Defenses For Big Hero 6

Just so you know it includes comments from other places too:

Zero character development:
Seriously? Are people that ignorant? There was a character who was developed. The protagonist, Hiro. He developed a lot, and there were parallels proving that. I mean he was a sweet and and innocent kid at the beginning of the movie and he freakin tried to kill someone near the end!

As for the other character it don't really think there was room for them to develop. It would just seem thrown in there.

Predictable Plot:
Seriously? There are much more predictable movies, and it's Disney so there are going to be predictable parts. Besides, tell that to all the people who thought Tadashi was the main character.

It won the Oscars over HTTYD 2:
This is just stupid. Who cares? You didn't see the Big Hero 6 fans complaining when dragons won the Golden Globe. They call Big Hero 6 fans so many names, making me hate the second dragon movie even more.

And the Oscars, same with all other awards, is just a hunk of gold used for advertisement. So I think the fans of HTTYD 2 are just sore losers.

Hiro and Baymax are copies of Hiccup and Toothless:

Okay, so first of all Hiro and Baymax existed in a comic book in the 90's. And second of all, the only similarities I see is the flight scene. And it is a human and a non human. That's it. Is Hiro not allowed to be friends with a non human just because Hiccup already did it?

Baymax is a healthcare companion , Toothless is a dragon. Hiro is a genius who's dealing with a loss and Hiccup is a Viking dealing with society. They do have similarities, don't get me wrong, but there not copies.

It has too many Cliches:

It's a Disney movie and they have to leave it PG. And if you think about it, for a Disney movie it's not that cliche. I only notice two cliche's and that's Honey Lemon and Hiro rebuilding Baymax. It didn't really have a happy ending, granted it didn't have a sad ending, it has that emotion in between.

Now, onto this list.

It's not educational:

Are you blind? It taught the importance of science and that is pretty educational. Besides, since when does something have to be educational to be good?

It doesn't make sense:

It made perfect sense unless you're a little kid or you're a complete idiot. I think the creator of this list is the latter. Seriously, they are obviously oblivious because the plot made sense!