Top 10 Reasons Why Big Hero 6 Is Better Than Frozen

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41 No Fangirls

There are fangirls, but they aren't nearly as annoying. It's not like Frozen, where you say one bad thing about it, you are attacked. I am talking about that one guest in particular... - AnnaOfArendelle332

There are some Big Hero 6 fan girls, but they are all tomboys or regular.

There is fan girls but they are not annoying like frozen fan girls who call us intagrets and write in caps

These fangirls are the reason why Hotel Transylvania franchise is THIS well-received for being very one-dimensionsional.

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42 The minor characters of Frozen just look plain ugly and stupid

And every time I see hans and his sideburns I want to throw up

Comparison showtime:

Only 4 characters are good looking: Elsa, Anna, Hans and Kristoff.
Side characters are too fat, too thin, too short, or their noses are too long and their faces look like a squashed pumpkin.

Big Hero 6:

The main characters are all goodlooking, yeah even a midget just looks gorgeous. All side characters are all good-looking and realistic so look closely, frozen retards!

Elsa, Anna, Hans & Kristoff all look ugly and all Big Hero 6 characters are all good looking, even Honey Lemon & Robert Callighan.

Frozen sucks

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43 Big Hero 6 can make you laugh, cry or just wonder what's going to happen next. Frozen just makes you stare. V 2 Comments
44 The plot is great

It teaches us the meaning of perserverance and friendship. WHY ARE BIG HERO 6 HATE COMMENTS GETTING THUMBS UP?!

45 Baymax is better than Elsa
46 Female humans are not normally in dresses

If my movie was real then women would be seen in a skirt or jeans, I even sometimes wear normal things and I am a Queen! - QueenIrisIceQueen

Even though I hated the movie, that is an accurate fact for the timesetting of Frozen.


Ya see, this is what I'm talking bout. Getting angry at people for saying girls aren't always in dresses. - Gamecubesarecool193

47 Hiro and Tadashi are better siblings than Anna and Elsa.

Anna and Elsa were fantastic sisters

You right! Anna and Elsa are still fantastic sisters. Anna and Elsa are the best sisters ever. It's always Jennifer Lee's fault for shattering Anna and Elsa's sisterly friendship and relationship bond. I really hate Jennifer Lee for doing that. I would never ever even hate Jennifer Lee if she hadn't shattered Anna and Elsa's sisterly friendship and relationship bond, Anna and Elsa could've remain inseparable sister best friends forever if it weren't for stupid Jennifer Lee's stupid decision for creating accidents by shattering Anna and Elsa's sisterly friendship relationship bond. Anna and Elsa's sisterly friendship and relationship bond is supposed to be way too strong and too hard to be shattered. Stupid Jennifer Lee shattering Anna and Elsa's sisterly friendship/relationship bond.

Why do you even care which set of orphaned siblings are better anyway? Huh? Who cares which set of orphaned siblings are better anyway? Huh? Anna and Elsa and Hiro and Tadashi Hamada are the best orphaned siblings in their own different ways so I don't even care which set of orphaned siblings are better anyway.

Hiro & Tadashi are like Mario & Luigi - brothers that teach other decent meanings and are thoughtful toward each other.

Anna & Elsa are more like Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, two "best friends/sisterly cousins" who quarrel a lot and never love each other.

I like how close they were. It's sweet - AnonymousChick

Tell me how does Hiro Hamada remind you of Mario and Tadashi Hamada remind you of Luigi. Huh? I really deserve to know do Hiro and Tadashi Hamada remind you of Mario and Luigi. You know the similarities between Hiro and Tadashi Hamada and Mario and Luigi, right? Please list the similarities between Hiro and Tadashi Hamada and Mario and Luigi so I'll know how.

Ugh just shut up about Jennifer Pee!

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48 It's a superhero movie

Superhero movies rock!

Princess movies suck, especially Tangled.

Big hero 6 and The Incredibles were meant to be better than Frozen anyway...

I would watch any animated super hero movie


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49 The Frozen characters are melodramatic weaklings

Frozen fans, go back to the cloning factory you came from.

See you say you don't care what haters think even though you constantly diss them. Bravo!

Oh god…

For Mochi's sake, Frozen fans, can't you just take your finger off the CapsLock key? You're starting to give me hypertension dammit!

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50 Baymax can play the drums better than Olaf

Olaf didn't even played drums in Frozen, so how can you know Baymax plays the drums better than Olaf?

Because he CAN!

51 Better universe

I think the Big Hero 6 universe is better.

I never ever even care which universe is better.

52 Fransokyo is at least 6 times better than Arendelle

Yes! I wish Fransokyo was a real place, looks awesome - FrozenisOverrated

Fransokyo and Arendelle may be different but they're both awesome places.

You mean over 9000 times beter

San Fransoskyo is actually San Francisco :D.
Arebdelle is more like bitchesland

53 Frozen contains cowardly males

You mean Frozen contains all cowardly males?

Frozen haters and Tangled haters: You mean both all cowardly males and cowardly females contained by Frozen and Tangled, right?

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54 Jake's similar appearance to Luigi
55 Overall sexy bodies of the female humans

€and hot bod of Tadashi but…no. Hiro owns everything! Because he's hot, cute, adorkable, awkward, beau--(gets slapped by random fangirl: No! He's MINE! )

No. Back away fangals! HE'S MINE!

56 Gogo Tomago's thickened thighs

Gogo actually has a realistic but beautiful appereance

57 Anna and Elsa are the worst sisters ever

Anna's annoying, stupid, and she fell for Hans. Elsa is whiny and didn't care about her people when she froze her kingdom.


Elsa is stupid. It took her nearly killing her own sister to realize that being different was okay. - yuki-blue

58 Hiro and Tadashi Hamada are the best orphaned brothers ever.

Anna and Elsa are very as good as Hiro and Tadashi Hamada.

It kind of baffles me as to why anna was saved in the end but they killed off tadashi possibly I've stuff about how tadashi is still alive but he will turned into sunfire


The more I read of you the more idiotic you seem. Just because they aren't adopted doesn't make them any worse. Tadashi and Hiro are better because they have each other's back. Elsa never seemed to have Anna's back. And so what you think they are better? Everyone has their opinions. Now please shut up, you're doing nothing but making people hate them even more. (Ignore my username). - AnnaOfArendelle332

59 Anna and Elsa are losers

Anna and Elsa haters: Yeah I mean Anna and Elsa are stupid losers.

You mean, "are stupid losers".

Anna and Elsa rule!


60 Anna and Elsa are stupid

Damn. Frozen Fans treat Anna and Elsa like real people. Ever heard of opinions because we can't hurt fictional characters' feelings. Plus did coincidentally most of your caps lock keys break because seems like it.

Your wrong their extremely stupid marrying someone on the first day you meet them really stupid

Anna haters: Anna's loneliness make no sense.

*Haldora doesn't like anyone insulting her sisters Anna and Elsa in front of her, if they do they end up either getting a beating from her or run away when they see her crack her knuckles.

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