Reasons Why Beyonce is Annoying

Beyhive calm down ok!
It's not that I hate Beyonc'e,it's just that She's annoying to me!I used to be a fan,but now she is overrated and is always on the news!Like we have babies and people dying,her unborn twins are not top news! Anyway can't wait till their born though!

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1 She is Overrated

I'm NOT scared of the "beyhive". I absolutely HATE her.

Overrated doesn't mean bad though - ParkerFang


Why is she on the news all the time! We get it she's having twins,what's next,a story about her having contractions! My God! - JellyBean2000

2 She Takes Over Everything

Come on! Replacing group members because they're sick! Destiny Child...more like Beyonc'e and the others - JellyBean2000

3 Drunk in Love Was Annoying

This song honestly wasn't that great.We get it "yall be all night drunk in love! "Eww we do not want to know about you and your ugly husband(oops I mean...) - JellyBean2000

4 She Copies Artists

It’s called Inspired

Girl what is up with you,be original! We all know that crazy in love was a rip off of a 70's band (the Chi-Lites I think that's their name) - JellyBean2000

5 She Acts Like She's the New Aaliyah or Something

Conspiracies have been going around about Beyonce's homeboy and Damon Dash(what ever that rappers name is)saying they killed Aaliyah! Better not have! - JellyBean2000

6 She's Not Flawless

Lol I know this song was for all of us ladies! But we all know how vain she is! - JellyBean2000

7 She Lied to Her Fans About Blue Ivy's Birth

Just say it Bee,you couldn't give birth to Blue because of all of the miscarrages you had.What's so embarrassing about saying you have a donor! It's okay though she's still your little baby,but you don't have to lie about these things! - JellyBean2000

8 Her Fanbase is Annoying!

The only acceptable reasons, otherwise she is a cool artist.

Just like Kim K's - GoldenSun

Uhh Beyhive why are you guys so annoying! You guys make me hate her! Like we all know it was Bruno #bae who slayed that 50 superbowl! - JellyBean2000

9 Everyone Acts Like She's a Goddess

She's not perfect and neither am I or you guys.Stop treating her like she can get away with everything! When MJ was actually innocent,no one cared to even listen! People just called him a pedophile,but as soon as Bee gets called on something,she is forgiven! Oh wait...forgot,that's just life! - JellyBean2000

10 She Ruined R&B

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11 Her music sucks
12 People Say She's the Next Michael Jackson

Boy gtfo! No never...I am his moonwalker! She can't hold a candle to him! - JellyBean2000

13 Her Voice is Annoying
14 Everyone Thinks She's So Beautiful, but She's Actually Quite Ugly and Manly Looking

It's their opinion - GoldenSun

15 She is Not as Nice as You Think She Is.
16 All of Her Curves are Fake!

Yeah Kim's are really fake - GoldenSun

17 She Lies About Songwriting
18 She's Using Aretha Franklin's Death to Gain More Fame
19 She Likes to Steal Other Celebrities' Thunder
20 She Went from Singing About Women Sticking Together to Singing "Bow Down B****es"
21 She Thinks the World Revolves Around Her
22 She's Cocky and Full of Herself
23 She is the Reason Why Destiny's Child Disbanded
24 She Oversings Too Much
25 She Wanted to Be "the Only One" of Destiny's Child
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