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21 No kissing

Anna and Kristoff kissed at the end while Big Hero 6 has NONE. It shows how stupid and corny Frozen is. - JaysTop10List

I didn't see kissing in either movie...

I absolutely hate kissing scenes they gross me out and I'm a GIRL. my two favorite movies of all time (big hero 6 being my first favorite and 9 being second favorite) does not have kissing. although it would be adorable for hiro to have love interest, if not oh well.

22 The plot is great

It teaches us the meaning of perserverance and friendship. WHY ARE BIG HERO 6 HATE COMMENTS GETTING THUMBS UP?!

23 Baymax and Hiro are likable Anna and Elsa are not because they act like babies and basically, they screw each others lives

These days, everyone is expected to like Frozen. Forced to watch Frozen at school, and in special tutoring. But also they played it in happy calm child and only 2 girls sang! All boys and the remaining girls hated it! Plus we were the older team, The Star Swimming Cobras, so why would you play baby music to us instead of The Beach Flower Band? At least I got real Disney music on the way home. Like I'll make a man out of you, You'll be in my heart, Hakuna matata, and Go the distance. Oh and and I was lucky, because Eye Pillows were next and they are my favorite! (You put them on and they have you imagine you are in an environment and the nature is magical.)

Elsa is so pathetic... Just because she wasn't accepted she ran off crying to the nearest mountain? The perfect example of cowardice. Hiro had his older brother killed, which is so much worse than not being accepted... Yet he faced the situation bravely instead of running away like a loser. Now tell me who's better.
By the way, I was forced to watch frozen at my school... The girls wouldn't stop screaming about it.
And also, this is just to shut up the Frozen fans, who think Elsa is so great when in reality she's nearly as pathetic as Sakura.

Anna and Elsa are both mature in their own different ways.

I wish Anna was never created in canon.

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24 Baymax is very similar to Big the Cat

How is Baymax is similar to Big the Cat?

But... Baymax isn't annoying and doesn't spend 25/8 looking for a frog!

It's Sonic Adventure all over again.

The Classic Sonic platformers and Big Hero 6 are inexcusably underrated.

25 Best boy-themed movie since Wreck-It Ralph

IKR! I may be a girl but so what?

This is what they do in girl-themed movies. Let's put Frozen as an example. Anna falls in love with some --bleep-- villain and almost dies. Elsa just runs away and tries to fix it by only singing a song. Happy ending (i'm sarcastic)

Boy themed movies? Let's go with Big Hero 6. Tadashi dies, but he dies a good man anyway. (Sniffs). Instead of running away like Elsa, Hiro deals with it and catches the culprit who was the cause of all the chaos. Besides, Hiro doesn't easily fall for crap (unlike Anna) Yay!

Basically, girl-themed movies only have dresses, royalty, magic and singing (insert gagging sound). Sorry. I may be a girl but I don't vouch for this.

Boy -themed movies? THEY ROCK. Words can't describe what they're like.

Too bad sonic had to be in Wreck-It-Ralph and so did Princess Peach.

But boy-themed movies are much better than girl-themed movies!

I like this point, because "caps-lock" can't disagree with it!

I'm a girl and I love Big Hero 6!

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26 Prince Hans was in the wanted poster

Tah Dah! Easter egg

Yes that's awesome :D

And he was the statue that Baymax blew up.

~Hans x Elsa/Anna x Elsa~
Why do I even need to explain my hatred for these couples? Hans uses Anna, and tried to kill Elsa. Why do people ship them together? These pairings annoy me just as much as people saying Elsa should be evil. No.

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27 Baymax is cuter than Olaf

Yep! You're right! Olaf is cute in an idiotic, kind of senseless way; and Baymax is cute in a soft, warming, life-saving way.

Hey! Both Baymax and Olaf are cute in their own different ways.

Olaf is just lame...BAYMAX IS WAY BETTER

Olaf's mother musta been pretty ugly to create THAT thing... >:D

28 The minor characters of Frozen just look plain ugly and stupid

And every time I see hans and his sideburns I want to throw up

Comparison showtime:

Only 4 characters are good looking: Elsa, Anna, Hans and Kristoff.
Side characters are too fat, too thin, too short, or their noses are too long and their faces look like a squashed pumpkin.

Big Hero 6:

The main characters are all goodlooking, yeah even a midget just looks gorgeous. All side characters are all good-looking and realistic so look closely, frozen retards!

Elsa, Anna, Hans & Kristoff all look ugly and all Big Hero 6 characters are all good looking, even Honey Lemon & Robert Callighan.

Frozen sucks

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29 Big Hero 6 can make you laugh, cry or just wonder what's going to happen next. Frozen just makes you stare. V 2 Comments
30 Anna fell in love with the 2 guys in just minutes

Come on who does that?

+Frozen Fan Imaginative? So if your daughter met a guy and wants to marry him, that is imaginative? I think not!

Batman and Spiderman all the way! Take that, Anna from Frozen!

Princess Anna is imaginative. You got a problem with her, Anna hating ingrates?

And batman is a orphan spider man is a orphan why don't you love them? - samanime

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31 Better universe

I think the Big Hero 6 universe is better.

I never ever even care which universe is better.

32 Hiro can play the guitar better than Anna

I totally agree with the person below I love Sonic The Hedgehog! Like Baymax, Sonic is kind and caring and saves people!

Also Sonic The Hedgehog can play guitar too.

Anna didn't even played the guitar, Kristoff did it, so how can you know Hiro plays the guitar better than Anna?

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33 The plot was actually good and interesting

Agreed. At the end when baymax fell into the giant hole, I thought that hiro would just look at baymax's photos or whatever memories of him, and get over it. WRONG. He managed to so called revive baymax.

34 Big Hero 6 has a Stan Lee cameo V 1 Comment
35 Big Hero 6 has better looking characters

I totally agree if I was a character in big hero 6 I would take tadashi, fred, wasabi, baymax even, and especially hiro in a heartbeat. Frozen on the other I would stay single and I wouldn't be mad or upset about it

Big hero 6 has a diverse set of characters with various race, height, age, personality while Frozen has...a set of characters

36 Big Hero 6 is not as Hypocritical as Frozen

Frozen is not Hypocritical either.

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37 It's not girly

Frozen is just so girly. I fell asleep during frozen

Of course both girls and boys are allowed to have movies that interest them.

Yeah Bug Hero 6 isn't girly. I got bored watching Frozen. I felt like falling asleep. Big Hero 6 is way better than Frozen. - cosmo

Anna and Elsa are the worst sisters ever. Anna and Elsa lack an adult brother.

HINT, HINT, ya crappy Frozen fans! >:D

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38 Elsa and Anna are cowards

Both sisters Anna and Elsa are much more strong than cowardly.

Well, blame the writers of Super Mario Bros for making Princess Peach a damsel in distress.

Princess Peach is cowardly, also.

What makes you say and think Anna and Elsa are cowards?

Whatever makes you say and think Anna and Elsa are cowards? Neither Anna nor Elsa are cowards. You Anna and Elsa haters are wrong. You Anna and Elsa haters are too blind and stupid to understand Anna and Elsa, aren't you?

I know how you babies feel about them, but this is the real world. Elsa ran off crying to Mount Everest just because she didn't get accepted by, like, 1 person. Anna went to BRIBE Kristoff into hitchhiking her there, and turned on her flirtation-power so he would HAVE TO take her.
Shows you they're pure bull...

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39 Whilst Frozen is for little girls, Big Hero 6 is for all people at least 9 years old

Big Hero 6 is for all ages. Frozen is just...okay, I think that's more appropriate for kindergarten.

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40 Chris Williams is way better than Jennifer Lee

Chris Williams is to blame for killing Tadashi Hamada off. Jennifer Lee is also to blame for forcing Anna and Elsa apart after some stupid accident happened.

Well, why don't you just blame Chris Williams for killing Tadashi Hamada off? And why don't you just blame Jennifer Lee for shattering Anna and Elsa's sisterly friendship relationship bond? Huh?

Oh. My. God. These fans blame Chris Williams for killing Tadashi. He just wrote the damn story. - Gamecubesarecool193

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