Top 10 Reasons Why Big Hero 6 is Better Than the Lego Movie

The Top Ten Reasons Why Big Hero 6 is Better Than the Lego Movie

Big Hero 6 had the better plot

If a movie has to TELL you it's awesome, especially by way of an obnoxious song, than it isn't awesome. BH6 did not do that, so...

Let's see, kids learns to deal with grief and that revenge isn't the answer or idiot becomes hero through happenstance and at the expense of many actual well-known heroes? I'll take that first one.

If people weren't constantly blaming BH6 for The Lego Movie not getting the Oscar nomination, let alone the Oscar, it "so very rightfully deserved so much more", then they wouldn't be compared. You Lego fans brought this on yourselves.

Yeah, no played-out "unassuming idiot is actually The Chosen One" plot here.

Hiro is a better protagonist than Emmet

Hiro had his issues but he wasn't a clueless bumbling idiot who only became a "hero" through dumb luck, a maguffin, and a false prophecy.

Big Hero 6's overlying theme was more meaningful
The characters in Big Hero 6 were less annoying

Even Fred was less annoying than Benny or Unikitty

Immortals is better than Everything Is Awesome

"Immortals" is so fun and inspirational, though. The other song mentioned is way too similar to and just as awful as "Thneedville" from "The Lorax".

I like both songs

Big Hero 6 wasn't just a bunch of stupid jokes thrown together
Big Hero 6 didn't need a big all-star cast to sell it
Big Hero 6 was more coherent
Neither of the female characters in BH6 was reduced to a love interest for Hiro
No Cloud CuckooLand

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Big Hero 6 won the Oscar; The Lego Movie wasn't even nominated

Even better: The Lego Movie WAS nominated for the Kid's Choice Award that year and Big Hero 6 still won.

Sadly, The Lego Movie won Critics' Choise Awards

The Lego Movie is just cheap laughs while Big Hero 6 actually gives off more meaningful emotion

"Gets one in the feels", as they say.

The Lego Movie is too popular
It has death

That Tadashi's ghost didn't show up to give advice from beyond the grave as yet another blunt force attempt to reference something else that was popular before ("Star Wars" and "The Lion King" in this case) so as to easily win over fans of the other popular thing is worth mentioning, too.

I think whoever put this here was trying to add "It has depth", but ended up adding "It has depth". Name me one other reason why Big Hero 6 is underrated.

Well, at least BH6 doesn't have laughable death. Quite a lot of the movie's emotional impact would have been lost if we only knew Tadashi died by X eyes.

The LEGO movie is too happy

How is this a bad thing?

I'm with you that Big Hero 6 is better than The Lego Movie, but I have one question...

How is a movie being too happy a BAD thing?

It's hard to relate to little pieces of colored plastic

Especially when the fact that they ARE little pieces of colored plastic is made very clear even in the movie itself.

It's sad
It's so childish
The Lego Movie is a film that sell toys
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