual aromantic. - AnonymousChick

7 Because LGBT people need representation

I agree, but you shouldn't force them into everything. Instead why not make an original show with original characters and make those canon? - GlassweighanCountess

I agree that they do, but I feel that with Kevin Keller, they already do a great job of representing the LGBTQ community, not that I think they should not go further with Beronica, but I feel like that relationship would be forced too, and Bughead is just a much better representation of the show. - judo8alex

8 Betty cares more about Veronica than Jughead

Shut up veronica WANTS jughead

Truthfully I doubt that because Jughead has and will always be her best friend and her soulmate ( maybe if she wont dump him for archie) what made u feel like she will choose her new friend over her old friend

9 Jarchie

It's way too much to ask for 2 gay ships and a gay character, but the relationship Jughead and Archie have is better than with the girls, so that could let Beronica be canon - AnonymousChick


10 More LGBTQ Representation

The Contenders

11 The CW has made progress, with a The 100 character being bi, or Alex Danvers being gay in Supergirl
12 They Need More Lesbian Couples
13 So they can have a love triangle with Sabrina Spellman
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