Top 10 Reasons Why Beyonce is Better Than Nicki Minaj


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1 Beyonce can sing

Listen to Halo and Listen if I'm wrong. - KianaLexi

Is this list really needed? - DapperPickle

Nicki is a rapper. Beyoncé is a singer. It's like me comparing Herman Li to Jay Weinberg. Li is a guitarist in Dragonforce. Weinberg is a drummer in Slipknot. You're comparing an apple to an orange. - NikoX

2 Beyonce looks more natural

Yeah so, she has blonde extensions but she's not the one with breast and butt implants like disgusting Nicki Minaj. - KianaLexi

3 Beyonce has style

Nicki back then and probably now had terrible outfits. Beyonce doesn't try to be the fake barbie. - KianaLexi

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4 Beyonce has better songs
5 Beyonce has a bigger vocal range
6 Beyonce's voice is not annoying
7 Beyonce doesn't wear too much makeup
8 Beyonce is a nice name

Nicki Minaj = Nicki Threesome in French. - KianaLexi

9 All Nicki cares about is her butt and sex

No. Beyonce also care about butt and sex. - BeaM456

10 Beyonce has a better butt

Beyoncé has a bootylicious bum, Nicki has a well...fake bum.

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11 Beyonce didn't diss skinny people in clubs
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