Top 10 Reasons Why Big Hero 6 Is Better Than Frozen

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1 It actually makes you laugh

Tangled did not make me laugh. It made me cringe and rage.

Frozen did not make me laugh, either. It made me insulted.

Big Hero 6 made me laugh, though, no matter what.

Why do you frozen fans always say "huh? " Like annoying morons? Or is it just the same person? - SammySpore

Big hero six is the only good disney movie thread days

Big Hero 6 is made by Marvel, so it's technically Disney, but Marvel doesn't let Disney touch their movies with their "Disney magic". Also Inside Out by Pixar is good, though Riley (the girl that the emotions are inside of) is actually quite lucky, even if she thinks that she isn't when Joy and Sadness get lost in her head. - Anonymousxcxc

Whoever made this list deserves a medal. Big Hero 6 is an AMAZING, underrated movie with a great story and awesome characters and music. Frozen is a STUPID, overrated movie with an unoriginal story and annoying characters and music. I hate Frozen with a passion.

I agree with this! This movie made me laugh then it made me cry! With frozen I was like 😐 Then I was like 😑 And then it ended and I was like 😁

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2 Baymax the inflatable comedian

Oh my gosh, yes! I love Baymax SO MUCH!... Almost as much as I love Hiro... - Lina1028

He's funny unlike Olaf the idiot. - SammySpore

Unlike Olaf, Baymax is funny and delightful. He's not just a one trick pony, he has depth. That's more than I can say for Olaf

Baymax was a pretty good character. He wasn't useless like Olaf. Frozen would have been just fine without Olaf (hate Frozen though). BH6 would have been nothing without Baymax.

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3 Underrated

Big Hero 6 is so underrated while Frozen is so overrated. Big Hero 6 teaches a really good lesson while people are still singing the songs of Frozen. Seriously people, It's been a year already! GET OVER FROZEN AND SEE THE GOODNESS OF BIG HERO 6! - Lina1028

Jeez. You just don't accept people's opinion. What's next, you gonna get mad at us for saying frozen sucks? You always go crazy over the slightest criticism. - Gamecubesarecool193

Extremely underrated, the best Disney movie in the 2010's era - MorganChambz

Yeah. Big Hero 6 is way better than Frozen. And it's so underrated. It also made me laugh. And kids at the grocery store are always singing Let it Go which is annoying. Frozen is super overrated and it sucks. - cosmo

Um, but big hero 6 itself has received a lot of praise

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4 Immortals is better than Let It Go

I mean let it go is so overrated. Immortals is actually a good song. - nexusw427

This song is AMAZING. Let it Go is just worst.

Hopefully this song returns the Your Favorite Martian band.

In Turkey, every one loves Let It Go, they don't even know what Immortals is. Immortals is a true masterpiece. If Frozen fanboys don't see that than they are just total dumbasess.

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5 Hiro didn't go running off like a baby like Elsa

Hiro is just a young 14-year-old boy. Elsa is a 21-year-old adult. Hiro can deal with stuff that are way more dangerous and take them down while Elsa acts like some weak and stupid damsel in distress who sings some deadbeat crap.

Take a look again, Frozen fans. Frozen is just a piece of crap

Hero actually deals with his problems. Elsa just runs away and cries like a baby whenever something doesn't go the way she wants.

Also she sings like a baby too. Let it go let it go this song is annoying! - AnonymousChick

Hiro can actually deal with stuff. On the other hand Elsa runs away, climbs a mountain, builds some kind of castle and sings a song while her kingdom freezes all over and her sister is left devastated. And if her powers are ice/snow then how could she make a dress? That just ONE of the plot holes.

Hiro is 14, and we'll assume Elsa's 20-something. Hiro deals with tough stuff that are life-threatening but when Elsa first sees a sign of trouble she acts like a weak and annoying softie who runs off, builds a damn castle and sings the song that gives people severe diarrhoea and ebola!

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6 No people singing the songs over and over again

Oh yeah Anna is just so annoy.

And they didn't sing for no apparent reason

Oh yeah Anna is just so annoying.

Disney usually is addicted to songs. But Big hero 6 says a no to that!

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7 No princesses singing retarded songs

Anna and Elsa are the worst royal orphaned sisters ever.

Anna and Elsa are the worst sisters ever.

Anna's voice is so girly

Expecting a girl to sing like a man is the stupidest thing you'll ever do.

What do you mean princesses aren't retarded?! they're softies who always order people to do little things they could easily do themselves!

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8 Haaairrry Baby hairy babyyy.....

I laughed so hard

Whattabout the scene when Baymax's walking on the street when Hiro tries to catch him?

I love that joke☺

Baymax the Pedophile: new YTP.

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9 Funnier lines than frozen

Frozen has cheap humor.

You must be some sort of Frozen Fan who doesn't know what a good joke is.

In your face.

Yep. Totally agree. Oh, and this is that superfan who constantly types in capital letters! YES IT'S ME!

Frozen fans are sick in the skull and should be executed - TwilightKitsune

"We jumped out a windoww...! " I was laughing so hard: Baymax was hilarious when he was on low battery.

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10 Baymax fist bump

When I saw this scene in the theaters, everybody was laughing including me. - nintendofan126

I love that movie because of this! - AnonymousChick

I just love the way he goes "Balalala" every time

Balalalalala... (repeat 9000x)

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11 Better setting

Just think about it.

Frozen: Typical olden day place which soon gets covered in snow

Big hero 6: Cool futuristic city with Tokyo and San Francisco combined

I'm SICK of Disney Making movies set in the 18th or 19th century! It's about time they made a high-tech setting since Wreck it Ralph came out! - FCBarcelona5000

How is Big Hero 6 better setting than Frozen? Anybody?

I really like both princess land and super cool modern city. You don't have a problem with that, do you?

San Fransokyo is more original than Arendelle. San Fransokyo is a cross between Tokyo and San Francisco. - yuki-blue

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12 The effects

The way they animated the microbots blew my mind! It was amazing!

What's more, microbots weren't designed as weapons, yet Disney made them really look like one!

Bh6 graphics: AMAZING!
Frozen graphics: Eh, simple…

Bh6 fx: Realistic!
Frozen fx: snow and ice may be cool but I'm done with all the magic.

Bh6 sound fx: they blew me away
Frozen sound fx: Too sad and medieval

Bh6 character design: Good-looking, hot, beautiful, handsome, etc. etc.
Frozen character design: excluding anna, elsa, hans and kristoff, the minor characters look too fat, too thin or too short (coughWEASELTOWNcough)

Bh6 storyline: Complete tearjerker
Frozen storyline: Crappy and corny and hilariously sad

Bh6 theme music: Rock songs ROCK
Frozen theme music: ugh. Boring. Not in…terested. No the-ank you!

Bh6 graphics: got me nostalgic.
Frozen graphics: Too plain.

Bh6 soundtracks: blew me away
Frozen sound fx: tok many sad soundtracks that don't sound sad at all.

Bh6 storyline: made me cry, laugh, and sometimes swoon.
Frozen storyline: too sappy

Bh6 fx: so realistic. Love it!
Frozen fx: Dude! Cut down all the magic!

Bh6 charcters: all of the minor and major characters are goodlooking, majority of looks go to…

…HIRO HAMADA! He's my type of guy anyway!
Frozen characters: minor characters look too fat, too thin, or too short.

13 Big Hero 6 is gender neutral

Yes. Big Hero 6 is for everyone. Male and Female

Frozen is only for sissies and little girls who believe in lame magic. What should little boys do on the other hand?

None of the males have any super powers. Only that dumb snow queen.

I don't like Frozen as you probably know by now. Though don't blame the actors blame the writers. - Anonymousxcxc

I'm a girl. I just turned ten 2 months ago. I like makeup and stuff. And Jewelry.

And guess what? I think Frozen is CRAP

Even a girl like me dislike frozen

I'm a girl myself and I hate Frozen. Big Hero 6 is awesome!

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14 Frozen is just Tangled 2.0 while Big Hero 6 actually relies off a comic book from 2008

Tangled sucked anyways. Its humor & story were awful. And who cares? Tangled is just lame & Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door & Phantom Hourglass again.

Anna and Elsa lack an adult brother. Rapunzel has no adult brother.

Frozen is bad,but how is paper Mario bad!

So what? They just stole off a comic book.

It was based off a comic book. And they only really took the names - AnnaOfArendelle332

15 Baymax and Hiro go to save people. Elsa nearly froze her town to death

Frozen's storyline was just terrible

I know right! Hiro actually saves his town while Elsa nearly destroys her town! How am I supposed to feel any sympathy for Elsa?!?!

Baymax and Hiro are one of my favorite characters in the film along with the rest of the team

Frozen had the most cliche and horrible storyline
But Big hero 6 was so creative, funny, futuristic and the animations (like the inventions they made at nerd school) were so awesome

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16 Elsa actually hates her sister and Anna didn't even try to help her while Baymax helps Hiro cope with his brother's death

It's not fair Tadashi had to be killed off by the creators of New Big Hero 6. I can't believe those creators kill of Tadashi. Why did they have to kill him off? So cruel of them to kill off Tadashi. Tadashi never deserve to be killed off. Tadashi deserves to be still alive. Those mean old creators of new Disney's Big Hero 6 could've just bring Tadashi himself back from the dead but no they chose to made him remain dead. ANNA AND ELSA NEVER HATE EACH OTHER. ANNA DOES HELP ELSA TO LESS FRIGHTENED OF HER ICE POWERS. YOU ANNA AND ELSA HATERS ARE WRONG.

What was Chris Williams thinking killing Tadashi off? Chris Williams didn't have to kill Tadashi off, did he? Hiro and Tadashi never deserve to be torn apart from each other and neither do Anna and Elsa.

Elsa does not hate Anna. Anna tried to help Elsa, too. Both sisters are much more strong than cowardly. And Baymax, thank you for helping out Hiro Hamada anyways.

Elsa never ever even hate Anna and Anna never ever even hate Elsa either so neither Anna nor Elsa ever even hate each other. Anna and Baymax, we appreciate you two for helping Elsa and Hiro Hamada anyways.

Are you SERIOUS? Anna tried to help elsa! She risked her life to go out an save her!

Okay she did, but she still was a pest in the beginning and all throughout the movie, and yeah Elsa's a coward, but Anna still doesn't really even understand Elsa's powers. Well no one does, but still. - Anonymousxcxc

But it's true... I feel so bad :(

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17 The song "Immortals"

I was thinking this would be on here. Immortals is catchy while Let It Go makes me on ebola - Gamecubesarecool193

This song is catchy. Very catchy. That's why I like it. - RiverClanRocks

Best of Fall Out Boy! - RebelGamer

Why is everyone comparing Crush 40 to Fall Out Boy all of the sudden?

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18 "We jumped out of a window! We jumped out of a window!"

What's good about that? At least Big Hero 6 is the best movie ever, Frozen being the worst!

I loved that scene.

OH my god that part! I replayed it thrice and laughed at all times

They side out of a window in frozen please watch my YouTube videos and subscribe to sausagelover99

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19 Baymax is actually smart and Olaf is stupid, annoying, and pathetic

Actually, Olaf is stupid, annoying, and pathetic. Let me explain why: Olaf wanted Summer, and he was too stupid to know he would melt. Baymax is smarter than Olaf, which is a shame because Olaf is a living creature, with no artificial body parts like Baymax, even though Baymax is a man-made thing. Olaf is annoying because his voice is loud and pipey, plus he kept falling and tripping over things, losing his body parts, which just jeopardized Anna's "mission" even more. On the other hand, Baymax seemed to be acting "annoying" by not getting figurative expressions, but he is a machine, who was only put to work a couple days ago, so that's a perfect excuse why he kept on asking "annoying" questions. Olaf is pathetic because he was put there for three reasons: One, he says this famous line, "Some people are worth melting for.". Two, they needed some "jokes" (Just really lame puns adults tell kids, just because they're "appropriate for their age. ) Finally three: the movie-makers wanted a ...more

Baymax is only smart because of his programming. Yes, I prefer Baymax over Olaf, but is calling Olaf stupid and pathetic really necessary? I mean: WE KNOW YOU DISLIKE FROZEN. But think of the people out there who don't like their favorite thing be dissed. I mean, you clearly wouldn't like someone saying that Big Hero 6 was a waste of time. Just think before you say something because you'll never know who you'd hurt. And in my opinion, Frozen and Big Hero 6 are both amazing movies.

Baymax is actually smart for all reasons. Olaf was pathetic and an insult.

Olaf isn't actually annoying, stupid or pathetic. (Okay, maybe he's a little dim because he didn't even know he'd melt.) It's not necessary to call him that. But I agree that Baymax is better. He's smart, funny and he actually tries to help Hiro and he's successful doing that. But Olaf is just kind of a tagalong.


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20 Baymax and Hiro are likable Anna and Elsa are not because they act like babies and basically, they screw each others lives

These days, everyone is expected to like Frozen. Forced to watch Frozen at school, and in special tutoring. But also they played it in happy calm child and only 2 girls sang! All boys and the remaining girls hated it! Plus we were the older team, The Star Swimming Cobras, so why would you play baby music to us instead of The Beach Flower Band? At least I got real Disney music on the way home. Like I'll make a man out of you, You'll be in my heart, Hakuna matata, and Go the distance. Oh and and I was lucky, because Eye Pillows were next and they are my favorite! (You put them on and they have you imagine you are in an environment and the nature is magical.)

Elsa is so pathetic... Just because she wasn't accepted she ran off crying to the nearest mountain? The perfect example of cowardice. Hiro had his older brother killed, which is so much worse than not being accepted... Yet he faced the situation bravely instead of running away like a loser. Now tell me who's better.
By the way, I was forced to watch frozen at my school... The girls wouldn't stop screaming about it.
And also, this is just to shut up the Frozen fans, who think Elsa is so great when in reality she's nearly as pathetic as Sakura.

Anna and Elsa are both mature in their own different ways.

Ok so baymax helped Hiro deal with the fact that tadashi was dead.Elsa hit her sister in the head instead of letting her fall and break a leg.A BROKEN LEG ISN'T LIFE THREATING! And then well elsa is singing a stupid song she hits anna in the ' heart. So I'm pretty sure it's just elsa who screws up anna's life. - Frozen_is_utter_POOP

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1. It actually makes you laugh
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3. No princesses singing retarded songs

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