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61 Anna and Elsa are stupid

Damn. Frozen Fans treat Anna and Elsa like real people. Ever heard of opinions because we can't hurt fictional characters' feelings. Plus did coincidentally most of your caps lock keys break because seems like it.

Your wrong their extremely stupid marrying someone on the first day you meet them really stupid

Anna haters: Anna's loneliness make no sense.

*Haldora doesn't like anyone insulting her sisters Anna and Elsa in front of her, if they do they end up either getting a beating from her or run away when they see her crack her knuckles.

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62 Anna and Elsa are the worst orphaned sisters ever.

You Frozen fans are overreacting! Anna and Elsa are animated characters. Not real characters. So stop acting like a moron and learn to respect opinions.

Wrong! Anna and Elsa are the best orphaned sisters ever so quit insulting Anna and Elsa like that.

You frozen fans are defending a CARTOON!

63 Anna and Elsa lack an adult brother

Well, if you Frozen haters still have a problem with the idea of Anna and Elsa being brother-less, then take it up with the writers and creators of Frozen, will you?

You know what I'm not really a hater of frozen but I do think big hero 6 is way better and I am tired of frozen where ever I go so I just might take you up on that offer

64 Anna and Elsa are immature and irresponsible

See if Elsa was really the real younger sister of Aren-delle in canon, then I may like her more, but it seems like even though Elsa was the first born, Anna was really more of the real older sister.


Umm, yes they are. Elsa ran away from her entire kingdom. She didn't tell Anna about her powers, even after they were revealed. Seriously? The cat's out of the bag, Elsa, just tell her the truth. Also, Anna went searching after her sister in the cold with no sleeves! Who does that? - yuki-blue

Shut the heck up, frozen fans...
and take your finger off the caps lock while you're at it

I honestly don’t think it would be any different than how it is in the film. However, the interesting thing about Elsa is that, not only was she educated and trained to be a queen, but she had these ice powers that she had to learn to control. It was kind of like a “double whammy” in a way, since Elsa was carrying an extra burden and responsibility on her shoulders. Not to mention it’s probably why her parents gave her a lot more attention as she grew up than they did to Anna.

I just think that Anna and Elsa would the same people they are now, even if Anna was older and Elsa was younger. Elsa would undoubtedly still have her ice powers, but it makes me wonder if it would be harder for their parents to help Elsa control them while also having to train Anna as the future queen. When the girls were growing up, the king and queen spent a lot more time with Elsa to help her control her magic while simultaneously teaching and preparing her for how to be queen.

I had ...more

65 Big Hero 6 has a better short

Feast is so funny! The one with mickey in 3D is funny but annoying!

66 Hiro and Tadashi Hamada are smarter and more intelligent than Anna and Elsa

I like hiro and tadashi more than anna and elsa because the two brothers are way more intelligent than those two
Sisters because I like Big hero 6 better than frozen and Anna and Elsa Don't rule!

I like hiro and tadashi better than anna and elsa because the two brothers are smart and think better than those two
Sisters and Anna and Elsa Don't rule!

I have a younger sister but watching big hero 6 makes me want a younger brother(since I'm the oldest) and I would be happy if he was like hiro and I'd be a be a great older brother like tadashi except for the fact that I'm a girl and not a boy but still

67 Stupid songs

FALL OUT BOY forever!

Frozen, well, do me a favor and GET OUT.

I hate let it go because It's a really bad song and I like immortals Way better than that stupid song

68 Baymax smashes a statue of Prince Hans

Oh, hans...

If only there was someone who loved you...

Yep, that's RIGHT! GO, BAYMAX! HANS doesn't DESERVE TO BE MOLDED ON A MARBLE PEDESTAL AFTER WHAT HE DID! (i'm not saying I like anna and elsa)

When baymax destroyed the prince hans statue I said the same thing fred said when he saw baymax 2.0 " oh glorious! "

~Hans x Elsa/Anna x Elsa~
Why do I even need to explain my hatred for these couples? Hans uses Anna, and tried to kill Elsa. Why do people ship them together? These pairings annoy me just as much as people saying Elsa should be evil. No. Elsa was a character written to be misunderstood. The script writers and producers certainly succeeded. I don't care if someone can manipulate snow and ice, I've seen several people do it in fiction, *scoff* I really don't get why people make such a BIG DEAL about Queen Elsa!

69 Big Hero 6 is enjoyable for all ages V 2 Comments
70 It actually makes you cry

Frozen was true crap not true love


We wouldn't get on your nerves if you just took your finger off the caps lock and got a brain transplant. - yuki-blue

Big Hero 6: NO BAYMAX WHY DID YOU DIE?! (Cries) Wait, he was re-created?! (Cries tears of joy)
Frozen: YAY ANNA'S GONNA DIE! Oh, she's not? (Cries tears of sadness)
I guess both movies make you cry.

71 Lamely emotional characters

I just have to say the 14-year old I've ever seen cry was hiro and he isn't even real! I wish he was though basically it's good to see that hiro has feelings and cares

All the crying in frozen doesn't convince me but tadashi's death and hiro's crying? Okay now I need a baymax to cure my tears away

72 Way too many songs. It might be a musical, but it can get boring.

What a shame to all the musicians…(facepalm)…those two little twerps are the biggest screw-ups of the musical era.

73 Scott Adsit as Baymax V 1 Comment
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