Top Ten Reasons Why the Bible is a Horrid and Stupid Book

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1 It supports rape

Don't you just hate those people who think atheism is the only right way? They interpret scientific evidence (much of which is inconsistent) like we interpret the Bible. Is atheism a religion? You bet it is. No matter what stupid stuff atheists throw at me, no matter how poorly conceived the anthropocentric argument that we are the most powerful beings in the universe, no matter how stupid the "evidence" they have against creationism, I'm still following Jesus for Life! - CityGuru

Yeah... right. And when you say evidence, you say the Big Bang which God could've created anyway, as well as all the little proof of it, which God could've ALSO put there. In fact the Big Bang strengthens my belief in God even more. He'd have to make the bang, right? It couldn't have exploded into all the planets and galaxies we know without SOMETHING to make it explode. - xMagnoblade

Eliminate this list this is disrespectful to my religion And DO YOU KNOW HOW COMMON THE RELIGION IS?!

Criticising your list isn't hating you. I don't even know you. I'm giving you advice. Stop acting like atheism is the best thing ever and that Christianity is the worst. - RalphBob

If you think Christianity's the worst, you definitely haven't seen anything yet. The reasons on your list are ALL trying to disprove Judaism. And you seem like the one wearing a torture device. Let people be. I certainly can't cope with the thought of being an atheist and I never will. - xMagnoblade

People felt their religion was being disrespected by this list, and thus felt like they had to cause even more disrespect towards belief and tried to convert someone in the comments. Lol. - Skullkid755

2 It tells women to be silent in church

The Bible must sometimes be understood in the context of the time period it was written in. 1st Corinthians is one of two letters sent from Paul the apostle to the church at Corinth, addressing internal issues this church was having. Bet you didn't know that, did you? The women in the church at Corinth were using their newfound freedom to speak out in the middle of sermons. They were interrupting the preachers. Clearly, they needed to be told to shut up during church services. They were told to ask their husbands after the service if they had questions about the message preached. That is what this passage is talking about.

I'd like to ask, have you even bothered to read what Bible historians have to say? You are making uninformed assumptions, based on scriptures that you have taken completely out of context.

"Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church." - The Bible - ARandomPerson

No, Christians choose to follow the pieces of the Bible that make sense. Not the ones that are useless nowadays. Like Exodus. Who cares about the plagues anymore? God wasn't even being racist! - xMagnoblade

Bible scriptures must be read in context of ALL other scriptures. I'm not going to go to the trouble of explaining this common misconception

This is a total misunderstanding.

The scripture is taken out of context. In context, it has nothing to do with sexism.

3 It tells of a racist god that only favored the Israelites.

The common assumption of many skeptics is that God chose the Jews just to give them some sort of preferential treatment. In reality, the Bible says that the Jews were selected to be a blessing to all the nations of the world. In fact, the same passages that says that God chose the Jews also says that God does not show partiality and commands the Jews to love other peoples.

Because He knew Abraham would follow his commands and teach his children these things. The Jews failed the same as any other human would. Besides, this is Old Testament stuff that doesn't even apply today!

Don't feed the troll... - EpicJake

Speaking of partiality, it's clear that you hate Christianity above other religions. And my proof is in the fact that you created this list. You haven't made a list about the Quran, or the Tripitaka (Buddhist holy book), or the Vedas (one of many holy books of Hinduism).

Yeah, and do you know how many other lists I've created? Only two. And those were about atheism. So, yeah. How can you base things out of one single thing on the Internet. You don't even know my name! - ARandomPerson

You are incredibly uninformed and ignorant. I will quote multiple scriptures from the Bible:
"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female..." Galatians 3:28
"For the Lord your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, the mighty, and the awesome God, who is not partial and takes no bribe." Deuteronomy 10:17

I did read that part, and I read, FOR GOD DOES NOT SHOW FAVORITISM. Really. If he doesn't show favoritism, why are the humans his chosen ones? Why did he pick the Jews instead of the earth? And why does he describe himself as awesome? - ARandomPerson

4 It tells you there is such place as hell

Heaven - No one cries, no night time, everyone has a mansion.
Worst Afterlife Ever.
If any afterlife exists I prefer reincarnation or ghosts -- haunt your enemies.

If God is real, he would be dead by now if Hell also exists.

Yes, Hell is absolutely a real place. And I guess that's why you hate the Bible for preaching that, because deep down you're aware of it but don't want to acknowledge it.

I'm still waiting. Guess you don't know where hell is and why it's not mentioned in the Hebrew bible. - ARandomPerson

5 It tells of a god that commits genocide.

Noah's Ark was not genocide. The world had became violent.
But Noah's Ark is childish, a 600 year old man can build an ark and 2 kinds of every animal

Even if I were an atheist, I would be fine with this. First, their God's creation, so He can do whatever He wants with them. Second, if He is holy, He is required to punish people.

If you really want to read a "horrid" book, try The Black Book of Communism. It'll tell you all about how your atheist friends murdered 300 million people in the 20th century.

And how do you know I'm friends with him? For all you know, God Isn't real and Allah will send you to hell when you go to the afterlife. - ARandomPerson

To be fair the Israelites kept on worshipping different religions over and over again in this one chapter that God was just punishing them for being stupid after the 3rd time. He didn't punish them with Genocide, that was the flood but there wasn't a lot of people anyways and he spared some.

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6 It tells of a god that only cared for one species

"And he (God) already has that power of coherent speech." Wow. Yes. HE does. YOU don't. Again, someone who arrogantly claims to "educate the world about the truth" cannot read and understand a simple sentence. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

"Shoes that God is not need in everything." Maybe you should ask Him for the power of coherent speech.

I thought God was all powerful. He needs nothing. And he already has that power of coherent speech, as he is all powerful. - ARandomPerson

No, I would not be happy. What I'm trying to prove, is that The Universe Was created for us human, not for the universe, just us, I tiny black dot in the middle of nothing. - ARandomPerson

Umm... never does God deny the existence of life in other galaxies. - GrimmShady

Perhaps you'd be happier if cockroaches and Komodo dragons governed the earth.

7 It tells of a person dying to get rid of something evil their loving creator gave them

It means, God. Knowing Eve would eat the apple, Plants the tree. Then he gives Humans sin. Then, a thousand years later, Jesus comes, though I don't know how it's God son, when Only Joeseph and Mary, you know. Then, Jesus comes, gets killed, and God gets rid of sin! That he gave humanity! Cause he gave Eve a test, but knew she would fail! - ARandomPerson

What the heck does this even mean?

LOL! God honors free will. He placed Adam & Eve in the garden to rule over it. They are the one's who disobeyed God. They are the one's who sinned. That's why He sent Jesus, to REDEEM the human race from sin.

8 It supports slavery

He punished the Egyptians for ENSLAVING the Israelites. Not because they were Egyptian. Any just judge will deal out proper judgement.

What about... Hmm... Say, all those other groups that kept slaves? Hmm? They thought it was right... In the name of God. - ARandomPerson

Yeah, a quote would be nice here.

Yeah, but when did he punish the Isrealites, the British, the American, the Portuguese, ETC for having slaves? - ARandomPerson

9 It hypnotizes too many people into believing made up nonsense

So true honestly( not to offend ) but really there is no proof ( both sides ) I see it as a way the people used to control people years ago

10 It says homosexuality is a sin

I know. He said he accepts and loves everyone and on other pages he says that he doesn't accept certain people because they are different. But some of the things you note are not true but I still do not believe anything about the bible. Science has proven some things that make the bible fiction. There is no proof that the bible was true. - itzmekalani

But at the same the New Testament says to love everyone. I remember reading about that in the Old Testament, but I don't believe God hates anyone he creates. Therefore, this is true because I've seen the verse, but God loves everyone.

He hates homosexuality because it's a sin and God is pure, but loves everything he creates. - xMagnoblade

First, God doesn't love everyone (Psalm 5, 11, Hosea 9, Romans 9) but even if He did, He can still say something is sinful.

You're wrong my friend, the Bible says that God loved the world so much that He sent His only son. Jesus died for all of us, not a few of us. - GrimmShady

It says to love someone is not a nope - Nateawesomeness

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11 It tells of a god that told a man to kill his son

Boring Bible book series.
On the cover of one of them is Abraham and his son tied up and his son saying "I don't like barbecues dad! "

It's clear from this post that you HAVEN'T read the Bible. Perhaps you simply skimmed the Wikipedia cliff notes. You've misrepresented the story of Abraham. "Was convicted? " You'll just say ANYTHING, right?

He stopped Abraham from killing his son. He needed to know if a man was willing to give his son as a sacrifice, so that God could give the ultimate sacrifice-Jesus.

I cannot understand that reasoning. God having infinite knowledge has nothing to do with his honoring people's choices. It's like a parent that sees their adult child heading in the wrong direction. They know what is going to happen to them, but they have to respect their (now adult) child's decision to forge their own path.

As an atheist and former-agnostic myself, I actually doubt in any sort of way you have ever read the Bible. - Swellow

12 It says, you shall not murder, but Christians murdered people

Christians are not perfect goody-two-shoes who follow everything God says. Christians are still human, and humans sin. Hey, I'm a Christian and I curse pretty much every day but does that make God hate me? No. God hates nobody. - Mcgillacuddy

They were not innocent. The whole world was filled with evil. Not one was good. That is how that was described.

And this is a problem with the Bible how?

Well, actually God does hate people.

Are you sure? Cause I'm pretty sure he hates atheists, homosexuals, lesbians, and people of other religions, agnostic, the non religious and Etc. also, the people in hell. And yes, Most Christians were. - ARandomPerson

You are misinformed, my friend. God loves everyone. He doesn't hate anyone that he created. He hates the concept of homosexuality, but that does not mean he hates lesbians and gays. I'm a Christians, but I absolutely HATE homophobes. I don't like homosexuality, but I can still love homosexuals. - xMagnoblade

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13 It has nothing to do with history, yet people still refer to it.

The books of Numbers, 1st and 2nd Kings, Joshua and Judges contain history of the Jewish people. Jews know this. The Old Testament is included in the Torah, the Jews holy book. So, I guess you think the Torah is also 'a horrid and stupid book'. I find it hilarious that you haven't made a list about that. You are so ignorant.

But you hate the Bible? When clearly you know nothing of either book. Part of the bible is included in the Torah!

Well I don't believe in the Bible but it was written in the past an ancient book. Most Gods came from before any of us where born. So just saying that is history in a way.

Do you know how much is fiction, or misinterpretations? Like Jesus healing the sick! ( The placebo effect ) Walking on water: ice What? That's stupid! - ARandomPerson

When Jesus resurrected Lazarus, he had already been dead and in his tomb for four days. Lazarus could not have survived for four days without water, and any food he had would have gone stale. He couldn't have left his tomb because there was a massive stone in front of it, and the Bible clearly states that everyone was mourning his death, so nobody could have been helping him either. - GrimmShady

Yeah, except or it recording history perfectly centuries before anyone else.

14 It tells an unbelievable story of all the animals fitting on one ship

Its called genocide, but I think the story is childish.

15 It's fake

True, the bible copied the Quran

Now that's funny, seeing as I learned that Islam was created a long time after christianity - ARandomPerson

16 God killed more people than satan

All Satan wanted to do was become as powerful, he was one of the most handsome characters of the Bible. He wasn't a red bloke with horns sticking out of his head.
God just got enraged and threw him into a lake of fire.
He wasn't even in the garden of eden it said serpent. I guess God killed the only talking serpent.

True. in the bible god killed 2,476,633, and satan killed 10. in conclusion, satan is more moral then god himself.

17 God is all seeing and all knowing so he would know that Adam and Eve would eat the fruit

He needs to see what Adam and Eve would do, why would he make a test if he saw the future and saw the decision they made? Then he would have to just kill off Adam and Eve before they would even make the decision. We know that no one else can see the future except him, so that means that to us it would seem like God was unfair. See the point?

18 It Hates Cross Dressers

This is almost a meme at this point. Atheists pulling stuff out of there asses just to be like, "Hey religion says this so its bad! " - GrimmShady

19 It tells a man could survive in the stomach of a whale
20 Jesus birth and death dates are not in the Bible

How is this bad when it’s true? Is it really necessary to know Jesus’ birthdate and day he died?
This also means that Christmas is a lie, which I agree with.

21 You have to eat jesus flesh and drink his blood (bread and red wine)

That’s what a lot of Christian religions do, and I don’t see why because according to my knowledge and research it means nothing. Only those who eat the bread and wine will make it to heaven, and the Bible says that only 144000 will make it to heaven to rule alongside Jesus. So no, not everyone is going to heaven

22 God killed 25 million people


23 It's just stories passed from one mouth to another for 300 years in an illiterate country before someone in the 1% of the population that could read and write decided to combine all the stories they had heard and picked the best versions.
24 It Says that You Should Kill Witches but One of the Ten Commandments is Not Kill.
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